On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Friday, July 29, 2011

George Lopez: A Good Look at What it is to be LATINO

On television we often see families of many different cultures portrayed. We have had a lot of African American shows, White Shows, an Asian Show and a Latino show. I guess what I want to write about today is one of the only Latino shows to be on mainstream American TV show. The show in question was the George Lopez show. I used to think it was a mindless show that showed Latinos in a bad light but I have been watching it over the years and I must say it is one of the most realistic shows that portrays what it means to be Latinos. It is not perfect but it is a pretty good representation.

I am not going to review this show. I have not seen everything this show has to offer, especially the first season. Right now I am watching it from the beginning and it is pretty good so far. I have seen the last seasons where it got shitty and pretty dumb but in terms of the first 4 shows of the first season what i have seen is really good. The first season deals with sons and fathers which is a theme that is followed through out the show's story arc.

In a lot of Latino families the father is often, missing, ran off or has passed away. That is a common theme in Latino families and I am really surprised that they had a mainstream show that actually acknowledged this aspect. As the show progressed George actually meets his father and finds out that he had another family. This too, though negative, is also a common theme in Latino families. I have known people who have had two whole different families and even I am part of that.

Jealousy is another aspect of the show that is also true in a lot of Latino relationships. George is married to Angie who is played by Constance Marie who is really tall and sexy. She is much better looking then George and often times he gets jealous of how sexy she is and how other men will react. This is also another Latino trait. Often times Latin men will date a really sexy woman and they will get nervous and jealous. A lot of Latinos will never ever acknowledge this but it is the truth and I have been this way as well.

It also deals with the usual sitcom bullshit. Kids who cut school, or drug use or sex and all of these are typical of sitcoms, especially after the show Roseanne came out. George also has to deal with his mom and the writers of this show often have them talking shit to each other. This is funny for the show, but I have had issues with this. I will get to this in a moment.

The show for being a sitcom is rather dark. It is dark like All in the Family or how dark Roseanne got. I mean in the show George and his mother goes to jail or when George punches out his father for leaving him. Another dark story arc was when Carmen(George's sex daughter) kissed some kid in her school but he told everyone that they went all the way and this led to her being called a whore or loose. Pretty dark shit, when you consider the stories that appeared on King of Queens, Friends or Everybody Loves Raymond.

The show was not perfect, not by far. I mean the whole mother and son talking shit to each other. This is what put me off the show for the longest of times. I mean she would talk shit and then he would talk shit. I don't care how crappy of a mother you are, no Latina mother would allow their son to talk that way and George being a fatherless Latino would not disrespect his mother. It was kind of like the show "All American Girl" with Margaret Cho, that had arguments with her mother, when in real life, they were close friends.

Another problem i had with the show is what I like to call "FAMILY GUY" moments. In the show Family Guy, when one of the main cast would say a memory they would gut to that memory. They would show a memory. The show South Park, made fun of this so well, in the episode "CARTOON WARS 1 and 2". The show doesn't cut to anything but George mimes and makes a joke. I hate that shit.

I like that all the guest stars are Latinos or famous people who cater to Latinos which is really nice. It's a good show that attempted to show mainstream American what is it to be Latino.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blonde Women Have a Bad Rap

I have always wondered why Blonde haired women have such a bad reputation for being stupid. I simply ask this because I am not white and so I have met blondes in school or at a job and they tended to be some of the smarter people. I do not know why their is even a myth about this. I want to talk about that shitty belief and try and get to the nitty gritty of why so many Americans think that if you are a blonde hair girl, that you're considered a dumb ass. Today I did a facebook status update where I mentioned that i was glad that I was able to a woman who was actually quite smart. I want to talk a little bit about why blondes have a bad rep.

I guess the main reason why people think that blonde haired girls are dumb asses is because of of Kelly Bundy from Married with Children. That is the popular show from the 90s, that I was able to stomach back in the day but I cannot even get passed one episode of the show. But I had seen enough of the show when I was in high school and middle school to see that Kelly Bundy really made blonde girls really, really stupid. Kelly would be slutty, and make really dumb ass mistakes, especially the episode where she becomes a weather girl.

In the world of porno, I have noticed that blondes also are disrespected. There is a huge interracial website called "Blacks on Blondes", this site is basically videos of blonde(white women, mostly blonde) get done by groups of blacks. Also according to the website www.efukt.com a lot of the funny bloopers occur to the blonde haired girls.

It is like they are treated like retards. You see it on The Simpsons(Mayor Quimby's lover), you see it on Family Guy (Brian's ex Gillian), LuAnne on King of the Hill, Francine Smith on American Dad. This is on just one network. I don't understand why this is.

Maybe it's because a lot of the girls who are TV that are blonde and on reality TV tend to be dumb ass people. You have Lauren Conrad, and Heather Montaq on The Hills, you have Kendra Wilkonsin and Holly Madison from The Girls Next Door, and all of these ladies are just some of the dumbest people you will ever hear speak.

I guess the media is in love with the fact that a lot of girls are really stupid. They tend to hire the blonde haired type, because of shows like Married with Children, made blondes as dumb asses so popular.

I think it is wrong. I have known a lot of blonde haired girls over the years and for the most part they have been average. At the same time I have dated a few Asian girls, and for whatever reason I have hooked up with 3 blonde acting Chinese girls over the years. Was in a long one with one and cannot understand why I didn't see it before, but my point is that people are smart and people are dumb and the color of their hair should not matter!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Ode to Family

The Tree of Life is a movie that everyone needs to see. It is an odd movie, with visuals of the cosmos, and of family and of primordial Earth. I am not going to review the movie but it did get me thinking about family. In our lives as humans, we live lives and almost everyone has a family. Sometimes, some people are lucky enough to grow up with a classically normal family with a mom and a dad who have stayed together. I did not grow up with parents who stayed together but they did the best they could.

I think it is tough being a son. I am an eldest son so their was always pressure on me to be the example for my younger brother. I guess I got to thinking about my relationship with my family because the film deals with relationships between brothers and fathers and sons and mothers and sons and fathers. I am happy with my family. Even though they weren't together like a typical family I think they did a good job. I may not be the biggest winner in this world and of course I wish i could have done things a bit differently I do not have any real regrets and I am grateful to both sides of my family for giving me life and taking care of me.

This is just going be a short blog entry. I just think that with all the crazy bullshit that happens in this world, we tend to forget about the people who are always there for us and people who don't really judge us. Family does sometimes bug one another but when the chips are down and your back is against a wall, their is no better people to count on.

I just wanted to make a short and sweet blog entry today. I have reread my last few entries and some of them were pretty angry and dark. Tomorrow I will be back with a vengeance!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Good or Evil: Why it's Pointless to be a GOOD Person

Sometimes in life I wonder why it is better to be a good person. I know it is a Christian rule to be a good person, but is it really worth it? Is it really worth just being an honest person who works hard and earns their way? I guess it sort of is. I mean it is a nice feeling to save and earn something you like, but fuck it can be so difficult. It is not hard to save money or work for a living but what is hard is being good. Good in the sense that you are not scummy, or a liar, or a cheat or a villain. It is a lot sexier to live fast, die you and leave damn fine looking corpse.

I know it is much more noble to play the hero of a story and better to be a law abiding citizen, but as most of us know, sometimes God and the world tends to shit on the people who are good and don't cause problems. A good example of how God has fucked with a good and righteous person is in the biblical story of Job.

Job was a good man, who worked all his life to take care of his family and his business. He was a man who loved the world and loved God. I mean Job was a square guy who was living his life and was taking care of his business. Then comes along Satan and God. Satan makes a wager with God that he could do things to make him stop having faith in God. God for whatever divine reasons agrees to do this, even though any idiot could see that Satan just wanted to fuck with a good person. It's kind of like in the movie Braveheart when King Edward the Longshanks, picks the princess of France to marry his queer son. Everyone knows he only picked her because she was the daughter of his enemy and in order for her to conceive Edward would have to do her himself.

It's basically God allowing Satan to fuck with one of his own people. Satan does go to town on poor old Job. He kills his livestock, who in turn destroy his business, his family is killed in a freak storm and Job even gets massive boils all over his body and still Job does not curse or even say a bad thing about God. God then calls Satan back up to heaven, just to gloat in Satan's face.

It's a pretty fucking sadistic story if you ask me. The worst part is at the end when God blesses Job by having him die so he could go to heaven. The story of Job is a good example what is the point of being good? I mean look at that story he was one of the most straight arrow individuals in the history of time. He was honest, decent, caring and what did he get for his trouble? He got to be the pawn in a game between to super powers that can ruin your life.

I mean I know Job is an extreme example but what about serial killers? Those crazy people go out and murder a lot of people, yet it seems karma or God seems to have forgotten about them. Sometimes it takes years and many victims before a killer is caught. I am not saying that i want to be a killer but it seems to me that the more bad you act the more you are left alone by the powers that be.

I am questioning this because I feel to be nice and good is rather useless. You have heard that old saying that goes "Nice guys finish last", that saying applies to matters of the heart, but i think it applies to almost every aspect of life. It's the asshole who gets the promotion, it's the jack ass who gets the girl. it's the prick who makes it rich.

What's the point of being good, when even the Universe hates the good guy?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Beat of Your Own Drum

I have often wondered why people have trusted me in the past. Most of you know I tend to surround myself with people who are either foreigners or people that seem to belong the fringes of society. My brother is a good example of this. To me, being on the fringe of the social norm is the best possible compliment one can get from me. It is harder to be your own person then it is to run with the herd. I have seen the movie The Hangover and they spoke about being part of a wolf pack. I say that's horseshit. Those folks who don't want cause waves and have crews of friends and do things like in the film are just glorified mini herds within the herd. It takes a lot of courage to walk and talk to the beat of your own drum. It takes balls and that is respectable.

In my life, I have often tried and kept pace with my own beat. Granted there were times when i conformed and tried to do the whole, let's follow the crowd thing. I sort of like having a crew or a key group of friends, but the draw back is that there individuals within the group that may or may not always agree with you. I guess that is okay, because it could cause a bit of variety to life, but at the same time it causes a lot of headache.

When I was my social peak in 2005 and I was overseas, I had to divide my time between 2 groups of friends. That was cool to a point. I mean I had my classic friends that i met from the states and then I had the newer friends I had made in my guesthouse. My newer friends were funner then my classic friends. I am not saying that my classic friends were boring, but the newer friends were brand new and so everything we did was a new experience. With my classic friends I knew how they all acted and within that group there were two groups.

Within the classic group there was a guy who is my so called best friend, but he didn't like another guy within the group so he never would hang out. That was cool with me, but it's the little bullshit like that made my newer friends seem more interesting. At the same time, the guy who my best friend didn't like was dating a girl, that I liked. I had gotten over it, when I first went to Korea, but seeing them hold hands and shit, that had always bothered me. I had always felt bad for feeling jealous, because I was also crushing for another girl from a completely different group, but it still bugged me when I saw those two snuggle or do the couple things. Also in that group was another girl who hooked up with a guy that no one and I mean no one understood why they got together. I remember when she first announced it, it sent shockwaves. They are married now and she has 2 children I believe. I haven't spoken to her in years, but she is well off. Go her!

That was a complicated paragraph and I wish i could say names, but you know how that is. My newer social group was fun for the fact that I didn't really see their darksides and to this day I have not. I have seen the darkside to everyone in my classic crew so i guess that makes them more human in my memory, rather then angelic for my newer crew. I had fun with both groups, but i guess my point is that often times when you do stuff with a group of people the night or the day doesn't go to plan. I am a creature of habit, I mean I do go on streaks of being spontaneous, but for the most part, I like to predict how shit will happen, rather then playing it by ear.

Playing it by ear is not really a smart thing to do. I think because when you play it by ear one ends up having a shitty time. It's like this:

Pretend you and your friends are going to go eat. You want to make reservations to a nice place. You insist on this because you know it is a Friday and Fridays are busy days. Your friends are like no, it's not a big deal. So then the Friday comes along and then you try and go eat and everywhere is crowded, so then you drive around all night looking for a place to eat. You end up being hungry and having a shitty time.

I want to get back to the point of the first two paragraphs. I like being a loner, and I am a loner by choice. If I really wanted to i could find a group. I choose not too because I don't like being in groups. If I go out i like doing my own thing, and not compromising. It may seem selfish but it's the honest truth. When I go out to be social, I like to leave when i want to leave and not when it's convenient to the group.

When i have a girlfriend, of course I make exceptions. If you are my girlfriend, i will go out and do whatever you like. Well within reason of course. Not really a sporty fellow, so I guess it rules that shit out. I don't date sporty girls anyway. I date women, who shop as their sports. I date women who dig money. I don't know why, but all the girls I been serious with love the money I share and the money I give. Maybe that's why i have had some pretty ones. Just kidding.

My best friend from the classic group is not really my best friend. We say we are, but i can tell his loyalty is to someone else. I know this, because i can tell from his body language and the fact that, that fool doesn't always return my text messages. My best friend is my brother. There is no doubt about that. He is loyal.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thoughts: Bars and How They Kind of Suck

Friday is upon us here in the great city of San Francisco and that means the weekend. I guess the weekend is a nice time. When you work, the weekend symbolizes the time you have off, the time to do things or not do things and the time for fun. I have worked long days before and for whatever reason most of the jobs I have held during my lifetime never gave me the weekend days as my days off. Sometimes I would get Sunday and Monday, but most of the time I had like Wednesday and Thursday off. It was odd. To this day I don't really look at Friday or Saturday as weekend.

i used to really look forward to Fridays. I used to go out to bars or go see what was going on with my partying friends, but over the last few years I have stopped. I tried to get back into it this year, but now I am 28 and not 23 like I used to be and all it makes me feel is old. I feel old in the sense that I look noticeably older then say a 21 year old who is visiting a bar for the first time. I know a lot of people my age still like kicking at bars and clubs, but I don't. To be perfectly honest, I never really liked it then, and I don't like it now.

I do like to get drunk and when I was 23 I could get supertanked, go to sleep at 4am wake up at 6am and work. These days though I get tanked and the next day, I feel like shit that was overcooked. I hate feeling hung over. I guess that is another sign of me getting old.

The reason I like getting drunk is that I could act stupid or aggressive and not really care. I guess I liked how booze made me feel brave so I could talk with ladies or whatever and not really care. These days since I hate getting drunk I use one or two drinks to sharpen me up and since I am a bit older I don't need the liquid courage.

Another thing that bothers me about the bar scene, at least in this city, is often times an open sign would say the bar opened at 9pm, but when you arrive at 915pm the joint is still closed. I know it is kind of a square thing to go to a bar at 9pm, but if you are going to post a time when something is opening at least respect that. KAMA LOUNGE on Geary and 3rd Ave has this retardation about them. It's not like they open late, but they are ready to go. It's that they open and all those broads who work there still have to set up. Not to go on a rant but what the fuck is up with Asian bars and oranges? I mean ever bar I go too I see rows and rows of Asian ladies cutting oranges. I know, I know it's for the VIP people, but I think only in Asian countries they thing fruit and booze go well together. I have seen this shit happen in Seoul, Hengyang, Suwon, San Francisco everywhere.

I have covered this in my "FORCED TIPS" post, but another thing that I hate about bars, in this city at least, is how fake bartenders are. I know when someone is half assed listening to me and that really pisses me off. I know that bartenders are there to just give drinks, but if one is going to engage in conversation with me, I want your attention. This seems to be a problem in this fair city is the phoniness. The phoniness is kind of born of the townies who are originally from here, but all the losers who are from different cities or out of state take this to the nth degree. I hate it when bartenders ask me a question and when I answer they walk away. I understand they are working, but if that is the case then why even engage in conversation with me.

When I was in Seoul, I mentioned I hooked up with a girl. This girl took me to some of the non touristy bars. The real Seoul(I know Chuck Thompson hates it when people use the world "real" when describing something off the beat and path) and there you would order a drink and the bartender would not talk with you. That was fucking awesome. No phony bolony fake shit, just you, your girl and booze. No fake "Hi, how are you", and all that cheery hippy shit that people in this city like to do.

Anyways I still go to bars every now and then. Usually cause some friends seem to be like that style, but it's not always comfortable. Usually crowded and hot and loud and have to fucking scream in order to be hear. But remember I am an adult and that is supposed to be fun for me. It is not, but I do it to be social, which is worth it. I liked going to bars in other countries but here the bar scene is not for me. Not sure why.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life in the Communication Age is NOT Always Fun.

I have recently written a post about how I have some nice memories of the birth of the internet. During those early years, life, was pretty nice without the internet. I mean it was a time of when missed calls really occurred, and answering machines were actual physical devices rather then a micro chip. I saw the rise of the internet at an age when i was 100% aware of the change going on around me.

I saw it when pagers were huge, then came the bare bones cellphones where one of the best features back then was that the phone had a color display. I saw the rise and fall of the IPOD. I remember when the first IPODS had no color screens, were 20GBS and cost nearly $500. I remember my dad getting a few of those IPODS when they first came out, and now I laugh at all the money he spent for the shittiest version of the IPOD and I remember he didn't even get me one. I finally got an IPOD video that was 30GB and it cost around $250.

Now we have phones that are touch screen, that access to the net and we can video chat. I saw this on a Korean drama the other day. My point about this is that we have so much access to each other now. I mean just 10 years ago, we could not have fathomed that we could surf the net on our handy yellow and black screened Nokias.

I guess my point is this, in this day and age it takes a lot more energy to ignore someone. I mean if you call someone and you ignore it goes to voicemail. You can leave a message and then you could actually, send a text message, and if they ignore that, then one could send, an email, facebook(or whatever social site you like) message and after all that and you get no response talk about not being important.

This is what I hate about the internet age. I call someone up and leave a message. Or I decide to send a text message and both of those are ignored, yet I see activity and movement on their facebook page. It comes down to disrespect. I have talked about this. I mean in this day and age people are worth literally 2.5 seconds. I send a message and they look at it and within a breath they choose to ignore it.

You may be thinking this:

"Oh, but Julian, they could be busy. I mean people have to work and sometimes that overrides getting back to you"

I say BULLSHIT. I have gone out with enough women to know that if you are important to the person whom you are calling or texting then they will always respond. I have also heard the excuse that they were too busy. I still say bullshit. People take shits right? When women take a piss it is not quick like when a guy does. Ladies have to sit down, and do their business and clean themselves, for the fastest person I would say that takes about 45 seconds. I mean during that time you could fucking return a call or a text.

I have tried to date a few foriegners in my day and that has always been the excuse of the ones who were not interested. They would say in their broken and fucked up English

"Oh, I am sorry. Yesterday, I was uh, very, very tire"

I would smile and say, yeah that's cool, but inside I would be angry. It's like a total disrespect and to be honest I am getting sick of that horse shit. I am going to be 30 soon and I am sick of the little girl games that a lot of women play. I don't mind getting rejected. It bothers me, sure, but at least I know where I stand.

What really bugs me the most is when I am macking(talking to a girl) on a girl somewhere and we get to the scary part where I ask for her number. This part to me is not scary cause of the rejection but it's scary because I have wasted time talking with someone and often times when a number is asked for then that can kill the conversation. Sometimes I get the number, most of the time I don't. I say I get the number maybe 35% of the time. I think it's a good stat.

So I got the number and I am happy about it and bam, either she doesn't answer or when she does we talk all nice and it turns out she is busy. It seems I always meet ladies who are busy with schooling or they have too work like 2 jobs and they barely have any time. I don't understand why I attract those kind. Since the girl is so busy she has barely anytime to hangout. If I am talking with you and I ask you for your number, then please, ladies know I want to hang out. If I am in the same city as you I don't want to be phone buddies.

I have actually gotten a number to a girl who was not of this country and she came on strong with her texting me the same night we met and so I thought she was digging me. I came on equally strong and then she became cold. I never understood that.

The big mystery to me is why, if a woman is not interested, then why does she still give you her number? Is it out of politeness? I mean on the surface it may seem a bit more polite but in the long run, I feel it is much more damaging. I think it's more hurtful and it makes the other party question themselves.

Remember this. I can take rejection, but what pisses me off is being ignored or having my time wasted. Money, possessions and pride can be restored and recovered but time cannot.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ethnic Movies are Dying

If you are some of you are my friends on Facebook and you decide to follow and read my status updates then you may have noticed that I recently went to see a movie called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. I am not going to review that film, but I do want to talk a little about ethnic movies. When people use the word ethnic, they usually think of black or latino or Asian, but to me ethnic means about a race or a group of people from the same background. Ethnic movies these days are really rare, I mean in this day and age we live in a world where every race and creed has a shot and so the people who make movies decide to show every color under the rainbow. Granted films from other countries to this, but we are in the US, and there are a boatload of different cultures. I supposed the film makers are right for trying to get everyone into their movies, but I find that stupid. I like movies about one group.

Another sad trend in the world of ethnic movies is they are not as hardcore or visceral as they used to be. People don't have the balls to make a movie about about a group of people and show them their underbelly. I will list some movies that show the underbelly of different cultures and how harsh they can be to one another.

The Color Purple

One of the best movies made about African Americans and their struggles. It is not only a movie about African Americans, but about women, friendship, and the will to survive. It is a rare type of movie that has an almost black cast and the main villain is black. It also deals with atonement and forgiveness. It is harsh, crude, sad, funny, and just an all around great movie. It is also a movie that shows us you can be really be fucked up and show fucked up things and still be PG13. Directed by Steven Speilberg. Nominated for 10 Academy Awards and won none.

Boyz N The Hood

One of the best black movies ever made. This one is a hard movie, with a hard R and directed by a truly great director. How John Singleton didn't win the Oscar for this. This a tragic story that deals in a sort of slice of life, of what people experience in the black ghetto. It is 20 years old now, but it feels so fresh with its great dialog and great editing. I still love the soundtrack. I also like how it acknowledges fathers in black households. People tend to forget about black fathers and this is one of the few movies that shows a positive light. Check it out. Directed by John Singleton. ***John Singleton married and divorced Akosia Busia who played Nettie in The Color Purple


One of the most fucked up movies I have ever seen. It is one of those movies where, you cannot believe how evil people can be. To me this is was the second to last ethnic movie made in the last 5 years or so. It is one of those movies where you think the ugly and mean parts are over but then they just sucker punch you with even more and its one of those movies where the villain is truly and I mean truly an evil person. It's a strange, slow, graphic and hard core movie that is not for the faint of heart. Directed by Lee Daniels and it won 2 Oscars. Best Supporting Actress Mo'Nique and Best Adapted Screenplay

American Me

My father and I have a lot of arguments about this movie. It is about Latino jail culture and gang life, but like what I always tell him is that no matter how noble Latinos act, it is still part of our culture. I mean I am a straight shooting hispanic male who has never ran the streets or anything in his life, but I have had my brush with Latino gang bangers. It is a harsh movie that has rapes, and violence and betrayal and so it can be hard to watch. Check it out. Not the best movie made but good nonetheless. Directed by Edward James Olmos

My Family(Mi Famalia)

This is the obligatory Latino film. I think it is a requirement by law for every Latino family to watch this. Gregory Nava made an honest Latino film, that is quiet, but harsh at the same time. To me it makes this list because it is one of the most realistic movies about how the dynamics of Latino family life are. I mean when I saw it, I saw my own family. It is not shot well in my opinion, but it does have a killer soundtrack with the great song Latino anthem "Angel Baby" sung by Angelique. Directed by Gregory Nava

La Mission

One of the most current ethnic movies out there today. It is a story about Latinos in San Francisco and even though the story is a bit odd, and deals with sexuality and acceptance, it is also about Latino fathers and sons and when I saw that movie I saw a lot of the arguements I have had with my father. It is a brutal movie in the way that it shows Latino fathers as ignorant at times and downright stubborn, but it shows San Francisco so beautifully and in it's own way makes one proud to be a Hispanic. It does not glorify the need of a family like My Family does or the gang banger life, but what it does do is this. It shows what a cool culture Latinos have, especially in San Francisco. Just remember it is graphic and it deals with issues of homosexuality, alcoholism and dysfunctional families. Directed by Peter Bratt

The Joy Luck Club

Wow, this is an amazing movie about 4 Chinese women and their mothers and it is a deep, moving film. Like Latinos the Chinese have an endless rules about life and love, and Wayne Wang tried to show this on screen from the epic novel by Amy Tan. It is a brutal film in it shows how evil men can be and just how far women will go to survive. Its a movie that is shown in stories and it shows stories from the daughters point of view and from their mothers. I included this hard R rated movie because it doesn't pull any punches. It takes a lot of balls to show the underbelly of the Chinese cultures and it has one of the saddest scenes I have ever seen. Like My Family it has some cheesy moments but it is brutal and well written. I love this movie a lot and with an ex of mine we watched it all the time. This is the movie that made me hate Andrew McCartney Directed by Wayne Wang

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

I said I wouldn't review this movie, but this is probably the only other real Chinese ethnic movie I have seen. I have seen a lot of Chinese movies. I have seen a lot of the action ones and I have also seen a lot of the dramatic ones, but they were made in China, so they cannot be included. It's just a sweet movie about friendship of 2 women who mirrors the friendship of 2 of their ancestors. It was PG13 and I wish Wayne Wang had made it an R rated feature. I think it would have benefited that. After seeing Harry Potter go watch this movie at the Century 9, the West Field mall. Directed by Wayne Wang.

That is all for right now. I wanted to talk about The Town and Goodfellas, but that is for a another day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Borders: Why It Failed

Borders the great bookstore chain is under the bus and it could be the final act for them. I was at first a bit saddened by their departure to the great heaven of failed businesses. I can imagine borders playing tennis in business heaven with Tower Records, Crown Books and The Warehouse. But I am digressing. I just want to point out a few key mistakes that has caused this mega giant of a bookstore chain to fall and finally fail. I used to work at Borders in the spring of 2005 and I even tried to warn management, but of course like most people who are in charge of something there never fucking listened.

The first problem with Borders is that they allowed customers to hang out on the premises and allowed them to take their books and magazines into the cafe area and let them sit there and read and enjoy their products. In a perfect world this would be fine but in a capitalist driven society like the one we live in, it is bad for business. It is bad because a lot of people would either read the magazines or books they were interested in buying or they would find out what a piece of shit novel they are reading and in reading the books they would damage the book(we'll get to this). I know that the philosophy to Borders is that they wanted to be a cool and hip hang out joint, but in terms of turning a prophet, it is one of the shittiest ideas I have ever heard.

What Borders should have done, was not allow customers to read their books in the cafe and impose a time limit on people looking at the books. This could have been achieved by having spotters in the bookstores and making sure the public didn't get a freebie by reading the entire book.

On top of having people read their books in their cafe, Borders should never and I mean never have offered free WIFI. Free WIFI means that people will buy the bare fucking minimum in order to stay and then get all their web surfing done for practically nothing. However I do applaud the shittiness of Border's free WIFI. If you have ever used their WIFI then, you know what a piece of shit service it is. I have used Wifi all over the city and they rank in the bottom 3 of the worst WIFI given.

I would never have allowed free WIFI. I would have either never allowed WIFI or I would have charged for WIFI. See Borders is a company that needs to make a lot of business all the time and they sell products that don't have a high mark up, but WIFI is almost pure profit, plus if you charged for the WIFI it would have been faster and offered a better internet service. Most of the products in Borders are overprices anyway.

Another thing that killed Borders is their prices. Sure they had a hell of a deal for the the Top 40 bestsellers. People like Stephen King, Anne Rice, James Patter and John Grisham had their novels sold for quite a good deal, but if you ever anyone else you ended paying 2 or 3 times more then you have on amazon.com. DVDs, CDs and Blu Rays were outrageously priced. I mean where in this world do they have the balls to keep charging 29.95 for a special edition DVD of The Wizard of OZ, not blu ray but a fucking DVD. I mean I know Borders has scouts of how cheap Blu Rays and DVDs are nowadays, but what the hell man? I had heard through the grapevine their that they wouldn't make a profit if they offered great discounts, but who the hell would buy a DVD at $30 when you can probably get it for half at Borders.

I think that Borders should have gone the Best Buy route. Now that place has great deals. Imagine how much fucking money they would have made if they offered Blu rays, and DVDs at Best Buy prices. To me Borders was one of the better places to find Blu Rays, the really rare ones, but you had to pay an arm and a leg. The Blu ray of Se7en, cost me nearly $40 and at Best Buy yesterday I saw it for 20. That's bullshit.

Probably the biggest problem with Borders is the quality of the books and their inventory. First let me talk about mangled and gross a lot of the books looked like. If you are looking for a book and it happens to be the last copy, then you will probably get a book with a broken spine, bent pages and have to pay full fucking price. It's a shitty feeling to shell out $25 for a novel that looked like it was the public library. I am not ragging on the library, but their at least you can read the books for free.

Also Borders never seemed to have anything but the top 40 bestsellers. I mean if you are into graphic novels, they will have Vols 1,3,4,5,10 and that'll be it. Also those graphic novels will look like shit or they been used and abused. Its no wonder that company went out of business.

I used to grift Borders all the time in their hey day. I would switch tags, and Jedi Mind trick the cashiers into giving me discounts and I felt good about that. I figured if my book looked like a dog had been chewing and pissing on it, then fuck the big corporation book store. They don't respect their customers, why should we respect them. I think the staff should have caught on, I mean when does a 300 page graphic novel omnibus cost only $9.99?

The answer to stopping this. Maybe if Borders payed their staff more then $10 per hour they would give a shit about what they are doing. See to me Border symbolizes a lot of what America is these days, they want to have the perception like that care about you, and want to make you feel loved, but it's such a thin coating of bullshit, that I am surprised that they have lasted this long. People, hardworking normal people, can see through phony crap.

I have heard that the reason Borders is out of business is due to the electronic books like on the Amazon Kindle, but I just think that was a small part of it. Amazon, offers the same books cheaper and not in crappy condition. I think that is what truly killed Borders. Not the internet sales, not the e books, but the fact that Borders didn't seem to really care. Amazon is a giant faceless company too and with shipping they can almost be the same price of Borders, but I one gets a better vibe from Amazon. So long Borders, we hardly knew ye!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The End of an Era

This world has seen the end of a great set of movies. I am talking about the Harry Potter series. I personally could get into the books. I found the way they are written, is dry and i just could not get into it. I am not saying that they are bad books, but I could not get into them. I feel the same about LOTR, but that is for another day. What Harry Potter does have, are really kick ass movies. All the movies to me are really well made and fun too watch.

Yesterday I was able to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and was amazed by it. It was an adventuresome film, that was full of drama, action, suspense and an ending that was satisfying. i am not going to really review the film, but I feel that credit has be given to a good film and a good film it is. I paid for a 2D showing, but due to craftiness, i was able to see it on 3D and on Xtreme Cinema as well. That rocks.

To me the Harry Potter movies are a movie of my grown up life. I remember back in 2001, right when I turned 19, I went to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It was a birthday treat to myself. I had no idea, what i was in for and i was blown away at just how funny and odd the movie was. After that I saw all the movies on their opening day, with exception of Parts 4 and 7. Those two I saw it on the Saturdays of their release. For Goblet of Fire(part 4) i saw it on my birthday with my dad and brother. Due to my work schedule I had to see Deathly Hollows Part 1 on Saturday as well.

I just think that Harry Potter are great movies. I think they are rare. They have done what a lot of movie franchises have never done. They have never made a flop. A lot of franchises have flops or one movie that they're embaressed of. Not Harry Potter.

Go see the epic conclusion.

My rankings of the Harry Potter movies:

1)Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
2)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2
3)Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
4)Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
5)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1
6)Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
7)Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
8)Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

Friday, July 15, 2011

3D Really Really Sucks

with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 today, their is something that has been bugging me for a long while now. I am getting tired of 3D, it seems like every other movie that has come out this year is in 3D. 3D is nice because it sometimes brings the movies more too life but for the part, 3D is a bunch of bullshit and I will tell you why.

The first complaint I have about 3D is the fact that it is nearly 6 dollars more, then a normal movie. Is it really worth it? I don't thing so. I mean just go watch a movie in the evening and you are already watching a movie that is nearly $13, it may be cheaper in other places, but in this overpriced city it is 13 dollars for any movie that shows after 6pm. So for 2 adults, it is nearly 40 dollars. Now that my friends is a bunch of bullshit.

Even worse is when you pay for the 3D IMAX or the 3D Xtreme cinema which is supposedly supposed to be a better experience. I have seen both Pirates of the Carribean 4 and Transformers 3 on IMAX 3D, and it didn't seem much different then seeing it on the regular screen. I didn't pay the full price for Pirates(I paid for a normal screening and just walked into the IMAX), but I did pay full price for Transforers. I paid 20 fucking dollars to see the movie. That pissed me off. I was trying to get my friends to follow my lead, but those pussies didn't want too.

The Xtreme cinema versions are even worse. I can sort of understand extra on the IMAX, cause the sound is okay and the screen is huge, but that bullshit that is called Xtreme cinema is such a gimmick. It claims to have floor too ceiling screen, which it does, but here is the rub:

The screen might be floor to ceiling but most movies shown on that Xtreme cinema screen doesn't go to floor to ceiling.

Most movies filmed for these kind of screens are filmed in 2:35-2:40 aspect ratio(for folks who don't understand this, it means when you watch on DVD or Blu Ray it will have black bars on a wide screen tv, and heavy black bars on a regular TV), it's because movies that are supposed to be in Xtreme cinema are action and most non action movies are filmed in the 1:85 aspect ratio(if you have wide screen TV means no black bars, if you have a regular TV its small black bars)

Another reason 3D is bullshit is because it messes with the clarity of the film and it is also distracting. When you watch a movie in 3D you have to put on those glasses and they make the screen darker, so films like The Final Destinatio, Green Lantern, Clash of the Titans and Thor look dark and the screen looks shitty with 3D.

We as humans see in 3D but the 3D we see on the screen is something else. To me it is a distraction, when you watch a movie you are supposed to enjoy the story not be wowed because I can almost touch the screen.

There are a few movies that looked great in 3D. Avatar, Pirates, A Christmas Carol are probably the best looking 3D movies. These movies were shot for 3D and not just converted to 3D.

What i like to do, if I want to see a movie in 3D rather then pay the extra money, just keep the glasses from a previous film and use those later. I haven't paid(Except for Transformers3) a 3D movie in a long time.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Memories: The Birth of the Internet

The internet is one of the best things that have been invented in my lifetime. I think it is the best invention, since the printing press or fire, before that. The internet has made the world a truly small place. In the last 10 years the world has been made really small. I mean one can sit in their home in San Francisco, chat with a guy from Belgium, flirt with a girl in Taiwan or yell at someone in South Africa. It is pretty insane when you really sit down and think of it. I am part of that weird time, when the internet was just born. I mean remember the days of getting the AOL floppy discs in mail. I remember one time I had a collection of about 25 AOL floppy discs. I had just entered the 8th grade, when our school had gotten a very primitive MAC that had internet access. It was interesting, but at that time it was a piece of shit.

I do not consider my generation, folks born in 80-84, the internet generation. I say this because we knew the world before the internet. I would say folks my age, since I am 28 are the pager generation. I say this cause from the time I was in 7th grade all the way until I was a senior in high school I had wanted or had gotten pagers. Some could say that my generation is the generation of the cellphone, but I don’t think so, because I didn’t get my first cellphone until I was 23 years old, and a lot of my friends didn’t get theirs until they were in their early twenties. It could have been because we were not rich, but I don’t think that was the case. Cellphones did not become insanely prolific until around 2005 when everyone and their mother had one. People who are teens during this time are people born of the Internet and Cellphone age.

I remember when AOL actually charged for their minute to minute use on their dial up networks. It was fucking insane. One of my memories I had was when I had used my screen name at my friends house, and racked up a bill of about 100 dollars. I remembered getting yelled at about it. I didn’t understand why they got so mad, I mean I did rack up the bill, but within the day, I had the money to pay it back. I did say sorry, so I don’t understand why their was so much drama over it. Man that was 15 years ago now. That’s pretty insane that it was that far back.

AOL back in the day did kind of suck. I mean even to us newbies, who had never experienced the internet all we were shown was that it was a cool place to chat and I think it was in the late 90s, when chat rooms were in their golden age. I mean to us back in those dark ages, to be able to talk to a complete stranger was fun. I mean teen chat or romance chat was always a cool place to be. To put it into perspective just how far back, I am talking, is when I first went inside at a chat room at my friend’s house I would say things like “Does anyone wanna chat with a 13/m/ca. I am 28 years old now.

The only downside I see with the internet these days, is that is, it is something that is really addicting. It is more addicting then anything else on earth. I mean there are some people who are always on it. I don’t have internet access in my home. Due to financial means, I have chosen to just use the free wifi that is offered all over the city. I used to use it at coffee shops and at Quickly’s but these days I figured the library is free. On Sundays, I sometimes use my friends or I just find a coffee shop.

The net is great for watching videos, porn, shopping and meeting people, but it does cause isolation to people who are always online. It is supposed to make people more social, but I think that it actually retards their social skills. People just want to chat and when it comes to real life they seem to spaz out and not know what to do.

Meeting people online is something I have done on a few occasions and I have embarked on insanity when it comes to that. But that is another tale for another day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sexism and Tight Clothes: Why Guys Stare

One topic that I have been wanting to discuss with you is something that a lot of guys do. I want to talk about staring. What I mean is when guys are walking down the street and they see a cute girl and they want to check them out. Sometimes, a person gets checked out regardless of what their wearing. I remember when I was in love with this girl, that was my friend, I told her when we hung out that she didn’t have to do anything special about dressing up. She would often wear just some junky looking sweats and a plain shirt and that would be it. To the average person she would look like a messy student, but even when she would wear this and she would walk by me I would stare. I couldn’t help it.

This topic is not going to talk about checking people out, but more of why we do it. I mean when it came to my friend, I liked the shape of her hips and the shape of her ass. In terms of asses she didn’t have much of it, but she was “hippy”. A lot of Korean girls I have known over the years don’t have a “ka pow” butt, like a lot of Blacks, Latinas and whites do. What Korean women have are hippy and wide, but not white girl pancake wide. It’s a whole other class.

Anyways, I am digressing. My point is that I liked her and I wanted to look at her body. What I want to address why do we stare and check out women. Sometimes, we see a really hot girl and we want to see what she has in terms of her backside, but my question is this:

Do we look cause we are programmed to look or do women wear clothes to get us to look?

It seems like a rather easy question. Most of you are thinking “Yeah, of course girls wear skimpy and tight clothes for guys and other ladies to check out”. Okay that may be so, so if a girl wears hot looking clothes to get a guy’s attention, then why does she get offended when a guy looks and leers and the girls body? It doesn’t make sense to me. You could be saying, maybe she wants you to check her out and be subtle about it, kind of like the game of love.(We all know how I feel about the game of love, but that was a past article.) Okay so the cute and sexy girl wearing the leggings so tight you can see her camel toe or the lady with her tits hanging out, want us to check her out in a demure fashion.

This does not make sense to me either. It doesn’t because I think women know that when they wear a shirt with their breast hanging out, then most guys will stare. I think this is done in a purposeful fashion. What I think is fucked up is when a guy acts on those inclinations to look at the pair of breasts hanging out of a shirt and he gets called on it, he is thought to be a weirdo.

Maybe this comes to how sexiest our society still is, no matter how progressive we think we are. In life I have noticed that women who are pretty or sexy are never unemployed. I have been to the unemployment department on a number of occasions and I have never seen a beautiful down there. I take that back, a beautiful woman that everyone would agree with is beautiful. My idea of beauty vastly differs from yours. I can make that general statement because I guarantee that if I showed you my idea of a beautiful women you would disagree. Remember sometimes ugly is beautiful, look at Angie Harmon or Noomi Rapce(The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Like I said, I have been there a few times and you never see the model type down there. Every time I went for a so called “real” job interview, I never saw an ugly assistant. As a society we are still stuck in the 40s when it comes to how sexiest we are. It’s just we have had 60 or so years to learn to hide it better.

I don’t think we are programmed to stare at women or check them out impulsively. I have been to other countries and I have seen a lot of beautiful ladies, and I think the act of checking them out, the way we think of it is strictly an American thing. I am not saying guys in China or Korea don’t check out women, but I think they do it differently. I have seen Korean guys check out Korean girls, but they don’t do none of the mannerism or say any of the things us American fellas do when we check out our women. I think they do in a much more subtle way. I am not saying the Korean way of treating women is better then ours. Believe there is some shit there that goes down to this day, that would probably shock you. Korean people have their sexiest problems as well.

Some women like to be check out by guys. I once told you all that I hooked up with a Korean girl, when I was in Seoul of 2005. When I first saw her outside my guest smoking a cigarette, I looked at her in the eyes as she took her drag from her cigarette and checked out her body. I thought nothing of it and went to my room to shower and change for the evening. A little later I saw her in the guest house kitchen with the rest of the others and smiled and looked at her. It took another 20 minutes before I approached her. You know what happened next. She was mean, bossy, sexy and I loved being around her. You know the rest of the story from an earlier. One of the clearest memories I have of her is one late evening, I think around 3am, we were actually talking while we smoked and she told me, she knew we would hook up from the way I looked at her. I asked why was that. She said I looked confident in what I wanted. I didn’t think much of it at first, but that might have one of the best compliments I have ever got. I looked confident when checking her out.

That day I had went to the zoo and it was muggy and rainy and so I felt sweaty and wet and I was dying to change my shirt and shower. I think I had a determined look on my face and she must have mistaken that for me wanting. I mean I did check her out, but I thought nothing would have came out of that.

I guess my point for me telling you this, is that when guys check out women when they are wearing their sexy and skimpy clothing they want to be checked out with someone with an air of confidence. They don’t want to be whistled at or checked out like a dog in heat. Guys are lucky with that fact that women are not really visual creatures. What I mean is that they don’t find just the physical sexy. They use feelings, and other factors to determine their potential mate. Attitude, confidence and others are what get women to notice you at first. All that physical stuff comes after.

I am by no means an expert. I am probably the most nervous person you might meet. But I have had my fair share of ladies. I am not a player that fucks everything in sight, but I get enough and that is good enough for me. I do stare a ladies, especially at Asian girls, but I try and control it. Maybe the art of staring is far deeper then we imagined.

* I was online a few days on AOL IM and I was chatting with this girl who sent me the picture I posted. To me it seems like a fake, why would someone with rockin' tits like that need to be online to find a boyfriend?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hangover Sunday: The Last Drop

*Please note that even though in the title it says “Hangover Sunday” that does not really mean that I had gotten drunk the night before. “Hangover Sunday” is just a title. It is a title I use so I could tell you all a story. Sometimes, it will be about me and my past, or a story I heard about. The point being, is it’s Sunday, so just relax and enjoy.

This was a tale told me to me by this far out stoner guy whom I had the honor of riding from Reno to San Francisco on Greyhound in the winter of 2002. He told me to pass the story along and when i did he told me use the first person point of view. I think it is bullshit, but I remember his story word for word. It was one of the most surreal tales I have ever heard and by the end of the it I felt like I was high.

The following took place after 230am on Sunday October 31st, 2001.

"I was so happy to finally feel the effects of the blue dolphin, that I was able to get for a mere 20 dollars from the cute little candy kid dressed like a psychedelic Betty Boop. What I love about E is that no matter what you think about it can intensify it by about a million fold. The best thing to do is to drop E when you’re having a good day. I once dropped E and had a bad trip, and this was caused because I had watched that movie Cape Fear and was disturbed by it. Tonight was different though. I had finally made it to the party.

The party, which was called, hell I don’t remember took place in what looked like an abandoned movie theater. There was a stage and that’s where the sub par DJ was spinning his trance and house music. I remember I was dancing for a while and liked getting lost in the lights as the effects of the E went through my body. It makes your eyes move about crazy so all the lights look like you’re traveling at warp speed. I think this only happens at the raves. The people who throw the raves know a lot of their customers are going to drop so they have black lights, strobes, glow sticks and all that crazy crap that people in order to intensify the effects. I have often wondered what it would be like to drop and go to Vegas, probably make my heart explode.

The party was so, so. Even though I was high I knew this. It was typical for a rave. It had extra loud music, sweaty dirty people, the usual lights, but I was there for the E. The thing that made this party kind of special to me was it was the first time I went to a rave outside the city of San Francisco and I went alone. I didn’t make many rave friends and since I don’t have a car, I had always told myself, that I would never go to a rave alone outside of SF alone, but this time I did. That particular weekend there weren’t any parties in SF, so I had to go alone.

There is not much to say about the party. Nothing uniquely sexy or funny happened there, except for the fact that around 330am the cops decided to break up the party. I am not sure how they found out there was a party there. I remember I was sitting on the floor next to some chick who telling me about how she wanted to start a business selling humming bird feeders. See when I look back at those crazy drug filled days it pisses me off. I wasted money and time going to those parties and taking drugs and it’s this retarded bullshit that always came with. People think that they get a profound view of life when they are high. Fuck you, that’s wrong. I have smoked weed and tried to write, can’t do it. I have tried writing when drunk, I can, but since I am impaired I end making all kinds of mistakes. Unless your name is Ken Kesey or Hunter S. Thompson, no one should do drugs and write.

The girl with the humming bird feeder idea laughed loudly at something behind me and so I looked and saw that the cops were there and then the music stopped. I was still high, but not as high as I was earlier. I got up and walked towards the exit. When I see cops at a party I know the best thing to do when the cops are about to break up a party, I walked out of the party and into the cool Oakland night.

I had a lot of energy when I left the party so I was a bit happy to be walking. It was 330am and so I figured that I could walk from the party to whatever BART station was closest and hoped the BART station would open around 430am and take the train back to San Francisco and call it a night. What I didn’t realize was that the BART station was about 2 miles away. I didn’t know this at the time, but as I was walking I saw a sign that said this.

As I walked along the empty street I was approached by a rogue of the night. It was a black guy who was walking towards me. He told me he needed help, and some money. I told him I didn’t have any and cursed at me. I told him to relax and said there are more people just up the road behind me. He said something else and walked off. If I had been straight, and not on drugs, I think I would have been mugged but since I did have a wild eye in my look, I might have called that guy’s bluff and saved myself.

I kept walking and it seemed like I was walking forever I came upon an all night diner. I walked inside to see where the nearest BART station was. An older, heavy set black woman told me I was a mere 2 blocks away. I asked her for a cup of water and she gave it too me. I told her thank you. She offered if I wanted to just stay until sun up, but I told her no thank you.

I made it to the BART station at around a quarter to five and saw in horror that since it was Sunday the Bart would not open until 8am. I was stuck in Oakland at Lake Merrit station, and was surround by some homeless people. I was not scared, just annoyed. I found a bunch and sat down and just waited until the station opened and when it did, I took the BART back to San Francisco and I was back in my home by 9am."

That’s it with the story. I know it is not a scary story like “The School Theater” or a sweet story like “Green Shaved Ice”(my personal favorite), but it’s one of the crazier stories I have heard over the years. I am sorry if it is not as narratively as the other stories, but like a lot of drug fueled stories, it was told in jumbles.

Thank You.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

In Dreams: Part 2

In the movie “Inception” Christopher Nolan told us and showed us a part of the dreaming state called “the kick”. The kick is a type of way of snapping yourself out of a dream and waking up. In the movie this was accomplished by either dying in the dream or by getting hit in the dream. I don’t want to talk about the movie, but what I do want to talk about are those dreams where you fall down and you snap yourself awake. To me this is a youthful dream. I had this kind of dream almost every night when I was younger. I sometimes have it these days but when I was a teen it seemed these were regular night time events.

I will give you an example of what I call a “kick dream” These kinds of dreams usually last in real time about 30 seconds. It is not one of those dreams where you are falling from a great height. These dreams are much more realistic and are literal. One of the most common kick dreams I have had is in my dream I would be walking in the ocean tide. I could feel the waves and the water down at my feet and as I am walking in this cold water I slip and fall and as soon as I land I snap awake. I would wake up with my heart thumping and heavy breathing. When I was a kid these kinds of dreams would scare me a little.

Another common kick dream I would have is that I would be walking along in my dream. It would usually be on some suburban street and as I am walking minding my own business I would slip and fall and snap awake as soon as I hit the ground. Almost every time I would have these I would feel the physical effects and I have always wondered why I get these types of dreams.

The dreams always come in as a surprise to me even though I seemed to have experienced them every night. That is what is so weird about these types of dreams. They seem new and different even though they are reruns in dreams.

I guess one could say that thought “the kick” type of dreams come around due to nervousness, but I am not sure. It might just be a human thing.*

***sorry for this short entry, don’t worry I will right full length entry for Hangover Sunday.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Back to the Future: Biff Really Won

The Back to the Future trilogy is probably the best trilogy of all time. That is a tough honor to hold considering, you have the Original Star Wars trilogy, the original Indiana Jones, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy to contend with. I say this because there is no set of movies out there that are funny, entertaining and as timeless as the Back to the Future trilogy. The closest to it is probably Indian Jones, but they lose because of the wretched movie The Kingdom of the Crystal skull. With my praise of the Back to the Future trilogy I was thinking about the end of the first one.


At the end of the original Back to the Future movie, we see that Marty McFly was able to get the Delorean up too 88mph and was able to get back to 1985. We see that that the letter that Marty wrote for Doc in 1955 survived despite being ripped up and we see the Doc live. The next day in the movie as Marty wakes up we see that his house has become one of a higher class. We see that his house is neat, his parents don’t drink, but rather stay in shape by playing sports. We also see that both his brother Dave and his sister Linda, have good careers and a good love life. As Marty walks outside we see that he is admiring the 4X4 pick up that Marty got as a gift from his parents. As he touches, the truck we see Biff Tannen(the main villian) is just working on polishing the truck.* They exchange a little bit and we can see Biff is not his domineering self. He is a wimp and this is due to the fact that George McFly stood his ground and knocked him out.

Anyways, wow, that got a bit long winded. You all have seen it. George’s first novel arrives, Jennifer shows up and says the timeless line “Can I have a ride mister?” and then Doc shows up, end of movie start of Back to the Future 2.

You are probably wondering why I took the time to try and get you back to thinking about Back to the Future. See what I fine interesting about that first movie is that we are supposed to see that Marty changed his family for the good. I think Marty might have changed his parents lives for the good but it did nothing for his future or if you break it down for the rest of the McFly clan. Consider this:

What if in the end all Marty really accomplished was making Biff Tannen and his family better off?

Spooky shit right. Just bear with me and I will explain why I think this is so. In Back to the Future, in the beginning we see that George McFly is a push over, loser type who seems to be lost in his own world. We don’t see much of George’s personal life, but what we see is quite grim. When Marty comes home from a long school day, we see that the family car has been wrecked by George’s supervisor Biff Tannen who also happened to be the same bully who has picked on him his entire life. I mean from the get go we see that Biff is a real scum bag. He is bitching and moaning about spilt beer, and that his insurance will not cover the accident. Also at the same time Biff is also getting George to write the reports for his work. George also had to do this in the past when they were in high school. Marty is saddened and it looks like he is disgusted with how much of a wimp his father is. George cannot do anything but say “I know what you’re gonna say son, and you’re right but uh Biff just happens to be my supervisor and I am just not very good at…confrontations”.

We also see that George is lost in his world, when Loraine McFly tells the kids the story of how they first met. So after Marty does his time traveling thing and it’s the next day in their present time we see that Biff now works for George. Biff owns a car detailing shop. It’s his business and he runs. He talks tough, but when George comes around you see what a pussy he has become. This is cool 80s fluff. I mean they did forget that Biff did try and rape Lorraine, but that was 30 years ago.

On the surface the McFly’s seem on the up and up and Biff was put in his place. But I say no. Look at Biff and look George. George now has a decent job, and his “first” novel just got published. That is good and they are sort of wealthy, and George doesn’t take no shit from no one. In Back to the Future 2 we travel 30 years to the future and we learn that Marty McFly’s kids become criminals. We learn that Marty Jr, is coerced into robbing something by Biff’s grandson Griff. We also learn that Marty’s daughter gets put in jail for trying to help her brother escape. We also learn that on the exact day that Marty gets that 4X4 he crashes it into a roles Royce and breaks his hand. We also learn that Marty and Jennifer are not having a good marriage and it is implied that Jennifer is having an affair on him, when older Marty McFly says “I’m not sure where Jennifer is” to his mother. Another interesting thing is they live in Hill Dale and if you listen to the cop’s dialog, when they find the unconscious Jennifer. “She lives in Hill Dale? We won’t make it there till after dark”. It is implied it is a ghetto like area with drug addicts and such.

To me it seems that they used all their luck up when Marty went back into the past and basically changed their entire universe. Now let’s focus on Biff.

Biff in the beginning was a loud, dumb ass who used people and was a big bully his entire life. After the George knocking him out incident his whole personality changed. He became a wimp, who had to kiss ass and became a business man. It is sort of implied that he is a sneaky kind of business man, but he owns his own business. He has “Biff’s Auto Detailing”. We know this cause in the beginning of Back to the Future 2 he is trying to get Marty to check his new matchbooks.

Owning an auto detailing business may not seem like a big deal to you, but look at his life before Marty changed it forever. In the beginning of Back to the Future, he was George’s supervisor. Not manager but supervisor. This meant that he was just middle management. He had to do reports on his team and he bullied George to do it for him. When you have his kind of character at middle manager it seemed Biff was doomed to be at that level of the company for the rest of his career. You can tell this by the way he dressed and the fact that he drank beer all the time. It was kind of a depressing time for every single person in that universe.

After George knocked him out, it may have made him scared of George and he may have stopped being a bully, but what it really did was make him more confidant in himself. I mean he probably had to go to some kind of schooling on how to actually run a business. Granted it was the 50s and 60s so he probably didn’t but he did have to use his savy and maybe he had to use brain rather then use his fist in order to get a lot of what he wanted. When people saw that a wimp like George McFly could stand up to Biff, I am sure a lot of the other kids who were bullied by him started to rise up. This caused a shift in how Biff had to think and act.

You could be saying that this to yourself:

“Okay Biff owns an auto detailing business, so what?”

In Back to the Future 2 when Marty McFly Sr. meets old Biff, he still has that business. That means the business is at least 40 years. A lot of people say 30 years, but I say 40 years, since it is implied that Biff has been working on George’s cars for many years. So for the sake of this blog entry I am saying that Biff had his auto detailing business for 10 years prior to the events that we saw.

So if Biff had his business for at least 40 years it is also implied that his family is well off. Doing pretty well is what I think. Look at Biff’s grandson Griff. He has an expensive German car, flying BMW, and he had all that expensive looking hover board crap, his bionic implants, that bat, his fashion savy and the other expensive looking crap he had. In the movie we see that old Biff is waxing Griff’s car, but I think Biff did this cause I think he loved his grandson. It sounds corny, but if Biff built the company from the ground up, then he would still have pride in his work.

Back to George McFly, a point that comes up is that George is successful and is a writer. If you listen to the dialog in the scene where the book gets delivered, it is stated that it his first book that has been published, meaning that he has been doing other types of work, but I think he just did the job that Biff was doing in the beginning of the movie. To me it seemed that since Biff could handle it, then George could have easily done it. With George’s free time, he could have written that book. It is also implied that it was his only book.

It seems to me that the McFly’s were only happy when Marty was in the past changing things for them. Yes George and Lorriane have a better relationshop, yes, they don’t drink, yes, George is more of a man, yes George and the McFly’s are better off for the moment, but in Marty’s point of view, this only really lasts about an hour. Remember that Marty has missed everything with the change of the universe and he only remembers the bad times.

In Back to the Future 2, Marty stops Griff from getting his son involved the robbery, thus saving Marty’s children from a bad life. Marty then gets the sports almanac and you know the rest. Biff takes it, steals the time machine and goes back to 1955 to give it to his younger self so he could be super rich. I think old Biff did this for two reasons. The first of course is money. His auto detailing may have left his and his kin well off but not the super rich that Biff became when he gave the almanac to himself, and the second I think old Biff had a hard life. Not in the sense that he was poor, but that he probably had to work seven days a week for years to get his business off the ground. I mean an independent auto detailing business lasting for 40 fucking years, that’s impressive.

On a side note. I think Biff got the idea to become an auto detailer from 3 different scenes in the first two movies. In Back to the Future, we see Biff crash into the manure truck. In Part 2, we see Biff go to the auto detailer to pick up his car, and finds out it’s going to cost 300 dollars. This is 300 dollars in 1950’s money. Also in Part 2 we see Biff crash again into the manure truck again. This might have been the push that Biff needed. An inception if you will.

“Good points, but at the end of Back to the Future 3, Marty misses the roles Royce and so his future is bright, right?”

I would hope, that Marty’s life would be different and he would be well off like his father supposedly is. I don’t think it is. In Back to the Future 2, Marty’s mom is telling her grand children about how the roles Royce car accident broke their father’s hand and that he gave up playing music. I am glad at the end of Back to the Future 3, the he missed the car, but just because he missed it, does not mean his life would be better. He was able to get over the fact that he lost his temper whenever anyone called him chicken or yellow. That’s pretty much it. He wasn’t that good of a musician. Marty could not get the prom gig, and that was pretty much the extent of his music that we the audience saw. It is possible that Marty’s life might have been different. Maybe he was able to control his temper better and not be stuck in almost the same position as his dad. In part 2 we see that he get’s fired because he gets peer pressured into interfacing with some sort of scam. Maybe that never occurred. We don’t know. The only we do know is that Biff is still around and he has his own home made business. The one that is still around regardless if his grandson get’s jailed for destruction of property.

I am not one of those guys who cheer for the bad guy, but this is has been something that I have thought for a long while now. Biff might have been an asshole, attempted rapist(we are not sure this would have happened in the real timeline, I think happened because Marty was in 1955 and changed things), dumb ass and retard, but he did something that neither George or Marty or even Doc did in any of the movies. Biff created a business from scratch, that was able to provide for himself, his family and the future generations of the Tannen family.

*One of my favorite quotes of all time is from the end of Back to the Future, George says it to Biff: “Now Biff, don’t try and con me, I said two coats of wax, not one.”
“What I meant to say was, I was just about to put on the second coat”
“That Biff, what a character, always trying to con.”

I hope you enjoyed this.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Love the Illusion of Happiness

I suppose since today is Thursday, that I am supposed to write a topic about something in which I love. I have been racking my brain and for the moment, I am not sure what to write about. I was thinking about writing about movies and DVDs, but I did that already, and then I got to thinking that maybe happiness is an illusion and it is something that changes with wind. It really is.

There are things in this world that always make me happy. Women, movies, DVDs, the sense of smell and whatever else, but they don’t constantly make me happy. Sometimes I get tired of women or watching movies and so to me at that particular moment I am not happy with any of those things. I think this is what is so cool and amazing about happiness. Happiness like the wind changes with every passing moment.

I think women, or if you’re a woman and then men, are the biggest examples of how happiness can change on a whim. Women are both the sweetness of life and the bane of my existence. They drive me wild with pleasure and insane with their crazy bullshit. I mean I know us guys can be pretty nutty too, but man when it comes to reading a woman’s emotions. I mean it is a wonder that any guys get laid, especially the not so good looking guys. If I were to write down all the little fuck ups I have made over the years, I would have a great “How to” guide on what not to say too women. It would be a best seller.

I have noticed in the last few years there has been a lot of books and other media about how to get and keep happiness. I don’t think those books are very good. I have not read them or anything, so I am not going to rag on how poorly they are written, but I will rag that the message about trying to grab and attain happiness is a dumb idea. I say this because happiness is like a rare bird or the wind. It is cool to have it for a while and even a long while but I don’t think it is cool to always have it. What makes happiness so sweet and delicious is the fact that happiness can disappear on a whim or come flying back at you. That’s what makes happiness so fucking awesome.

The only downside of happiness is the fact that people get addicted to happiness and so when happiness finally does up and leave it can leave a massive manic void. I have felt this many, many times. A good example of this is when I would go out on Fridays and hangout with that girl I was sort of dating and we would hang out for the evening. It would be nice cause we would hang out and kiss and have a good time, but then it would end. The next day when I wake up I would feel this funky emptiness in my chest and feel all sad and depressed. It was the manic fall from great happiness. I felt that way when I left China and Seoul and just about every time I was about leave anyone or anything that made me feel alive.

I guess happiness is just like everything else. It’s wonderful too have, and it’s wonderful to feel, but too much of it can hurt you. Also, one must find balance during the times, when happiness is not really around.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Collecting DVDs and Blu Rays

One of my favorite things in life is collecting DVDs and now Blu rays. I think it is so cool when one has a huge massive collection of movies. My ex’s mother had a massive collection that was sub par at best. Granted that she has over a thousand DVDs, but most of the DVDs she has are crap. I remember looking in awe at that massive collection but then as I went through the shelves reading the titles, I realized it was big but it lacked substance. When I had my time of plenty I had a lot of DVDs and a lot of them were garbage and now since I am not as financially savey as I used to be, my collection is smaller but, fuck, it’s so much better. Title for title my current blu ray collection is much better then my American dvd collection ever was.

In terms of my Korean collection, which is about 300 now. At one point my Korean collection was 350 movie dvds and about 25 Korean dramas(soaps), I sold some of the shittier American versions of the Korean DVDs and the inferior Chinese versions as well. I also sold about 10 Korean dramas. To be honest it is kind of stupid to buy these Korean dramas. Most of the stories are pretty much the same and they have like zero replay ability. With the exception of the drama Money War(쩐의 전쟁) and the Jewel in the Palace(대장금) Complete Saga, this includes the rarely seen Jang Geum’s Dream Anime(장금이의 꿈), all the other Korean dramas kind of suck. The cool thing about the Jewel in Palace DVDs is that they all look like books, so it looks like a massive 8 volume set of books.

The only thing that kind of pisses me off when it comes to collection DVDs and Blu rays, is the fact that a lot of the movie companies like to release many different editions of movies. At the height of my collection mania I had 4 versions of the Korean movie called “Old Boy”. I had the original Korean Region 3 Release(basically the Korean import), I had the single disc American version, I had the massive 3 disc American version, and then I had the Blu ray version. That’s bloody crazy right? It wasn’t like a director’s cut of the movie or different version, it was basically the same movie, just with maybe, a few different special features. I sold all of them except for the original, Korean import. I must confess though, that in past 6 months I bought this Blu ray set called “The Park Chan Wook Vengeance Trilogy” which also included the Blu ray, Old Boy. So I still have two different versions of the movie. In the DVD collecting world, this is called “double dipping”.

Double dipping is something that has been something that I have both loved and loathed in the course of me collecting DVDs. I have been collecting DVDs for over ten years now, and at times, I felt pride when I would have double dips, but these more thought filled days, I feel that it is rather dumb. I feel that it is a waste of money and there is no point. At the end of this I will tell you my list of double dips.

I guess collecting DVDs and Blu rays may seem dumb to a lot of people, but it seems to be the only thing that I really love. In the past I have tried collecting other things, video games or movie ticket stubs, but for whatever reason, I just love movies. I remember when I was in 8th grade and I started collecting VHS movies, my grandfather on my maternal side bought me “Batman Returns” and Matilda” on the video cassette and that was the beginning of my collection.

The following is a list of the DVDs or Blu rays, that I own that are double dips. Most is due to different imports of the movies:

A BITTERSWEET LIFE (I have a bootleg copy and an expensive, actor and director signed director’s cut)
AN EYE FOR AN EYE (I bought this DVD and I also got it for my birthday from a friend)
MARATHON (The Korean import and I have the Korean import box set, never opened)
MOMENTO MORI (Korean Import and the Korean Import Ultimate Edition which is a 6 disc set, yes it’s insane)
MY SCARY GIRL (I bought an inferior Chinese version, and then I was able to get the Korean import)
OLD BOY (Korean import and the Blu Ray)
SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE(I have the Korean import and on Blu Ray)
WELCOME TO DONGMAKOL (Korean Import and Korean Import Gift Set)

Recently I preordered this Korean movie called “Secret Sunshine” on Blu ray, but I already have it on Korean import DVD. It’s historic, in my opinion since it is first Korean movie to get the Criterion Collection treatment.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Animals are NOT People

You know what I am getting tired of? I am tired of all this animal loving crap that PETA and the SPCA keep pouring out on all types of medias. I am tired of watching A&E, or BBC America and during a commercial break I hear that utterly horrible song “Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin(SP?) and I hear Sarah rant on about saving the animals. I don’t mind the fact that animals in this city do have rights but it seems to me that this city is so preoccupied with saving some cat or dog that people seem to overlook the fact that there are thousands of homeless in this city or that there is a lot of people who live on the brink of disaster.

I just think it is so dumb. I mean people are up in arms when they see some stupid chickens or pigs get man handled. I mean yeah it sucks but those same mass produced chickens and pigs are living on borrowed time. What people need to acknowledge is that right now, in Africa as I am writing this there are people who are starving to death, or dying of Aids, or in China and India there is a huge and I mean massive class difference between the rich few and the super poor majority. I think we need to focus on these kind of social problems rather then worrying about some pigs or chickens who get stomped on.

I have had both dogs and cats and yes, I suppose I have loved them, but when some of them died I didn’t think much of it. I thought it sucked for a day, but I was not totally at a loss for them. I didn’t cry, or weep or even really care. I was rather glad. No cat or dog means no extra cleaning up or expensive food to buy. I mean people spend lots of money to get their pets buried or freeze dried and to me that is such a waste of money and so stupid. If those people had the money to bury some fur ball cat after it died, why not use that extra capital to help out the long suffering humans in this world.

People always seem to think that dogs and cats are part of their family. Often times people will treat their dog like it’s either their child(this is really popular with lonely men and women and couples who cannot conceive) or one of their siblings(this is popular with kids). What I need to stress in this part of the entry is the fact that animals are not humans. Let me tell you a little something about animals, especially dogs.

If you and your family went on a vacation, say for a week. Now let’s say for whatever reason you forgot to get someone to feed the dog. After a that long week, when you walk into that house that dog, whom you love like a son,will attack you. Go ahead and prove me wrong.

I am just tired of the people in this country and especially this city, treating animals above humans. Humans need to watch and take care of humans. Yes, cats and dogs are so pretty and loveable but they’re useless.

The people who protect animals are always quite hypocritical as well. They will fight for the rights of cats, dogs, cattle, chickens, and all kinds of normal animals, but I will bet you 100 dollars that if you take those same PETA and animal loving fucks to a tropical place where they have mosquitos and flies, I am betting that many of those creatures will get swatted and killed. You might be saying to yourself

“Oh, but those animals are pests”

But PETA and all those other animal loving people should stand for all animals and not just the sweet animals.

Remember if you stand for something like animal rights, then you need to stand for all animal rights not just the ones you like.

******BTWAn Article, or rather a blog entry, based on an article really shows my disdain for the animal loving fools of this world. In Australia, the government saw it fit to take away a woman's dog but let her keep her starving children.

See how retarded humanity really is.

Monday, July 4, 2011

I Need to Get Away!

If you know me in real life, then you know that I show a lot of pride when it comes to living in San Francisco. I love this city. I was born and raised here and probably will some day die in this fair city. The city of San Francisco is a small one but it is home and it my comfort zone. With that being said, I feel stuck, and I feel like I cannot breath here anymore. I feel like a drowning man, that wants to get to surface, but it seems that the current which is this city keeps pulling me down. I want to move away from San Francisco, and from California and the get the fuck out of the United States.

I want to move, I want to get the fuck out. I need to leave and not just switch states or cities. I mean every city is just fundamentally the same. Be it is New York or LA, it is still a crowded city in the United States. I love the United States but I need to get out. I feel sick whenever I go out and see row after row after row of Americans.

I want to move to South Korea. I love it there. I had the best times of my life when I stayed there in 2005. Back then it was all about partying and having a good time, but now my focus, when I am out there is too work. I want to find some business that I could join and maybe become successful out there. I want to become an expat.

An expat is an American who chooses to live abroad. They tend to be in places like Bangkok, or Manilla and they tend to be douche bags. When I get out of this country, I will not be like that. For what ever reason, the Americans I have met abroad have all been pricks and assholes. I don’t understand that. I will never be like that but it seems that most Americans out of this country act like that. I think it’s maybe that each American who lives abroad think that it’s their little piece of heaven and that I am encroaching on their little heaven. If that is the case, then I understand, but I do not condone.

Now, when I move and live in South Korea, I would not live in Seoul. I love Seoul, but to me Seoul is like Las Vegas and I don’t think I could really focus there. I would go insane with all the food, clubs, ladies and all the bullshit distractions there. I would live in Suwon City, just outside of Seoul. I have been there a couple of times and I love that little city.

I think that the most important part of this decision is the fact that I am looking for a change. A change of venue is always good for the soul. Venue change would make me feel mover 90% better. The hardest other 10% would be about me changing internally.

Anyways people, I feel that change is a good thing and to me, the biggest and best change that I could do for the moment is get the heck out of San Francisco. I need to forget about my recent past and make a new life out there. There is no other country that I want to live in. South Korea is the place that I want to be at and I am going crazy being stuck here in San Francisco.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back into Writing: Leaving this Funk

Ladies and germs it is your friendly narrator again and once again i must beg you for your forgiveness for the lateness of my last entries. I have been having really bad writers block and most of the entries that I had tried writing had been turning into shit. The subject matter on some of the failed entries were really juvenile and stupid, or racist or just plain bad.

During that time, I had been sort of seeing a floozy of a gal, that wasn't really serious, I tried to force or coerce it into something that was real and in the end I had just really was lying to myself. It was one of those situations where it is so obvious to any outside party, that I must have really looked really foolish. I can accept that. I sort of knew from the get go that this person was not right for me and that it was all an illusion.

I admit I let myself be blinded to her real intentions for a little over a month but that song get's really long after a short while. and I figured in the long run it was better to decapitate that shitty so called relationship before it really got out of hand.

I am glad I did, it was a tiny bit tough but like leaving a long distance relationship, after the second day it is surprisingly easy. I suppose this is so, because I didn't see her everyday. It would have been different if our paths crossed a lot, but they didn't. Even though we are in the same city, I have never once, just ran into her. I have ran into former enemies, my ex, and other undesirables that are in my life. I also didn't really care too much about her. Cold, that may sound, I knew she didn't give a shit about me as well.

I am telling you all this because I feel it was the main thing that was holding back my writings. I was really focused on everything but writing and I do not understand why? I was sort of happy, when I seeing her, but I think deep down the real me knew it was all just a load of bullshit, that thankfully ran it's course.

This past week has really been a bit of a changer for me. A friend from my past has come back with a vengeance and this person makes me feel happy and alive inside. When i am happy I feel like writing and so i feel that this is the push that I needed to get back to my opinions, and thoughts that I must express with the world.

I suppose it is because it is from my past and past was really a cool one. These days since I am getting older and I feel the pressure of life moving towards me, I suppose that's it. But I don't think so. I just think that change is in the air and the fact that my friend is back is part of that change. I feel like I have been brought back from the dead and there is no direction but up.

I think i am out of this funk and will keep on writing again. I will make it past the hardest hump, which is blogging for seven days straight, once past that. It is a piece of cake.

Thank You

****BTW I know that Sundays were supposed to be for, like, hangover stories and bits from the past. I sort of told a story, but I feel that since this is my intro back into writing that the story ought to be used for next Sunday.

I am happy but I am not going mellow on you. I have topics in my mind that are dark, mean or controversial.