On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In Dreams: Part 1

Dreams are all a part of our daily lives. Even though we may not always remember dreams they still are a part of us. If we never dreamed, then we would all go psychotic and kill each other. I got that little tidbit from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called NIGHT TERRORS. Anyways, I need to focus, today’s topic is about dreams. Dreams are weird, scary, sexy, invigorating, and sometimes they can help us in our waking life.

The past 3 days, I have had some pretty lucid dreams. Just this morning, I had a dream where I kept hearing the front door to my house being knocked on. In my dream, I tried to ignore it, however the knocks kept getting louder and louder. Finally I couldn’t take it and it sounded like a sledghammer was pounding on the door, I walked up to it and peered through the peep hole and saw what kind of looked like, the vampires from THE LOST BOYS. Behind them there was this weird off pink colored smoke, that I knew in my gut, that it meant these people or creatures were dangerous and I could not let them in. In my dream I pulled away from the peep hole took a breath and was about to reach for the door and that’s when I awoke in my bed.

It was about half past four in the morning and my heart was racing. It was creepy initially, but after about a minute or two the creepy feeling went away and I felt okay. The day before I had a dream about a face book friend. Now it was kind of a sex and erotic type dream. But it was a dream of an online face book friend that I have never met in real or waking life.

Dreams are weird right? I mean let’s break down a dream. In a dream, you always start in the middle of all the action. Yes, that was from the film INCEPTION, but it is true. In a dream you have a really hard time remembering how you got to point B. Point A is usually skipped. Also in a dream the way you see the world is in all five directions all at once. It’s like you can see yourself from above, below, to the right, to the left and from your own eyes. In waking life it is hard to truly imagine how that can  be but just try and remember it when you have your next dream. In dreams it is also kind of hard to focus, especially on real details. I am not a real professional dreamer(there are some people in this world that can really control their dreams) and so often times I have a dream and I feel like my record is stuck in a groove. Maybe it is a OCD thing, I am not a dream expert, so I cannot even begin to speculate,

One of the scariest and most vivid dreams, I have ever had, took place when I was about 8 years old. During this time, I was living with my maternal grandmother, my maternal great aunt and maternal great grandmother. I believe I had just started the 3rd grade and I had been allowed to walk the 2 and half blocks to their home from my school. One evening I had a dream that I was being chased but an ever engulfing shadow. It didn’t have any form but it was just a shadow and all I knew was that I had to keep away from it. I remember in the dream that I was running my fastest and like an old Hanna/Barabera cartoon the background kept on repeating. The background was the route that I had started walking. I remember I kept running and running when the shadow just about touched me and that’s when I awoke.

My heart pounded so hard and it has never pounded that hard. It was the heart beat of pure fear and the worst thing was that in the dream, the creature or the shadow was undefined. I mean it was just darkness coming towards me.

I never told anyone about that dream, not my ex’s or my parents or anyone. I guess I share it here because it seems like a good a place as any and the simple fact that you, the reader, are my audience and I think sometimes it is good to share things.

I just wish dreams happened more often. Sometimes, I wish I could have an erotic fantasy about a particular person, but I end up shagging the least likely person in my dreams. I mean most of the erotic dreams that I have had have been of friend’s girlfriends or their sisters. Never of the girl of the month. And when I did have a girlfriend I never had any erotic dreams of them. I mean I had dreams where they were involved but it was never one that was sexy. Crazy or odd, but sexy never.

I just feel dreams are a good way to escape the everyday problems that we all suffer from on a daily basis. I embrace dreams and even though some of them are a bit scary or weird or sexy I just embrace every dream that I have and I try my darnedest to remember them.

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