On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hangover Sunday: The School Theater

*Please note that even though in the title it says “Hangover Sunday” that does not really mean that I had gotten drunk the night before. “Hangover Sunday” is just a title. It is a title I use so I could tell you all a story. Sometimes, it will be about me and my past, or a story I heard about. The point being, is it’s Sunday, so just relax and enjoy.

The story I am about to tell you is not my own. It is the something that happened to my maternal grandmother. It’s been kind of a spooky family story, that is told at least once or twice a year and to this day it is a freaky story. I mean it is simple and you be the judge of that. Like I said it is not my story but it is a story that I think you might enjoy. No real names shall be used. This is my grandmother’s story.

The follow story is a true story and it took place in the late fall of 1947.

The fall weather was mellow and a bit warm. It had been raining all day and so little girl of about five years old followed her older brother, who was 9, inside the large and empty school theater. The two kids were joined by a two other kids who were just as bored. The smiled as they watched the rain and looked at each other. It was a Sunday and there seemed to be really nothing to do.

The 5 year old girl and the 9 year old boy were the two youngest children of the headmaster at this semi prestigious elementary school. The headmaster and his family of 5 children lived on the school grounds and had pretty much free reign during the weekends. They could explore just about anywhere they wanted too, as long as they didn’t break or destroy anything.

During this fall weekend, it was a holiday and since a lot of families were rich, most of the students went on some long vacation and the two kids who were there with the little girl and her older brother, came from a family who were a bit on the poorer side, so they had made a deal with the headmaster to allow them to stay at the school during the long weekend holiday.

The two other kids were twin boys and they were about 8 years. It was 4 little kids and they had this spooky school to explore. The older brother had always wanted to check out the school theater. To him the school theater was a place of mystery. He and the rest of the kids had been there before, for pageants or school announcements, but he had never been behind the stage or anywhere besides sitting in the audience and since there was nothing to do and his older siblings were with their father, then he thought today was a good day. His little sister, thought it would be fun to follow her brother and the twins just wanted to play with the two other kids.

The older brother laughed at how hard it was raining and he suggested that they go explore the old theater. The twins looked nervously at each other and the little girl, thought it was a good idea. The twins had heard some spooky stories about the place and they had told the older brother, their concerns and he just laughed at them and told them not to be silly. The older brother then moved toward the entrance of the theater and little girl urged the twin boys to come along. The twins were nervous but they didn’t want to be left alone so they followed.

The little girl followed her older brother into the large theater. There were about 250 seats and it looked like large theater with a stage and black boards on the stage. The little girl asked her older brother, what he was looking for, and he just said he just wanted to see what was behind the stage. The four kids then walked to the stage and up the short stair case then led them onto the stage.

The older brother walked to one of the black boards and was looking for chalk to write with. The twins were just standing around looking nervous and were secretly hoping to get out of the place. The little girl was just looking out at the audience and pretending that she was on stage singing and dancing. She was lost in her world. Her older brother found some chalk and was writing some words on the black board. The older brother noticed that the black board was not really attached to wall but were wither hung from a line or were part of a false wall. He was using the chalk board near stage right.

The little girl was the first to notice it. Then the twins and finally the older brother who had stopped writing and had a look of horror on his face. At the far black board, near stage left, was a pair of bare feet. It was as if someone was standing there without any socks or shoes on. These feet were not a normal set of feet. They were huge and it seemed that the shins went on forever. The little girl was speechless. The older brother then called out and received no answer. The twins were nervous and told the older brother that they wanted to get out of there. The older brother called them silly and told them to relax.

The older brother laughed and told them that it was probably a janitor standing there trying to freak them out. The little girl looked on at the huge feet and noticed that they shifted ever so slightly and that some of the toes moved. The older brother called out again, startling his little sister. The older brother then decided that it was time to check it out and see if there was someone standing playing a stupid joke.

The twins did not want to go, but they also did not want to stay on the stage alone with the huge feet. The four kids then walked towards the black boards and looked behind the false wall near stage right and saw no one standing there. The older brother walked behind the black board where the feet were standing and there was nothing. He checked all around with his little sister and saw nothing and no one.

The older brother laughed and so did the twins nervously. The four kids then walked back from  behind the black boards and back onto the stage. The little girl then screamed as she was the first one onto the stage. The feet were back and were just standing there. The twins came out and saw it too, and yelped. The older brother who was still behind the black boards looked back and saw nothing there. When he made it back on stage he saw the feet too and this freaked him out.

He grabbed his sister’s hand and the four kids ran out of the theater. The little girl took one last look at the stage and she still saw the large feet just standing there.*

I hope you enjoyed this spooky tale on this cool and windy mother’s day.

I Love You Mom.

*to this day we have no idea what my grandmother and my great uncle saw that day. It’s a freaky story. The freaky part is the fact that the three witnesses saw it while one of their party was behind the false wall and didn’t see anything. This is truly a scary story that has freaked me out for the past 28 years, since I have heard about growing up.

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