On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Sense of Smell: My Favorite of the Five Senses

Out of all the senses that we have, I really love the sense of smell. I love to sniff things, before I eat them. I guess you could say that I have a smelling fetish. Since today is a Thursday, and I want to discuss something that I love and I love the sense of smell. I am often times have a stuffed up  nose, but I can still use it pretty well.

First and foremost one of my favorite smells in the whole wide world, is the smell of a new car. I have always loved that smell, and you can smell if you walk by the inside of a car showroom. I also love the smell of chocolate. It is such a sweet smell. Another favorite smell is the smell of grilling meat, at a Korean or Japanese restaurant. I am not a huge barbeque smoke fan, but the smell of cooking meat is heaven on earth to myself.

I also love the smell of sun block. It is such a sexy smell. What I love the most is when it is a hot day and I am on a crowded bus and some girl is wearing sun block. It reminds me of hot days of summer, and all the fun times that are associated with summer. I don’t really dig flowers too much or any of those kinds of smell, but on a cold and dry night, I do like the smell of burning wood from like a fireplace. When I smell that fireplace smell, it reminds me of cozy indoors and how sexy the winter can be. Winter is a sexy time, because even though everything get’s dark early and everything is cold, it does bring couples closer for that good loving.

When it comes to ladies, I love the way they smell. But I must point out that not every woman smells good in my opinion. Usually I would say about 10% of the women that I encounter and see are smell nice too me. It’s a combination of what they wear, perfumes and things of that nature, and their natural scent.

In terms of perfumes, I like them to be subtle, and not overwhelming. I hate it when women wear powerful perfumes or sprays it makes me think that maybe they using the spray or perfume to cover up some stinkiness. I hate that. I cannot really pinned down the name of the perfumes, that I like the most but when women wear body lotions from Victoria Secret, that can be so sexy. Especially the melon scented one or the strawberry or that blue colored one. All of those are so sexy they get my blood all worked up.

In terms of real scent, every women I have been intimate with has smelled different. Almost like night and day. Even girls from the same ethnic group, have smelled different. My ex smelled almost perfect, it is hard to describe in words, what exactly she smelled like. Maybe it not even really a describable scent, but more of a pheromone level, there was something about her scent that was amazing. It was like it drew me towards her. Even when we woke up together and she hadn’t dolled herself up, she smelled great. My ex before that, smelled nice too, but it was different. She smelled nice in a much different way. Hard to put into words.

I also think certain scents on ladies are pretty hot. Not all women can get away with this. I could tell you a few gross stories about a couple of ladies, I have known who were pretty fucking disgusting in their under regions, and I could tell you about a couple of ladies who were absolute perfection when it came to smelling down there.

Anyways, folks, that’s another topic for another day. Since we are on the topic of noses and smells, tomorrow, I will talk about why people smell so fucking bad and why people of certain parts of this fair world, smell terrible.

I will leave with a quote from the book CHRISTINE, written by Stephen King:

“Ain’t no smell better then a new car smell, well except maybe for pussy”

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