On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Things People do to KOMBAT Loneliness

Humans go to great lengths to combat that crummy emotion known as loneliness. It is such a shitty feeling to feel this way that we do just about anything in order to combat this feeling. A lot of people get lost in watching movies, or playing video games. These same people also like to lose themselves in food and that is a crummy thing for people to do. Another thing that people do to fight that shitty feeling is to get lost in the world of women, be it, porn or strippers or bars.

I just think that loneliness is a feeling that people should have destroyed already. It is such a primordial feeling that I would have assumed that we humans, with our great technology should have gotten rid off.

Video games and movies are a great way to combat the shittiest of feelings. I mean when one plays a video game they can get lost in a different world and be a hero in the most extreme of circumstances. I mean it is only in video games you can take out your loneliness, by being the hero to some large breasted and sexy vixen that needs rescuing, Or if you like you could kill and decapitate someone in a game like MORTAL KOMBAT and feel better about yourself. Video games are a great escape and they are both legal and safe,

Movies are also a great way to get lost and feel better about yourself. Often times getting lost in the fantasy of a movie is a great way to feel good and get lost in the moment. I know when I am feel lonely with no one to be with, I would go watch movies in the movie theater, often times more then one. When I would be sitting there in that darkened room with the movie playing on the big screen, I tend to forget about whatever bullshit, I am going through and just feel happy that I am enjoying the movie.

People, especially men, like to ease their loneliness with women. They like to go to strip clubs to see some naked girl shake her assets in their face. It is a cool way to forget about your troubles. But it is also very dangerous. It is dangerous because even though you may feel great with whatever girl is hanging with you, as soon as you leave the place, the feeling of loneliness comes back like a thousand fold.

Porno is a good way too, but it gets boring fast and as soon as you are done doing your business it becomes pretty gross and distressing.

I guess loneliness is something that is always going to be around. It is something that we always fight, and most of the time we are on the losing end. Even when we have a partner or we are in love with each other, it is still an emotion that is hard to defeat. It’s one of those things that I wish would just go away but like a lot of things in this crazy life of ours, it is not going anywhere and that is a shame.

Loneliness is a part of us, no matter how you look or how popular you are. It is one of the few things that truly makes us human.

Friday, May 20, 2011

People Smell Real Bad!

In the previous post, I was talking about how much I love my sense of smell. I have a strong nose and with that comes the inevitable curse of smelling people who seem to stink to high heaven. In this city people are down right disgusting when it comes to how they smell. People often times smell like wet dog, which is usually a sign that someone needs to clean their washing machine because the water they’re using stinks. This is usually caused when rain water hits their clothes and they start to sweat in it. It makes them stink to high heaven and it’s pretty gross.

Another thing this city is infested with is homeless, and they stink like no tomorrow. Sometimes it smells like shit or ass, or piss or stinky unwashed body odor which is like old onions. I fucking hate that stink. I hate the stink of their shitty beer that they like to drink. It’s fucking gross and offensive to people all around them.

Another offensive odor to my sensitive nose is bad breath and boy does this city have some fucking disgusting breath. At my previous employment their was this girl who worked with me and man she had the most nastiest breath I have ever come into contact with. I mean maybe she had some sort of sickness but she was fucking disgusting. I couldn’t stand her and she thought that we were friends so often times she would talk to me up close and I would have to smell her fucking gross dragon breath and it seemed to be a constant on her. The only way to describe the smell is like old hot meat mixed in with a little bit of coffee and that is what her breath smelled like. It was pretty gross

On the bus, especially when I was in high school, I would be surrounded by OLD PEOPLE, mostly Asian and Latin and for many years I was grossed out by Asian people because of the experiences that I had on the bus with old Asian people and their funky ass breath. I am not trying to sound racist, but I was not attracted to Chinese girls for many years because I think I was traumatized by these funky old people. But when I was in my twenties I gave them a chance and now Chinese girls are simply some of the best smelling girls on this planet.

I have stayed in China for a month and I stayed in a city that was kind of off  the beat and path, so I think I was able to experience the real China, and the entire time I was there, I don’t think I really smelled anyone who smelled bad. I mean I saw a few homeless and of course those bastards stank, but on a the whole, the country of China smelled exotic but not gross. It smelled like all kinds of strange foods and spices but not the funk like people do here in the states.

 I have also spent a lot of time in South Korea and that place was not stinky at all. The people there were not funky and they have a sweaty and moist summer that can make people smell ripe. I think the reason why it smells so fucking bad in the US, is because I think it is what we eat. We eat a lot of dairy, and dairy is what causes people stink. I don’t think our bodies are meant to drink the milk of cattle and that causes us to stink.

People often smell weird too because in this city a lot of people like to be vegan or go on all veggie diets and that can cause people to smell all weird and gross. I fucking hate that. Also a lot of people like to go all natural and not wear deoderant, and that is cool. However if you live and eat in the United States you need to wear it, plain and simple.

My ex, she never wore deodorant and she always smelled nice, for whatever reason, even though sometimes she would have that hint of a little sweat, it never smelled funky, it always smelled okay and tolerable and this is coming from a guy who hates the smell of sweat. See I think the difference is this, there is a difference of sweat that smells bad because of being unwashed and unclean and the natural human scent. My friend from my previous employment told me about this girl he used to shag in Nairobi, who never wore deodorant and even though it was quite hot she never once smelled.

Sometimes when a woman smells like clean sweat, it can be sexy and I think this is so, cause it comes back to when humans were animals and the female had to attract a male with her scent. It is often said that women’s scent of her sweat is much more intense then males and this is too attract us guys. In a way I say that is true.
I also like the smell of sex. Sex is a weird thing when it comes to smell. I mean in all honesty it can be rather gross and I mean this because if you walk into a room where people have been fucking and you are not part of the participating parties, then it can be downright disgusting. I have walked inside a room where people have been screwing and I must say it was not so pleasant. It is nice if you and your partner are doing it, then  you can’t even tell it’s there. It’s an interesting aroma, that is sexy during the time it’s being done and when you’re doing but pretty fucking gross if it lingers and if it done by another party.

Maybe we truly are what we eat, I mean some of the grossest people I have met in my life, have been Americans while some of the cleanest and sweetest smelling people, have been people from another country

I have a smelling fetish, and I think that cool. There is nothing strange or illegal about it. I am proud of it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Sense of Smell: My Favorite of the Five Senses

Out of all the senses that we have, I really love the sense of smell. I love to sniff things, before I eat them. I guess you could say that I have a smelling fetish. Since today is a Thursday, and I want to discuss something that I love and I love the sense of smell. I am often times have a stuffed up  nose, but I can still use it pretty well.

First and foremost one of my favorite smells in the whole wide world, is the smell of a new car. I have always loved that smell, and you can smell if you walk by the inside of a car showroom. I also love the smell of chocolate. It is such a sweet smell. Another favorite smell is the smell of grilling meat, at a Korean or Japanese restaurant. I am not a huge barbeque smoke fan, but the smell of cooking meat is heaven on earth to myself.

I also love the smell of sun block. It is such a sexy smell. What I love the most is when it is a hot day and I am on a crowded bus and some girl is wearing sun block. It reminds me of hot days of summer, and all the fun times that are associated with summer. I don’t really dig flowers too much or any of those kinds of smell, but on a cold and dry night, I do like the smell of burning wood from like a fireplace. When I smell that fireplace smell, it reminds me of cozy indoors and how sexy the winter can be. Winter is a sexy time, because even though everything get’s dark early and everything is cold, it does bring couples closer for that good loving.

When it comes to ladies, I love the way they smell. But I must point out that not every woman smells good in my opinion. Usually I would say about 10% of the women that I encounter and see are smell nice too me. It’s a combination of what they wear, perfumes and things of that nature, and their natural scent.

In terms of perfumes, I like them to be subtle, and not overwhelming. I hate it when women wear powerful perfumes or sprays it makes me think that maybe they using the spray or perfume to cover up some stinkiness. I hate that. I cannot really pinned down the name of the perfumes, that I like the most but when women wear body lotions from Victoria Secret, that can be so sexy. Especially the melon scented one or the strawberry or that blue colored one. All of those are so sexy they get my blood all worked up.

In terms of real scent, every women I have been intimate with has smelled different. Almost like night and day. Even girls from the same ethnic group, have smelled different. My ex smelled almost perfect, it is hard to describe in words, what exactly she smelled like. Maybe it not even really a describable scent, but more of a pheromone level, there was something about her scent that was amazing. It was like it drew me towards her. Even when we woke up together and she hadn’t dolled herself up, she smelled great. My ex before that, smelled nice too, but it was different. She smelled nice in a much different way. Hard to put into words.

I also think certain scents on ladies are pretty hot. Not all women can get away with this. I could tell you a few gross stories about a couple of ladies, I have known who were pretty fucking disgusting in their under regions, and I could tell you about a couple of ladies who were absolute perfection when it came to smelling down there.

Anyways, folks, that’s another topic for another day. Since we are on the topic of noses and smells, tomorrow, I will talk about why people smell so fucking bad and why people of certain parts of this fair world, smell terrible.

I will leave with a quote from the book CHRISTINE, written by Stephen King:

“Ain’t no smell better then a new car smell, well except maybe for pussy”

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Will Does NOT Exist

Free will is truly an illusion. I mean people are always talking about how, how God all gave us free will to do whatever we like and that we get to choose whatever path, we walk on, but I am calling bullshit. I call bullshit, because there is one big glaring mistake in this way of thinking. In the 3 major western religions all say that we are all following God’s plan and that we also have free will. If we have free will then we can do whatever we want. But if this is all God’s plan, then doesn’t that mean that each and every decision that we have made is already preordained(already made) for us. It’s a fucking brain twister if you really think about it, I mean do we really have free will or is everything already planned?

This is a question that has plagued a lot of people. It also has plagued me and I feel that this is a subject that has to be addressed. I have argued with many people, especially so called holy or Christian people, on whether or not we really have free will. They have always told me that it’s because of God’s love that we have free will and it is because in his wisdom gave us the ultimate gift of free will. But like I said before that is wrong.

Remember that God is all knowing, and knows everything. This is another way of looking through the eyes of God and proving that free will is pure bullshit. This is a  thought experiment called Casual Deterism this is taken from www.wikipedia.org

Imagine an entity, that knows all facts about the past and the present, and knows all natural laws that govern the universe. If the laws of nature were determinate, then such an entity would be able to use this knowledge to foresee the future, down to the smallest detail.

This is the only way to see through the eyes of God, what this is saying that a an entity like God can see everything from the beginning of time to the end of time then there is no free will. If God knows what you did last week and what you’re going to do in forty years on this very day then every decision you make and continue making are leading to whatever even happens in 40 years.

Also since there is no free will, then every event that has happened in my life and in the life of anyone who reads this entry was preordained and every option took or not took all leads up to the moment where you are reading this sentence as I type it.

It’s rather spooky, when one thinks about it. We really don’t have control of our lives. We are governed by predetermination, fate and whatever else governs our short little lives. I get tired of people telling me that we have complete control of our lives with free will. I am sorry to break it to you folks, but we don’t.

Like I said, everything that has happened and everything you have done has led you to this moment of you reading this.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lame Ducks

I am tired of the lame duck. What I mean by lame duck, is that I am tired of dating a certain type of woman who does seem to possess the same skill levels as myself. I am not talking about looks. Since I am not a really good looking person, I have no right to really bitch and moan about the ways girls, look and for the most part all of the women I have dated, I have been extremely attracted too. But for whatever reason, I have dated women who seem to have a hard time finding work and therefore keeping work and I am tired of that. I have worked the long 40 hour weeks and why can’t I find a partner who can do the same?

Sometimes, I think that maybe it’s because the type of women I attract are all lumped into the category of women who liked to be taken care of, but a lot of the women that I have been serious with have never really carried a real job. One of my ex’s, I actually had to get her work, it’s part time, but it is work nonetheless. With my current ex, she always wanted me to write her resumes or help her apply for work, but I guess the question I must ask, is this: “Are all these women incompetent, when it comes to working?’

I really hope that’s not the case. I mean I don’t think I date dumb women, but why can’t any of the women, I date find their own work? I just think since the way I look, I am destined to find women who need my power and smartness to help them out. I feel tired of having to carry women. I don’t mind helping girls, with gifts and cash and that part has never really bothered me, what bothers me is when girls are helpless when it comes to working.

I am not the smartest guy in the world, but I do know how to work and I think I need someone who is on equal ground.

Some of you might be thinking that I am being really funky and just being angry, but this sentiment has been brewing like this for many years. It seems ever since I graduated high school, which was 10 years ago now, I have dated and gone out with women who seem incapable of working. My current ex, the one whom I recently ended things is still in university so, she is kind of I guess excused from it, but she sure loves money, the gal, I almost married, I have no real idea what her excuse is or was. I mean she is 3 years older then I am and I had to get her work after something like 4 years, what’s up with that?

I am sorry if this is a snaky post, but it’s something I do not understand, why do I attract women like that? One answer could be, “Oh it’s because you only date Chinese or Asian women”, but that is not true, I have only been with Asian women for the last 7 years, before that I have dated Latinas and White women and they all seemed to have the same trouble.

I guess it’s my personality that attracts women like that. I do like being generous with money and gifts and when I have it and you are with me, I will treat you like a fucking princess, but at the same time it would be nice if one can have a partner on equal ground, in terms of work, but since I am a sucker for the same type of lady, I am probably doomed to be the breadwinner

Monday, May 16, 2011

Disrespect: When People Don't Answer Their Text Messages

*PLEASE NOTE I am sorry for the lack of blog entries since my last one. It had been a pretty stressful week, so I was not inclined to write anything and anything I did write, turned into nothing but dog shit. But my avid and faithful fans, I am back and it is better now. Maybe, the shorter more intense entries are the way to go and so I will not be so much concerned with length, then with quality of post. Unless something major and tragic occurs in my life, I will not skip days like I did this past week, I am sorry for that and it won’t happen again.

I guess I want to walk about text messages. I mean I love these things. They are instant forms of communications when it comes to conveying pieces of information, that just need to be told without any real kind of discussion. I find them really useful and whenever I get one, I am always trying to return the message as soon as possible. I mean if someone took the time to send me a message then the least that I could do is respond back. I also like that courtesy as well. But humans, being the fucked up individuals they tend to be, often times don’t respond for hours or days at time.

I mean why do people do that. I can understand it maybe, when people are at work, then they have to wait until their shift is over and then they will have a moment to respond, but people who do nothing all day or better yet, people who have time to respond or they choose to just ignore you, is the ultimate disrespect in my opinion.

Check this out. When one get’s a text, it is almost instantaneous when one receives it. If one is at work, then all is forgiven, but if one is at home, or walking around or doing whatever bullshit people like to do on their precious spare time, and they cannot take 3 seconds to respond. What the fuck is up with that? I mean that is a real fucking disrespect, want to know how that is? When one gets a text message and they look at your message and then they read your message and read your name, then that person, within like 3 seconds thinks and says, “YOU ARE NOT WORTH TAKING 3 SECONDS OUT OF MY DAY TO RESPOND”.

See this disrespect only applies to text  messaging because it is an instant thing. I can understand, not being able to respond to voicemails, or email messages. Sometimes, one does not have the time to check an email account or check their voicemail, and that’s cool. I have often times forgotten to check my email or voicemail and that is understandable. It takes some effort, especially with email to do it and it sometimes cannot be a fast process. But text messages literally take half a second to check and it takes a mere few seconds to decide that you are not worth responding too.

I fucking hate that shit. I mean what is up with that. What is the fucking point of sending a message to someone who takes either hours or days to fucking decide that you are worth responding too. It hurts when that kind of shit happens and I think it’s wrong and people just need to respond and not be so fucking chicken shit.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

God and Time: Two Crappy Things In Our Life

What to say about today? I am not sure. Long days, have been around me these past few weeks and I am not sure why. It just seems as I get older time seems to really speed up. I am always thinking that there is going to be more time to do things, but then their really isn’t. I mean in a heartbeat, after I turned 18, I was 21 and then an instant later I was 25 and before I could finish writing this sentence I am 28 almost 29 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I know as you get older time goes by faster, but at this rate I simply cannot imagine life when I am like in my fifties or beyond.

You see God, our heavenly creator has everything to do with it. He is one of the most sadistic beings that has ever come into creation. He just likes fucking with the good people of this world. Is this really a bad thing? I mean I know the human race is a pretty arrogant and I am not sure how we stand up against the many other species that are intelligent in our Universe, but being a human for the last 28 years, it’s been a tough road dealing with the stupid and retarded behavior that the people of this world like to act. I mean just think of all the useless wars, crimes, and stupidity that humans do.

One of the biggest examples of just how stupid humans are is when the Spanish conquered the Aztecs. The Aztecs the most violent and deadly of Central American tribes had an army of a million strong. Even if disease was around, and even if the 500 or so Spaniards had an army of 10,000 with help from the other locals, the million strong army could not wipe them out. I mean the Spanish did have guns, but they were for one shot, the Aztecs, had bows and arrows, and clubs and just could have wiped them all out. But what really fucked the Aztecs was a so called holy prophecy said that a being with blue eyes and golden hair would take their civilization into a whole new direction, and boy did it. Rape, murder and the conquering of a whole nation of people. I mean why couldn’t Montezuma, have been like every other god fearing person and just killed and destroyed what was different.

Life sucks and God sucks, for being an ever loving father or mother or whatever horse shit you believe in, he sure doesn’t like to take care of his people. Even to the Jewish people, the so called “Chosen People”, look how they were treated.

God is more like Loki a trickster, a whisperer, or more like a little kid who likes to burn ants with a magnifying glass or the type that likes to pour salt on slugs or the wings off of flies. God is cruel with time and opportunity and he or she lets our faith in him or her, destroy others for it.

In this day and age, God, is nothing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Fucking Game Sucks!

The game sucks. The chase the persute, the fantasy, whatever it’s all bullshit. I call it bullshit, because regardless of what kind of game one has, it all comes down is chemistry. If one doesn’t have that initial chemistry, then nothing will happen. I am tired of all the little rules and regulations, that start once you pass that thresh hold of getting the phone number.

You see, I don’t really participate in all this game bullshit. My hardcore, almost getting married relationship of my thus far started like this:

One day, I was working at a job that I had about 5 years ago now. I saw this girl that looked familiar, and so I said hello to her. I didn’t think much of her, and the next day I saw her again, and we started talking about this, that and the other. The next day, I saw her again and this time, I decided to get her number, and we exchanged them. That night she called me and we had a great conversation for like an hour and half or so. It was like everything was perfect. We made perfect conversation, and the next day she saw me again at my work and then we went on our first date that evening and everything was cool for the first 3 years and then, you know the story.

See what happened there. No game, no waiting a certain amount of days, no horse shit. Just a simple case of 2 people who clicked and had chemistry and we just called each other when the time was right. I just wish I could figure out when a good time to call, without sounding too desperate.

I just wish there wasn't a game.. What is the fucking point?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Thoughts: Incomplete and I Don't Care

Balance is such a weird thing. I do not mean the balance it takes to walk across a high wire line, but the balance of the universe. The universe is all about cause and effect and it seems that as of late the balance of the universe is out of whack. The universe is an energy based place and it seems that a lot of evil or out of whack energy seems to be flooding over the flood gate and into my life.

Originally this should have been Sunday’s article, but yesterday was a day for mothers of the world and I wanted to honor my mother and her side of the family no matter what bullshit was going on in my life. Right now my life is in kind of a tail spin. Still looking for a decent paying job, still trying to find the one true love of my life and still pinning over the girl whom I had a recent break up with. I just feel so fucked up and I think the universe is all out of whack.

I feel nervous over a situation involving my younger brother. I mean hopefully by this time, he has either responded to a text or has decided to return a call, but if that has not come to pass, then I do not know how I will be feeling. I just hate this sense of unease that is all around me and I just hope everything works out for the best.

This is going to probably be a shorter article, but I just don’t feel like writing about any particular subject, but the simple fact that I feel the world is falling down around. It’s the world of my family and close relationships, though it was a nice thing that I did meet a new lady yesterday, I am not even sure if that’s real.

I just feel sick of everything, but I still want to press on and live.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hangover Sunday: The School Theater

*Please note that even though in the title it says “Hangover Sunday” that does not really mean that I had gotten drunk the night before. “Hangover Sunday” is just a title. It is a title I use so I could tell you all a story. Sometimes, it will be about me and my past, or a story I heard about. The point being, is it’s Sunday, so just relax and enjoy.

The story I am about to tell you is not my own. It is the something that happened to my maternal grandmother. It’s been kind of a spooky family story, that is told at least once or twice a year and to this day it is a freaky story. I mean it is simple and you be the judge of that. Like I said it is not my story but it is a story that I think you might enjoy. No real names shall be used. This is my grandmother’s story.

The follow story is a true story and it took place in the late fall of 1947.

The fall weather was mellow and a bit warm. It had been raining all day and so little girl of about five years old followed her older brother, who was 9, inside the large and empty school theater. The two kids were joined by a two other kids who were just as bored. The smiled as they watched the rain and looked at each other. It was a Sunday and there seemed to be really nothing to do.

The 5 year old girl and the 9 year old boy were the two youngest children of the headmaster at this semi prestigious elementary school. The headmaster and his family of 5 children lived on the school grounds and had pretty much free reign during the weekends. They could explore just about anywhere they wanted too, as long as they didn’t break or destroy anything.

During this fall weekend, it was a holiday and since a lot of families were rich, most of the students went on some long vacation and the two kids who were there with the little girl and her older brother, came from a family who were a bit on the poorer side, so they had made a deal with the headmaster to allow them to stay at the school during the long weekend holiday.

The two other kids were twin boys and they were about 8 years. It was 4 little kids and they had this spooky school to explore. The older brother had always wanted to check out the school theater. To him the school theater was a place of mystery. He and the rest of the kids had been there before, for pageants or school announcements, but he had never been behind the stage or anywhere besides sitting in the audience and since there was nothing to do and his older siblings were with their father, then he thought today was a good day. His little sister, thought it would be fun to follow her brother and the twins just wanted to play with the two other kids.

The older brother laughed at how hard it was raining and he suggested that they go explore the old theater. The twins looked nervously at each other and the little girl, thought it was a good idea. The twins had heard some spooky stories about the place and they had told the older brother, their concerns and he just laughed at them and told them not to be silly. The older brother then moved toward the entrance of the theater and little girl urged the twin boys to come along. The twins were nervous but they didn’t want to be left alone so they followed.

The little girl followed her older brother into the large theater. There were about 250 seats and it looked like large theater with a stage and black boards on the stage. The little girl asked her older brother, what he was looking for, and he just said he just wanted to see what was behind the stage. The four kids then walked to the stage and up the short stair case then led them onto the stage.

The older brother walked to one of the black boards and was looking for chalk to write with. The twins were just standing around looking nervous and were secretly hoping to get out of the place. The little girl was just looking out at the audience and pretending that she was on stage singing and dancing. She was lost in her world. Her older brother found some chalk and was writing some words on the black board. The older brother noticed that the black board was not really attached to wall but were wither hung from a line or were part of a false wall. He was using the chalk board near stage right.

The little girl was the first to notice it. Then the twins and finally the older brother who had stopped writing and had a look of horror on his face. At the far black board, near stage left, was a pair of bare feet. It was as if someone was standing there without any socks or shoes on. These feet were not a normal set of feet. They were huge and it seemed that the shins went on forever. The little girl was speechless. The older brother then called out and received no answer. The twins were nervous and told the older brother that they wanted to get out of there. The older brother called them silly and told them to relax.

The older brother laughed and told them that it was probably a janitor standing there trying to freak them out. The little girl looked on at the huge feet and noticed that they shifted ever so slightly and that some of the toes moved. The older brother called out again, startling his little sister. The older brother then decided that it was time to check it out and see if there was someone standing playing a stupid joke.

The twins did not want to go, but they also did not want to stay on the stage alone with the huge feet. The four kids then walked towards the black boards and looked behind the false wall near stage right and saw no one standing there. The older brother walked behind the black board where the feet were standing and there was nothing. He checked all around with his little sister and saw nothing and no one.

The older brother laughed and so did the twins nervously. The four kids then walked back from  behind the black boards and back onto the stage. The little girl then screamed as she was the first one onto the stage. The feet were back and were just standing there. The twins came out and saw it too, and yelped. The older brother who was still behind the black boards looked back and saw nothing there. When he made it back on stage he saw the feet too and this freaked him out.

He grabbed his sister’s hand and the four kids ran out of the theater. The little girl took one last look at the stage and she still saw the large feet just standing there.*

I hope you enjoyed this spooky tale on this cool and windy mother’s day.

I Love You Mom.

*to this day we have no idea what my grandmother and my great uncle saw that day. It’s a freaky story. The freaky part is the fact that the three witnesses saw it while one of their party was behind the false wall and didn’t see anything. This is truly a scary story that has freaked me out for the past 28 years, since I have heard about growing up.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Two Useless Holidays

I really hate fake holidays. Fake holidays are holidays that people celebrate, with no real understanding what the holiday is really about. Two holidays really come to mind. They are both real holidays and in their respective countries and are taken quite seriously. It’s when you see these two holidays being celebrated in the United States, is when the bullshit really starts up and gets my blood boiling. The first holiday on the list has recently just passed. It is called CINCO DE MAYO, the other I will be talking about is ST PATRICK’S DAY.

Cinco De Mayo, is a misunderstood holiday. Many people believe it to be the Mexican Independence Day, but it is not. It commemorates the winning of the battle at Puebla, Mexico. It was not really a strategic victory but it was more of a moral booster to help the Mexican army defeat and run off the French Army. It is an important day, because at the time, the French were the most dominant army. The Mexicans were outnumbered but they held their ground and defeated their mighty foe. After this victory the Mexican army was able to win more battles against the French and eventually have them running back to Europe.

That is cool. I love the holiday just for the simple fact the Mexican army was able to fight off the man and keep the country their own and not part of the French Empire. What I hate about it is how it is celebrated in this country. It’s just an excuse to drink. Drinking is okay but on Cinco De Mayo you are supposed to drink to the point of excess. It’s so stupid a lot of Americans, but a shitload of Latinos and Latinas love to celebrate this bullshit by getting hammered and causing some trouble.

Just, yesterday, Friday May the 6th, I awoke to the news and one of the main stories from the night before was how a bunch of dumb asses had gotten drunk celebrating Cinco De Mayo and decided to destroy some businesses by breaking windows, looting and acting ignorant. There was even video footage of people acting all dumb. Makes us Latinos look like a bunch of hoodlums.

The second bullshit holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. All though it is a little less bullshitty as Cinco De Mayo, it still a stupid useless holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is an ancient holiday that is basically a celebration of when St. Patrick brought Catholism(Christianity) to Ireland. It’s a holiday that is supposed to be one of attending religious services, have delicious meals, and being able to drink, within control of course. See that is what people seem to always forget. All these holidays are supposed to have drinking in it, but Americans always like to take shit to a new level and act all stupid.

During St. Patrick’s Day all kind of people like to get drunk and act all rowdy. In this city they have a drunken parade and with the parade comes the onslaught of stupid ass people who are drunk and acting obnoxious. I hate it.

Whenever I go out on St. Patrick’s it’s usually a crowded and shitty time. I really hate being on the bus when a bunch of rowdy ass college students or old people get on the bus wearing their stupid green clothes, reeking of cheap green beer or other kinds of alcohol. It just sucks.

If you are celebrating these holidays for what they really mean and stand for, then I think that is cool. More power too you. But if you celebrate to get drunk, they you are on my shitlist.

I hate useless holidays.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wonderful World of Gore Porn!

Ah, the internet is a place where you can find just about anything, from movies, to pictures of Mt. Everest to even pictures of a woman who has her colon falling out of her asshole. Yes, that’s right, I am going to take to you to the world of GORE PORN. Gore porn, is basically pictures of either, gruesome aftermaths of accidents, diseased people, dead people, grotesque acts and all sorts of crazy shit. I fucking love gore porn. Ever since I was allowed free reign to an internet ready computer, way back in 1997 when I was a sophomore and they allowed us to use computers at my high schools computer lab.

I think the reason why I like to call it gore porn is that often times, you will go to these types of websites and you will see a whole bunch of crazy pictures, but then every now and then they will throw in some bizarre porno picture.

The best gore porn, website of all time, had to be this website called SNUFFX.com. I mean this guy named DarylX was the webmaster to this site and he updated almost every day. He had all kinds of crazy videos. Videos of people killing themselves or each other, people with severed limbs and genitals. A lot of dead babies or diseased ones and it was some of the most intense shit you will ever see. Some of the stuff is even disturbing to, me so, yeah he had some crazy ass shit. The sad part is that, his website was based out of the UK, so I believe he either, was fined a bunch of money to stop posting, or he is in prison for it, or maybe he too is dead. The website is still up, but it has not been updated since July of 2008. If interested check it out. I was there today:  

The most prolific gore porn website, is kind of a shitty website called HEAVEN666.org. I call it shitty because it often shows older pictures and the admins who run seem to be hipster types. I used to be part of their forums, but since I didn’t agree with one of their opinions, they decided to ban me. I may hate those bastards for banning me, but they have a shitload of pictures from the past, but also a lot of porno is on the site. It’s not the sexy type of porno either, it’s the bloopers, the ugly people and this disgusting type of porn. Gross porn is another topic for another day and there is a great website for that as well. But that’s another day. Heaven666.org is an okay website that has been up for about six years. I called it the most prolific because it is constantly updated, but it is not the oldest gore porn website. Check out the site if you ever get a chance.

The oldest and probably everyone’s visited this site at one point or another, is ROTTEN.com. It is the classic gore porn site, which ironically is not nearly as intense as the previous two that I have mentioned. Rotten.com, was established in 1996, in Mountain View, California and it used to be pretty much the only shock site out there. It had mostly pictures of dead, and rotting people. But it also had this really funny section called “Fuck of the Month” where it showed so picture of some dated or gross out porn. It was great. I call it the golden era of gore porn, the late 90s. Rotten.com like porn was in the 70s, was pretty tame by today’s standards. It’s still up, but it doesn’t update that much.

Rotten.com, has two sister sites. One became the popular prom queen of the net and the other started hot and heavy and then kind of fizzled away. The one that fizzled away is called BONERS.com. It has nothing to do with penises, it just shows pictures of stupid signs of like “Cock Flavored Soup” when it supposed to be chicken. It’s mostly pictures from different countries. Stupid shit.

The other site is immensely popular and its called DAILYROTTEN.com. This is not a gore site in the traditional sense, it takes all the weird and bizarre news articles of the day and it give people a forum for them to comment on. I love this website and I try to visit it everyday. In the comments section it’s pretty much the wild west and anything and everything is up for grabs. It’s a really great website.

This day and age there are other websites that are also gore porn. THEYNC.com is forerunner as being the best gore porn website right now. The only problem is that it is all videos and sometimes the videos are hot linked(come from different websites) and these sites can either be viruses or lead to some dangerous and questionable material. I like theync.com and I think it’s a good graphic site, but it can freeze and it always has pop ups on them that cannot be blocked and it’s some large gif of porn. It’s an okay website, good if you’re looking for a fix when it comes to seeing some gore.

NOTHINGTOXIC.com, is basically theync.com light. It’s a small site that most has gore but most of these are linked to other sites and so often times it is a slow site. Pretty much the exact same format as theync.com with far less porn and far less gore. It’s a so-so site. Nothing special.

Man, this is getting bit long winded, but there are two sites left. One is called GOREGASM.com, which is a shitty little site that had crazy porno and some gore pictures. It recently was bought out and now it can be accessed but it has a shitload of pop ups and it’s rarely updated.

The final site, is called OGRISH.com. Subpar layout, same pictures like you fine on heaven666.org, so I won’t get much into detail.  It has a lot of gore and mostly oral sex themed porn. Nothing special. The first five websites, I wrote about are much better.

So concludes my gore porn entry. I find it interesting to be able to see just how fragile people are. I hope you enjoyed it and if you do decide to visit the websites I have listed, please note that they are all very graphic and no one under the age of 18 should view them.

They can be shocking at times, but life is just as shocking as some of those pictures. These websites have been called exploitive, but fuck it, just look at the pictures and appreciate the fact that you’re still alive.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Love Korean Food!

Korean food is truly the food of the gods. I have never ever had better food in my life. Since today is Thursday, this is going to be a positive post. I want talk about my favorite kinds of Korean food. Since I have actually been to the country of South Korea, then I feel I have a really good insight when it comes to Korean food. In San Francisco, the Korean food is kind of shitty, but it is my home and so I have to do my best with what I’ve got.

Let’s start out with my favorite food from South Korea. I have to say, that my favorite food hands down is SOON-DEH. Soon-Deh is basically a blood sausage type of food. While it is blood sausage it is not nearly as bloody as say, Black Pudding from Ireland. It does have bits of blood in it, but it also has rice noodles stuffed inside and so it give it a unique taste. In San Francisco the Soon-Deh is okay, nothing special, but when I was living in Seoul, I had some freshly made Soon-Deh.

It was way back in January of 2005, I had been in Seoul for a little over a week, and I went exploring around where I was living, and I walked from JONG-NO, SAM GA, to DONG DAE MOON, which is basically a shopping district, with 12 story malls that are open 24 hours a day.

On the way to this district there are these huge whole sale garment malls that have these little food courts that mostly sell the Soon-Deh. I was alone and I was cold, so I was feeling bold and adventurous, so I decided to try this odd sausage looking food and when I order it, I was given a huge portion and I loved it. Since then I am always craving the food. It is so delicious.

Soon-Deh can be steamed, and served with a little bit of salt and crushed red peppers. It can be stir fried with veggies, red peppers and red pepper paste and it becomes Soon-Deh bookum(stir fried), or add all those ingredients into some beef broth, plus add a little bit of tripe and you have Soon-Deh Guk(stew). It is just wonderful stuff, and it should be tried.

In terms of Korean meats, I like two different kinds. First let me talk about the kind you take home and make yourself. My favorite meat to take home and cook, is Sam Gyup Sal(3 layered pork belly). It is pretty cheap at about $5.50 per pound and half. You can get this stuff at just about any Korean market in San Francisco. It tastes good, when you fry it up, and then with one hand you take a lettuce leaf, put a bit of the Sam Gyup Sal into it, then add a bit of Samjang(fermented Soy bean paste) and if you’re bold a sliver of raw garlic and wrap it up and take a big bite out of it and it is heaven.

Sam Gyup Sal is delicious at home, but it is expensive and not worth it if you buy in the restaurant. I like to get Dweji-Bolgogi(Spicy BBQ Pork). It is delicious stuff, and it tastes great, not to greasy or spicy but it rocks. You can eat it the same way you do the Sam Gyup Sal. It is hands on food.

I also enjoy rice cakes, whether they are spicy(Dduk Bokki) or simply likt e dessert(Dduk). I just think Korean food with its insanely spicy flavors is so good. When you eat Korean food at a restaurant, you get your main dish, but you also get steamed rice and also a number of banchans(side dishes) most places give about 5 or 6 but some give you 10 or 12 that kind of stuff rocks my socks. It’s like all kinds of different flavors aside from the main dish are added to your meal for you enjoyment.

I know that this is the bare basics of Korean food review, but to be honest, I could write pages and pages on Korean food  and that in itself can get boring. I just wanted to share my love of Korean food. I really recommend you try the food. It is spicy and exotic and I think you will really enjoy Korean food.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In Dreams: Part 1

Dreams are all a part of our daily lives. Even though we may not always remember dreams they still are a part of us. If we never dreamed, then we would all go psychotic and kill each other. I got that little tidbit from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called NIGHT TERRORS. Anyways, I need to focus, today’s topic is about dreams. Dreams are weird, scary, sexy, invigorating, and sometimes they can help us in our waking life.

The past 3 days, I have had some pretty lucid dreams. Just this morning, I had a dream where I kept hearing the front door to my house being knocked on. In my dream, I tried to ignore it, however the knocks kept getting louder and louder. Finally I couldn’t take it and it sounded like a sledghammer was pounding on the door, I walked up to it and peered through the peep hole and saw what kind of looked like, the vampires from THE LOST BOYS. Behind them there was this weird off pink colored smoke, that I knew in my gut, that it meant these people or creatures were dangerous and I could not let them in. In my dream I pulled away from the peep hole took a breath and was about to reach for the door and that’s when I awoke in my bed.

It was about half past four in the morning and my heart was racing. It was creepy initially, but after about a minute or two the creepy feeling went away and I felt okay. The day before I had a dream about a face book friend. Now it was kind of a sex and erotic type dream. But it was a dream of an online face book friend that I have never met in real or waking life.

Dreams are weird right? I mean let’s break down a dream. In a dream, you always start in the middle of all the action. Yes, that was from the film INCEPTION, but it is true. In a dream you have a really hard time remembering how you got to point B. Point A is usually skipped. Also in a dream the way you see the world is in all five directions all at once. It’s like you can see yourself from above, below, to the right, to the left and from your own eyes. In waking life it is hard to truly imagine how that can  be but just try and remember it when you have your next dream. In dreams it is also kind of hard to focus, especially on real details. I am not a real professional dreamer(there are some people in this world that can really control their dreams) and so often times I have a dream and I feel like my record is stuck in a groove. Maybe it is a OCD thing, I am not a dream expert, so I cannot even begin to speculate,

One of the scariest and most vivid dreams, I have ever had, took place when I was about 8 years old. During this time, I was living with my maternal grandmother, my maternal great aunt and maternal great grandmother. I believe I had just started the 3rd grade and I had been allowed to walk the 2 and half blocks to their home from my school. One evening I had a dream that I was being chased but an ever engulfing shadow. It didn’t have any form but it was just a shadow and all I knew was that I had to keep away from it. I remember in the dream that I was running my fastest and like an old Hanna/Barabera cartoon the background kept on repeating. The background was the route that I had started walking. I remember I kept running and running when the shadow just about touched me and that’s when I awoke.

My heart pounded so hard and it has never pounded that hard. It was the heart beat of pure fear and the worst thing was that in the dream, the creature or the shadow was undefined. I mean it was just darkness coming towards me.

I never told anyone about that dream, not my ex’s or my parents or anyone. I guess I share it here because it seems like a good a place as any and the simple fact that you, the reader, are my audience and I think sometimes it is good to share things.

I just wish dreams happened more often. Sometimes, I wish I could have an erotic fantasy about a particular person, but I end up shagging the least likely person in my dreams. I mean most of the erotic dreams that I have had have been of friend’s girlfriends or their sisters. Never of the girl of the month. And when I did have a girlfriend I never had any erotic dreams of them. I mean I had dreams where they were involved but it was never one that was sexy. Crazy or odd, but sexy never.

I just feel dreams are a good way to escape the everyday problems that we all suffer from on a daily basis. I embrace dreams and even though some of them are a bit scary or weird or sexy I just embrace every dream that I have and I try my darnedest to remember them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Disappeared: Missing White Woman Syndrome

Missing white woman syndrome is a disease that effects this country in a bad way. I am not trying to make a racist blog entry but it is true, the sheer media coverage that missing upper middle class white women get when they go missing is astonishing to say the least. It is, in a way, a kind of sickening example of just how bias the media of today is. Missing white woman syndrome also over shadows white males who go missing. Today’s entry is going to talk a little about missing white woman syndrome and the TV show that really portrays this, Disappeared.

I love the show Disappeared. I feel it is informative, violent, scary and depressing. These are all traits of a show that makes me want to watch, again and again. I have seen just about every episode and I started to notice one thing. It is something, that I don’t think has ever been discussed in a forum, or maybe it has been overlooked, but the TV show Disappeared only shows missing white people, and mostly white women.

Now, I know what you’re thinking;

“Come on man, that is such, BS”

Now that we got that out of our system. I personally went to the website for the TV show Disappeared and out of  45 episodes, there has only been 2 missing persons that were black and the rest were white people. Out of the missing white people about 9 were male and the rest were white women. Go to the website for the TV show if you don’t believe me. I think it is weird, but this is how the media works and it has always been this way.

I think the reason why this is so, is that we as a nation have this real hard on, when it comes to looking for missing white women. I mean a good example of this is when Natalee Halloway disappeared on May 30th of 2005. It was a huge media event. Every night newscast would report on any progress on that case. I mean it was insane at the amount of news coverage that was received when that little girl disappeared from the island of Aruba.

About five months later a woman named Latoyia Figueroa disappeared. She was five months pregnant, but the media did not really report on her case at all. Even though five months had past, they was still a lot of coverage on Natalee Halloway, which was five months cold, but none for Figueroa, who like Laci Petersen, was pregnant and later found murdered.

I mean the Figueroa case and the Laci Petersen case and Figueroa case were almost a mirrored yin and yang type case. Petersen was murdered and dumped by her scum bag husband, Scott Petersen. Latoyia Figueroa disappeared on October 13th 2005 and was found murdered and dumped by her scumbag boyfriend Stephen Poaches. I mean it took them a long while to find Laci and it the police a long while to find Latoyia. It the scheme of things it seems that the Petersen and Figueroa case are so similar in almost every detail, with the exception of one little thing. Figueroa was black Latina while Petersen was white.

The Figueroa family was trying hard to get the media to take some interest and they finally did. In fact the media was criticized by many bloggers and pundents as to why the Halloway case was still getting so much attention while the Figueroa case which was fresh at the time, got nothing.

The Figueroa case did, sort of, get the ball rolling on this obsession with missing white women syndrome that our country suffers from, but it really hasn’t changed much and the TV show Disappeared is a prime example of that. I mean it is totally unbalanced with the amount of coverage that missing white women get while all kinds of women disappear or get kidnapped or just vanish. I mean during the Chandra Levy case over 10 years ago another woman named Joyce Chiang has disappeared at the same time, but their was no media coverage of her case, probably because she was from Taiwan and not as important as the missing white woman.

Finally, this is from the Maddox website, but when the Elizabeth Smart case came about in 2002 about how she was kidnapped and finally released at the same time, a little African American girl named Erica Pratt, from Philadelphia, who was 7 years old at the time, was kidnapped by two men. She was tied up and held for almost 24 hours in a dark and decrepit basement. Using her wits she was able to get herself free and was able to escape the basement. Did she get crazy and massive amounts of media coverage. Nope.

Disappeared and missing white woman syndrome is something that really needs to be stopped. I feel we need to really stop and think about this. Why is it that a well off, pretty white girl get more coverage then say a Hispanic girl or black girl that goes missing?



Monday, May 2, 2011

AMC Adventures

The AMC theater chain is probably my favorite theater chain out there. I used to like Century Cinema theater chain, but these days AMC has been my go to theater. I like the Century because of the fact that they have kettle popcorn, but other then that, I am not a fan of their chain. I like the AMC chain because of the simple fact that I get the most bang for my buck. You are probably reading this and you are thinking, what is he going on about. I like to view more then one movie at a time for the price of one ticket. The AMC Metreon and the AMC Van Ness are the two theater where I can buy a six dollar ticket and watch 2 sometimes 3 movies, depending on my mood. I like them because they let me operate.

During these times of woe, I have to try and get the most for my money. I am huge fan of going to the movies and I try to go every week. When I was making money like I used I would only pay to see one movie at a time. If I wanted to see another movie, I could easily afford it. During these tough times however I have to always go to the morning matinee which is at the extremely cheap price of $6 regardless of the day. If I see 2 movies then each movie equals out to be $3 and if I see 3 movies, well you can do the math.

A lot of people may disagree with this, but I don’t care. Sometimes one has to do, what he or she has to do in order to make things worth it. Since I broke up with my ex, I have been feeling sad and out of sorts but the only thing that does make me happy and forget about my troubles, aside from writing this blog, is when I get lost in watching movies. I guess it can be a bit therapeutic. I just enjoy the movies and I love the fact that it is so easy to watch more then one movie at these two places.

The AMC Van Ness is a theater that I actually had the pleasure of working at. I worked at it during its hey day, and when it was an important and popular theater. During those days there was a huge staff and a lot of people enjoyed their jobs. The way the AMC Van Ness is built is that there are theaters on 2nd, 4th and 7th floors and during my tenure there, there was a ticket taker at each level, so it made it really difficult to sneak into another movie, unless your movie was on the same floor.

The AMC or LEOWS Metreon used to be the hardest theater to sneak into see more then one movie. The way this theater is set up, is that it is a long darkened hallway with theaters on mostly the right hand side. Back during its hey day, they had a hardcore security staff that would pounce on any person who was trying to do any kind of theater hopping.

I guess due to the economy they kept the few and dumbest people on staff. Calling the staff dumb, is wrong and I am sorry, but I think if you pay the staff minimum wage then they in return will give back minimum amount of work. But that doesn’t matter to me. The shittier the staff, the easier it is for me to see more then one movie. The security is so lax, that I was able to sneak in and watch a movie that was one of those special screenings that cost extra. I was able to pay to see the shitty Chinese movie “The Chef, The Butcher and The Swordsman”, snuck in to see the funny independent comedy “Cedar Rapids” and saw the 35th anniversary screening of “Taxi Driver” all for the price of $8. Pretty fucking sweet huh?

My ex, the girl from Hunan, hated the movies so we never really went. My ex, from the long term relationship was always down to see movies and we saw a lot of movies, a few times we saw more then one, but for the most part we were a one movie couple. The Korean girl, the girl with the story called “Green Shaved Ice” was the best partner to watch movies with,

We went about five or six times, but our AMC adventure happened at the AMC Van Ness. She was a frugal type girl and so she appreciated getting all the bang for her buck. The most epic sneaking in story has to be the time we paid to see “Bridget Jones’ Diary 2, then “The Polar Express”, then “The Incredibles” and finally “Ray. 4 movies for $6. She was awesome and I wish I could have hooked up with her and married her, but alas was not meant to be.

I like the fact that I am able to watch more then one movie at a time. I don’t feel any guilt or qualms about it. I just think movies these days are way too expensive and so you have get as much out of them as you can. I mean who wants to pay to see a crappy movie? If you see more then one movie, you sometimes are surprised and see a real gem. When I paid to see BATTLE LOS ANGELES and RIO, I was really disappointed with BATTLE, but I loved RIO.

If you got the time and the guts, see as many movies as you can for one ticket. You only live once.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hangover Sunday: Green Shaved Ice

*Please note that even though in the title it says “Hangover Sunday” that does not really mean that I had gotten drunk the night before. “Hangover Sunday” is just a title. It is a title I use so I could tell you all a story. Sometimes, it will be about me and my past, or a story I heard about. The point being, is it’s Sunday, so just relax and enjoy.

The story in which I am about to tell you is a story that was told to me by a former friend of mine while I was in Seoul, on a particularly cold Febuary evening. It’s from her childhood and I thought it was a neat little tale that people would like to hear about. This story is from the girl whom, I had a major crush on and thought that I loved. No names shall be mentioned, so please understand. This is her story.

The following is a true story and it took place in the summer of 1989.

It was a hot and humid summer afternoon, and the little girl of about 9 years old was really thirsty and was dying to either get a boring bottle of water or maybe get a green shaved ice that was sold by the old couple about five blocks away.. She was really hoping for the green shaved ice. The little girl was standing in the shade waiting for her older brother. Her older brother who was 15 now, always took so long to get ready and go out. Ever since he had his first “date” with a local girl, he had to always look his best.

The little girl then decided to just walk away from the shade to the stairs to wait for her older brother. Her older brother finally made it down the stairs and they were off to make the walk to pick up drinks. The little girl asked her older brother if they could get shaved ice, he said no problem. Their mother had given him almost 10,000W(About $10) to get drinks and snacks but to last for the day. The older brother was more then happy to walk with his little sister to get the shaved ice. He knew that a pretty girl live around there and that he would give his sister a cheap green shaved ice and maybe take the girl out to get some snacks.

The little girl and her older brother live in the middle of Busan. Busan is the second largest city of South Korea. During this time, in Busan a lot of construction was going on. A lot of roads were being rebuilt or fixed and so throughout the city of Busan there was a lot of construction sites and a lot of kids like to walk in and out of them. It’s not a safe thing to do but kids being kids often times do dangerous things.

The little girl loved where she lived. She lived in a the back streets of Busan and often times these were lively places with lots of music and lots of loud noises. A lot of small stalls sold foods and alcohol and during the day a lot of the stalls were preparing for the evening rush. The little girl loved this time of day because she would see older ladies making all kinds of delicious soups and rice cakes and even though it was hot and she was sweaty and thirsty, she often would walk up to these stalls and watch the ladies. The ladies would either smile at her or shoo her away.

The little girl and her brother had walked about three blocks and they came upon a construction site. The little girl saw it and wanted to walk around it. Walking around it would make them walk an extra three or four blocks, but the little girl was fine with this. She saw many different food stalls and was curious to see what was cooking along that route. The older brother however, wanted to cut through the construction site and hurry up to get to where the cute girl lived. He told his little sister to follow him through the construction site, the little girl didn’t want too, but her older brother had the money so she had no choice.

It was okay at first. The site looked like it was a building that just had its steel frame put up. It was a spooky place, but it was cooler there and it was on the way to pick up the green shaved ice. The older brother and little girl were walking along when all of a sudden two boys of about 16 years old popped out of the shadows calling the older brother some bad names. The older brother got mad and started yelling some bad words at the two boys. The two boys laughed and approached the older brother.

The older brother stood his ground as one of the two boys was telling the older brother that the girl he had dated was his girlfriend and that he had should never speak to her again. The older brother then said it was none of their business and they need to get out of here. Within all the yelling the older brother said something really nasty about the strangers mother and then that’s when the first boy punched the older brother in the face.

The older brother had not expected this and so it was a surprise blow. The older brother then took a swing at the boy who just hit him, but was sideswiped by the stranger’s friend. The older brother was knocked onto the ground and the two boys started kicking him. The little girl was scared, but she knew she had to do something. She ran off.

The little girl was going to run all the way home to get her mom or maybe her neighbor who was a 19 year old college student, but they were too far away. The little girl then looked around and saw something that she was looking for. She saw a steel rod, it was a little heavy, but she could handle it. She grabbed it and ran back to her where her brother was.

The boys has stopped kicking him, but the ring leader was still slapping him. She saw her older brother had a bloody lip and a bloody nose and that his shirt was dirty and ripped. This had made her mad. So mad that she felt her hands shake and before she knew it she was running towards the two boys. She lifted the steel rod over her head and swung hard on the boy who was slapping her older brother and it came down hard and fierce and struck him on the back of the neck and shoulder. The boy screamed in pain and looked shocked. The other boy who had been laughing while his buddy was slapping the little girl’s brother in the face had a look of horror as the little girl swung the steel rod and it struck him hard in the chest and tore his shirt. The two boys were in shock and started tearing.

Getting hit with hard and abrasive steel hurts, and so the boys ran off. The little girl was crying and shaking and just held the rod in her hand. Her older brother then stood up and looked down at her and asked her for the rod. She gave it to him and the older brother threw it to the ground. The little girl was still crying and her older brother gave her a hug. It was one of only three times that the little girl and the older brother hugged each other.

The little sister helped her older brother, as they walked back home. When they got home, the older brother told his mother that he fell down while they played at a construction site. The little girl’s mom scolded the little girl, because she should have stopped her brother from playing there. The older brother told their mother it was not her fault. They had dinner and other then the fight it was a normal evening.

The next afternoon, the older brother told his mother that he was going to be busy with his friends all day. The little girl was bored and her mother told her to go outside and just play with some friends. The little girl just decided to read a book in the shade. She felt bored. She closed her eyes for a moment and then felt a tap on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw it was her older brother. He looked down at her, smiled, and handed her a cup of green shaved ice.

I hope you enjoyed the story. Have a good Sunday!