On Turning 29

On Turning 29
Just my age.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why? Why? Why?

The following blog entry is just questions that I have. Some might seem weird or obvious, but these are the questions that I think about.

Why can't they make gum that has flavor that lasts forever?

Why can't the post office deliver on Sunday?

Why am I the only one on time?

Why do women ignore texts?

When there is 24 hours to the each and everyday, why is their not enough time to return a call?

Why does the left sock always go missing?

Why does Taco Bell look better then it tastes?

Why is Jack in the Box or Carls' Jr, never a satisfying choice?

Why does Thai food everywhere taste the same?

Why does love hurt?

Why is it, when you fall in love with someone who is not good looking, once you get to know them they become sexier and sexier?

Why do good things happen to bad people?

Why do I get texts out of the blue from certain ladies and I get no response from them when i return the text?

Why are women's panties(especially the cotton kind) so fucking sexy?

Why do women always smell nice?

Why is it that a girl could walk around all day in humid and hot and still smell nice and fresh?

Why is ice cream so delicious?

Why is Sushi so expensive when no cooking is really involved?

Why is fish so yummy?

Why is it when I am in a rush, no buses come, but when I want to take my time to get somewhere buses come like a bat out of hell?

Why do pretty girls go out with douche bags?

Why am I making this list?

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