On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Love Korean Food!

Korean food is truly the food of the gods. I have never ever had better food in my life. Since today is Thursday, this is going to be a positive post. I want talk about my favorite kinds of Korean food. Since I have actually been to the country of South Korea, then I feel I have a really good insight when it comes to Korean food. In San Francisco, the Korean food is kind of shitty, but it is my home and so I have to do my best with what I’ve got.

Let’s start out with my favorite food from South Korea. I have to say, that my favorite food hands down is SOON-DEH. Soon-Deh is basically a blood sausage type of food. While it is blood sausage it is not nearly as bloody as say, Black Pudding from Ireland. It does have bits of blood in it, but it also has rice noodles stuffed inside and so it give it a unique taste. In San Francisco the Soon-Deh is okay, nothing special, but when I was living in Seoul, I had some freshly made Soon-Deh.

It was way back in January of 2005, I had been in Seoul for a little over a week, and I went exploring around where I was living, and I walked from JONG-NO, SAM GA, to DONG DAE MOON, which is basically a shopping district, with 12 story malls that are open 24 hours a day.

On the way to this district there are these huge whole sale garment malls that have these little food courts that mostly sell the Soon-Deh. I was alone and I was cold, so I was feeling bold and adventurous, so I decided to try this odd sausage looking food and when I order it, I was given a huge portion and I loved it. Since then I am always craving the food. It is so delicious.

Soon-Deh can be steamed, and served with a little bit of salt and crushed red peppers. It can be stir fried with veggies, red peppers and red pepper paste and it becomes Soon-Deh bookum(stir fried), or add all those ingredients into some beef broth, plus add a little bit of tripe and you have Soon-Deh Guk(stew). It is just wonderful stuff, and it should be tried.

In terms of Korean meats, I like two different kinds. First let me talk about the kind you take home and make yourself. My favorite meat to take home and cook, is Sam Gyup Sal(3 layered pork belly). It is pretty cheap at about $5.50 per pound and half. You can get this stuff at just about any Korean market in San Francisco. It tastes good, when you fry it up, and then with one hand you take a lettuce leaf, put a bit of the Sam Gyup Sal into it, then add a bit of Samjang(fermented Soy bean paste) and if you’re bold a sliver of raw garlic and wrap it up and take a big bite out of it and it is heaven.

Sam Gyup Sal is delicious at home, but it is expensive and not worth it if you buy in the restaurant. I like to get Dweji-Bolgogi(Spicy BBQ Pork). It is delicious stuff, and it tastes great, not to greasy or spicy but it rocks. You can eat it the same way you do the Sam Gyup Sal. It is hands on food.

I also enjoy rice cakes, whether they are spicy(Dduk Bokki) or simply likt e dessert(Dduk). I just think Korean food with its insanely spicy flavors is so good. When you eat Korean food at a restaurant, you get your main dish, but you also get steamed rice and also a number of banchans(side dishes) most places give about 5 or 6 but some give you 10 or 12 that kind of stuff rocks my socks. It’s like all kinds of different flavors aside from the main dish are added to your meal for you enjoyment.

I know that this is the bare basics of Korean food review, but to be honest, I could write pages and pages on Korean food  and that in itself can get boring. I just wanted to share my love of Korean food. I really recommend you try the food. It is spicy and exotic and I think you will really enjoy Korean food.

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