On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things That Bother Me Part 1

Things that bother me. I have a long list of things that really bother me. From non returned text messages, to the price of movie tickets these days, to bad breath and body odor. It seems like that many things bother me and as it is today is a long and hot day and so my “being bothered” level is at a pretty high point right now. I am normally a subject based blogger but today their has been a lot of things that have bugged me and I think a paragraph about a few of things that I seen today are something that is in order. Been sick for a minute or so this week, hence no new blogs since that “Nature of God” entry which was soul wrenching to write and rather then leave you beautiful people with nothing to read I figured a good rant about the shittiness that I see in everyday life is a good call. Plus, whatever, let’s get this negative train out of the motherfucking station.

Quickly’s bubble tea restaurant is one of the places that I dig and fucking loathe. I loathe it because it is expensive, slow and has some of the shittiest WIFI I have ever used. I went to the one on Fillmore and Geary and the apathetic Taiwanese girl who was working the counter gave me some shitty customer service. Paid a fucking $2 dollars for a cup of crappy non sweetened black tea(although I did ask for it unsweetened), but no smile, no thank you. I know I have defended Quickly’s for their cold and shitty customer service, but fuck, I am an American and as an American every now and then I want some fucking manners. The problem with this world is that a lot of people have forgotten their manners. When the WIFI was working it was lightning fast, but it only lasted 20 fucking minutes. Fucking typical for that shitty overpriced place.

Japan Town Video is the local video store in Japan town. This place fucking pisses me off and it has for years. Yes, they sell a lot of Korean and Asian videos. Even some decent Japanese porn*. However their prices are fucking stuck in 1999. If you are connoisseur of DVDs then you know that saying prices are stuck in 1999 are a really bad thing. 1999 was the dawn of DVDs and back then DVDs were fucking expensive. I mean fucking 34.99 for Slums of Beverly Hills, 29.99 for Snake Eyes. The worst thing was that I actually paid those horrific prices. I know that Japan Town Video is a small business and that old man is trying to make a living in these tough times, but who the fuck still pays 29.99 for a DVD, not a blu ray, but a fucking DVD? They have all the old DVDs too with means that if you were retarded enough to actually buy one of those DVDs then when you popped into your DVD player or PS3 then it would be non anamorphic widescreen**. If you are a lay person, then it means the picture is going to suck and I wish that Japan Town Video would just leave. Overpriced anime, movies, and just a bunch of shit.

Japan town also pisses me off as well. I mean people hang out there seem to have a good time, but the place, is overpriced and just sells crap. Yes they may have some authentic crap their, but the place has such an air of arrogance there that it makes me fucking sick whenever I go. I used to come out to Japan town a lot but not these days. I don’t because first of all I am not into Japanese pop culture. J Pop is over priced, not very original and just fucking stupid. I get tired of anime after a while, but I still watch it***. I mean there is a lot of junk in Japan town. Japan town is just as bad as Chinatown with selling tourist their crap, but Chinatown is at least honest about the crap that they sell and for this I tend to respect Chinatown a lot more. Chinatown tells you “Hey tourist buy my so called Chinese crap and look pay $2”. While Japan town says “You, tourist, must buy our sacred crap and pay $10”. Japan town and Chinatown both peddle crap, but Japan town acts as if it is God’s gift to man, and that pisses me off.

Buses on the weekends also suck. I never understood the logic of cutting back service on the weekends. I know a lot of people depend on the buses on the weekdays and on the surface it may seem that having more buses on the weekdays makes sense, but of course if you think about it for a moment in a touristy city like San Francisco is less buses on the weekend really the right solution? Of course not. If you have ever ridden on the bus in San Francisco on a Saturday or Sunday then you know most of the buses are packed to the gills. I mean more people go out on the weekends and since this is a green hippie friendly shitty city then a lot of people also do not own cars and therefore must rely on the buses and when you cut off the bus frequency then you get super packed buses and that really makes me mad to no end. I think more buses should run on the weekend or better yet just treat every fucking day as the goddamned same. This is San Francisco where everyday is bloody busy, not Wichita where they think it is a major city.

Cosplay has too stop. Well that’s wrong. I like it when Japanese or Asian people do cosplay and they seem perfect at it. Smaller bodies, the Asian look and lot of the ladies look hot when they do it, but what needs to stop is white or any other race doing the anime cosplay. I was in Japan town and I saw this hall of fame of cosplay people and maybe a third of everyone there was non Asian and they looked fucking stupid. Come on pasty and chubby white and black kid(yes high yellow blacks can be pasty), please stop. I never realized that “Trigun” had a big gut and pimples. I think cosplay and “con” dressing up needs to be left to people who know what they are doing. I am heavy and I have no delusions of dressing up like anyone that I admire in the comic world or the anime world. Please just have Asian girls and boys do that shit.

Weekends also piss me off. I have been one of those unfortunate people that when they worked they never had the weekends off, well at least the full weekend. I would usually be scheduled something like a Tuesday to Saturday type deal. I don’t mind it to be honest. I hate weekends, shitty TV, everything is slow. I mean I used to love the weekends when I was a kid but as an adult I have come to really loathe the weekends. Ever since I turned 18 and more so when I turned 21 I figured out I could have a good time on any night of the week and I was not confined to the wretched Friday and Saturday nights that people seem to love. Yes I understand that parties and all the so called “good times” usually occur on Fridays and Saturdays, however, I simple say no, I don’t agree. I have been to parties on just about every night of week and they are always fun. I don’t like weekends because everything is slow and crowded and deep down a lot of people don’t like it either. Go downtown on a weekend, and then go downtown on a weekday, it’s like fucking night and day. Before you all start yelling about your Monday to Friday work, like I explained before I have never worked at any work where I only worked on those days. Hell once I had a schedule that was Friday to Tuesday.

Women get away with murder. I mean figuratively and not literally. A good example of this is say you are going to a party and you the male want to get there at a certain time. Now your girl is busy getting ready, and you get pissed at her because she is taking too long to get ready. You get pissed at her and you all argue and then you go to the party and the whole night is ruined because she is in a bad mood. Sometime during the party you approach your girl and you have to apologize, you have to ask her for her forgiveness, even though it was her fault. This I never understood, even though I have been in this situation many times, and so have you. Even though it is their fault for something you are still the one who has to apologize. It is ingrained in all male psyches but it does not mean it is fair. I guess the main reason is that the girl does have the vagina and that vagina can cause all kinds of things. Empires have been brought down by a woman’s vagina****, great people have been caught by it*****. I guess it is one of life’s unfair things. It will never change no matter what.

I am tired of alcohol worship. I see it on the streets, on Face Book, on TV and movies. Everyone seems to worship thy God booze. Yes, booze does taste good and on a hot day a fucking cold beer, is awesome, but come on are we a nation of alkies? It seems like we are. I mean it does taste good, but it is also poison. Alcohol is basically bacteria and yeast shit. It really is, and people love it. Just like the way Cheese is rotten milk when you get down to bloody core of it.

Anyways those are just a few thoughts. I had to censor myself a bit, there were a few things that I wanted to add, but I thought they would be too brutal. I will add those on another day. Believe me I have a deep well of shit that pisses me off.

*Yes at Japan Video they sold the infamous “Black Pearl” porn videos where black porn stars would gangbang the Japanese porn stars. Hot shit. Also they have such elegant tittles as “Tokyo Butt hole #7” and “Feel Her Lungs #2”.

**Non anamorphic widescreen means that when you go play it on your 16:9 Widescreen TV then the picture will be super wide and look like shit. It will basically be on a TV shaped box on your widescreen TV(kind of like when you watch certain TV shows or commercials), and within that box will be picture with black bars. The Star Wars DVD had this problem when they first were released and people were pissed off.

***Titles like Noir, High School of the Dead, Angel Beats, Excel Saga and Full Metal Panic! Are worth watching. Plus I never understood why males cosplay. In anime has such few cool male leads.

****Helen of Troy was some powerful pussy that caused that war. “Is this the face that launched a 1000 ships?”

*****John Dillinger was ratted out by his fucking girlfriend.

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