On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Animals are NOT People

You know what I am getting tired of? I am tired of all this animal loving crap that PETA and the SPCA keep pouring out on all types of medias. I am tired of watching A&E, or BBC America and during a commercial break I hear that utterly horrible song “Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin(SP?) and I hear Sarah rant on about saving the animals. I don’t mind the fact that animals in this city do have rights but it seems to me that this city is so preoccupied with saving some cat or dog that people seem to overlook the fact that there are thousands of homeless in this city or that there is a lot of people who live on the brink of disaster.

I just think it is so dumb. I mean people are up in arms when they see some stupid chickens or pigs get man handled. I mean yeah it sucks but those same mass produced chickens and pigs are living on borrowed time. What people need to acknowledge is that right now, in Africa as I am writing this there are people who are starving to death, or dying of Aids, or in China and India there is a huge and I mean massive class difference between the rich few and the super poor majority. I think we need to focus on these kind of social problems rather then worrying about some pigs or chickens who get stomped on.

I have had both dogs and cats and yes, I suppose I have loved them, but when some of them died I didn’t think much of it. I thought it sucked for a day, but I was not totally at a loss for them. I didn’t cry, or weep or even really care. I was rather glad. No cat or dog means no extra cleaning up or expensive food to buy. I mean people spend lots of money to get their pets buried or freeze dried and to me that is such a waste of money and so stupid. If those people had the money to bury some fur ball cat after it died, why not use that extra capital to help out the long suffering humans in this world.

People always seem to think that dogs and cats are part of their family. Often times people will treat their dog like it’s either their child(this is really popular with lonely men and women and couples who cannot conceive) or one of their siblings(this is popular with kids). What I need to stress in this part of the entry is the fact that animals are not humans. Let me tell you a little something about animals, especially dogs.

If you and your family went on a vacation, say for a week. Now let’s say for whatever reason you forgot to get someone to feed the dog. After a that long week, when you walk into that house that dog, whom you love like a son,will attack you. Go ahead and prove me wrong.

I am just tired of the people in this country and especially this city, treating animals above humans. Humans need to watch and take care of humans. Yes, cats and dogs are so pretty and loveable but they’re useless.

The people who protect animals are always quite hypocritical as well. They will fight for the rights of cats, dogs, cattle, chickens, and all kinds of normal animals, but I will bet you 100 dollars that if you take those same PETA and animal loving fucks to a tropical place where they have mosquitos and flies, I am betting that many of those creatures will get swatted and killed. You might be saying to yourself

“Oh, but those animals are pests”

But PETA and all those other animal loving people should stand for all animals and not just the sweet animals.

Remember if you stand for something like animal rights, then you need to stand for all animal rights not just the ones you like.

******BTWAn Article, or rather a blog entry, based on an article really shows my disdain for the animal loving fools of this world. In Australia, the government saw it fit to take away a woman's dog but let her keep her starving children.

See how retarded humanity really is.

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