On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Two Useless Holidays

I really hate fake holidays. Fake holidays are holidays that people celebrate, with no real understanding what the holiday is really about. Two holidays really come to mind. They are both real holidays and in their respective countries and are taken quite seriously. It’s when you see these two holidays being celebrated in the United States, is when the bullshit really starts up and gets my blood boiling. The first holiday on the list has recently just passed. It is called CINCO DE MAYO, the other I will be talking about is ST PATRICK’S DAY.

Cinco De Mayo, is a misunderstood holiday. Many people believe it to be the Mexican Independence Day, but it is not. It commemorates the winning of the battle at Puebla, Mexico. It was not really a strategic victory but it was more of a moral booster to help the Mexican army defeat and run off the French Army. It is an important day, because at the time, the French were the most dominant army. The Mexicans were outnumbered but they held their ground and defeated their mighty foe. After this victory the Mexican army was able to win more battles against the French and eventually have them running back to Europe.

That is cool. I love the holiday just for the simple fact the Mexican army was able to fight off the man and keep the country their own and not part of the French Empire. What I hate about it is how it is celebrated in this country. It’s just an excuse to drink. Drinking is okay but on Cinco De Mayo you are supposed to drink to the point of excess. It’s so stupid a lot of Americans, but a shitload of Latinos and Latinas love to celebrate this bullshit by getting hammered and causing some trouble.

Just, yesterday, Friday May the 6th, I awoke to the news and one of the main stories from the night before was how a bunch of dumb asses had gotten drunk celebrating Cinco De Mayo and decided to destroy some businesses by breaking windows, looting and acting ignorant. There was even video footage of people acting all dumb. Makes us Latinos look like a bunch of hoodlums.

The second bullshit holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. All though it is a little less bullshitty as Cinco De Mayo, it still a stupid useless holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is an ancient holiday that is basically a celebration of when St. Patrick brought Catholism(Christianity) to Ireland. It’s a holiday that is supposed to be one of attending religious services, have delicious meals, and being able to drink, within control of course. See that is what people seem to always forget. All these holidays are supposed to have drinking in it, but Americans always like to take shit to a new level and act all stupid.

During St. Patrick’s Day all kind of people like to get drunk and act all rowdy. In this city they have a drunken parade and with the parade comes the onslaught of stupid ass people who are drunk and acting obnoxious. I hate it.

Whenever I go out on St. Patrick’s it’s usually a crowded and shitty time. I really hate being on the bus when a bunch of rowdy ass college students or old people get on the bus wearing their stupid green clothes, reeking of cheap green beer or other kinds of alcohol. It just sucks.

If you are celebrating these holidays for what they really mean and stand for, then I think that is cool. More power too you. But if you celebrate to get drunk, they you are on my shitlist.

I hate useless holidays.

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