On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Friday, May 20, 2011

People Smell Real Bad!

In the previous post, I was talking about how much I love my sense of smell. I have a strong nose and with that comes the inevitable curse of smelling people who seem to stink to high heaven. In this city people are down right disgusting when it comes to how they smell. People often times smell like wet dog, which is usually a sign that someone needs to clean their washing machine because the water they’re using stinks. This is usually caused when rain water hits their clothes and they start to sweat in it. It makes them stink to high heaven and it’s pretty gross.

Another thing this city is infested with is homeless, and they stink like no tomorrow. Sometimes it smells like shit or ass, or piss or stinky unwashed body odor which is like old onions. I fucking hate that stink. I hate the stink of their shitty beer that they like to drink. It’s fucking gross and offensive to people all around them.

Another offensive odor to my sensitive nose is bad breath and boy does this city have some fucking disgusting breath. At my previous employment their was this girl who worked with me and man she had the most nastiest breath I have ever come into contact with. I mean maybe she had some sort of sickness but she was fucking disgusting. I couldn’t stand her and she thought that we were friends so often times she would talk to me up close and I would have to smell her fucking gross dragon breath and it seemed to be a constant on her. The only way to describe the smell is like old hot meat mixed in with a little bit of coffee and that is what her breath smelled like. It was pretty gross

On the bus, especially when I was in high school, I would be surrounded by OLD PEOPLE, mostly Asian and Latin and for many years I was grossed out by Asian people because of the experiences that I had on the bus with old Asian people and their funky ass breath. I am not trying to sound racist, but I was not attracted to Chinese girls for many years because I think I was traumatized by these funky old people. But when I was in my twenties I gave them a chance and now Chinese girls are simply some of the best smelling girls on this planet.

I have stayed in China for a month and I stayed in a city that was kind of off  the beat and path, so I think I was able to experience the real China, and the entire time I was there, I don’t think I really smelled anyone who smelled bad. I mean I saw a few homeless and of course those bastards stank, but on a the whole, the country of China smelled exotic but not gross. It smelled like all kinds of strange foods and spices but not the funk like people do here in the states.

 I have also spent a lot of time in South Korea and that place was not stinky at all. The people there were not funky and they have a sweaty and moist summer that can make people smell ripe. I think the reason why it smells so fucking bad in the US, is because I think it is what we eat. We eat a lot of dairy, and dairy is what causes people stink. I don’t think our bodies are meant to drink the milk of cattle and that causes us to stink.

People often smell weird too because in this city a lot of people like to be vegan or go on all veggie diets and that can cause people to smell all weird and gross. I fucking hate that. Also a lot of people like to go all natural and not wear deoderant, and that is cool. However if you live and eat in the United States you need to wear it, plain and simple.

My ex, she never wore deodorant and she always smelled nice, for whatever reason, even though sometimes she would have that hint of a little sweat, it never smelled funky, it always smelled okay and tolerable and this is coming from a guy who hates the smell of sweat. See I think the difference is this, there is a difference of sweat that smells bad because of being unwashed and unclean and the natural human scent. My friend from my previous employment told me about this girl he used to shag in Nairobi, who never wore deodorant and even though it was quite hot she never once smelled.

Sometimes when a woman smells like clean sweat, it can be sexy and I think this is so, cause it comes back to when humans were animals and the female had to attract a male with her scent. It is often said that women’s scent of her sweat is much more intense then males and this is too attract us guys. In a way I say that is true.
I also like the smell of sex. Sex is a weird thing when it comes to smell. I mean in all honesty it can be rather gross and I mean this because if you walk into a room where people have been fucking and you are not part of the participating parties, then it can be downright disgusting. I have walked inside a room where people have been screwing and I must say it was not so pleasant. It is nice if you and your partner are doing it, then  you can’t even tell it’s there. It’s an interesting aroma, that is sexy during the time it’s being done and when you’re doing but pretty fucking gross if it lingers and if it done by another party.

Maybe we truly are what we eat, I mean some of the grossest people I have met in my life, have been Americans while some of the cleanest and sweetest smelling people, have been people from another country

I have a smelling fetish, and I think that cool. There is nothing strange or illegal about it. I am proud of it.

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