On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Monday, May 2, 2011

AMC Adventures

The AMC theater chain is probably my favorite theater chain out there. I used to like Century Cinema theater chain, but these days AMC has been my go to theater. I like the Century because of the fact that they have kettle popcorn, but other then that, I am not a fan of their chain. I like the AMC chain because of the simple fact that I get the most bang for my buck. You are probably reading this and you are thinking, what is he going on about. I like to view more then one movie at a time for the price of one ticket. The AMC Metreon and the AMC Van Ness are the two theater where I can buy a six dollar ticket and watch 2 sometimes 3 movies, depending on my mood. I like them because they let me operate.

During these times of woe, I have to try and get the most for my money. I am huge fan of going to the movies and I try to go every week. When I was making money like I used I would only pay to see one movie at a time. If I wanted to see another movie, I could easily afford it. During these tough times however I have to always go to the morning matinee which is at the extremely cheap price of $6 regardless of the day. If I see 2 movies then each movie equals out to be $3 and if I see 3 movies, well you can do the math.

A lot of people may disagree with this, but I don’t care. Sometimes one has to do, what he or she has to do in order to make things worth it. Since I broke up with my ex, I have been feeling sad and out of sorts but the only thing that does make me happy and forget about my troubles, aside from writing this blog, is when I get lost in watching movies. I guess it can be a bit therapeutic. I just enjoy the movies and I love the fact that it is so easy to watch more then one movie at these two places.

The AMC Van Ness is a theater that I actually had the pleasure of working at. I worked at it during its hey day, and when it was an important and popular theater. During those days there was a huge staff and a lot of people enjoyed their jobs. The way the AMC Van Ness is built is that there are theaters on 2nd, 4th and 7th floors and during my tenure there, there was a ticket taker at each level, so it made it really difficult to sneak into another movie, unless your movie was on the same floor.

The AMC or LEOWS Metreon used to be the hardest theater to sneak into see more then one movie. The way this theater is set up, is that it is a long darkened hallway with theaters on mostly the right hand side. Back during its hey day, they had a hardcore security staff that would pounce on any person who was trying to do any kind of theater hopping.

I guess due to the economy they kept the few and dumbest people on staff. Calling the staff dumb, is wrong and I am sorry, but I think if you pay the staff minimum wage then they in return will give back minimum amount of work. But that doesn’t matter to me. The shittier the staff, the easier it is for me to see more then one movie. The security is so lax, that I was able to sneak in and watch a movie that was one of those special screenings that cost extra. I was able to pay to see the shitty Chinese movie “The Chef, The Butcher and The Swordsman”, snuck in to see the funny independent comedy “Cedar Rapids” and saw the 35th anniversary screening of “Taxi Driver” all for the price of $8. Pretty fucking sweet huh?

My ex, the girl from Hunan, hated the movies so we never really went. My ex, from the long term relationship was always down to see movies and we saw a lot of movies, a few times we saw more then one, but for the most part we were a one movie couple. The Korean girl, the girl with the story called “Green Shaved Ice” was the best partner to watch movies with,

We went about five or six times, but our AMC adventure happened at the AMC Van Ness. She was a frugal type girl and so she appreciated getting all the bang for her buck. The most epic sneaking in story has to be the time we paid to see “Bridget Jones’ Diary 2, then “The Polar Express”, then “The Incredibles” and finally “Ray. 4 movies for $6. She was awesome and I wish I could have hooked up with her and married her, but alas was not meant to be.

I like the fact that I am able to watch more then one movie at a time. I don’t feel any guilt or qualms about it. I just think movies these days are way too expensive and so you have get as much out of them as you can. I mean who wants to pay to see a crappy movie? If you see more then one movie, you sometimes are surprised and see a real gem. When I paid to see BATTLE LOS ANGELES and RIO, I was really disappointed with BATTLE, but I loved RIO.

If you got the time and the guts, see as many movies as you can for one ticket. You only live once.

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