On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Good or Evil: Why it's Pointless to be a GOOD Person

Sometimes in life I wonder why it is better to be a good person. I know it is a Christian rule to be a good person, but is it really worth it? Is it really worth just being an honest person who works hard and earns their way? I guess it sort of is. I mean it is a nice feeling to save and earn something you like, but fuck it can be so difficult. It is not hard to save money or work for a living but what is hard is being good. Good in the sense that you are not scummy, or a liar, or a cheat or a villain. It is a lot sexier to live fast, die you and leave damn fine looking corpse.

I know it is much more noble to play the hero of a story and better to be a law abiding citizen, but as most of us know, sometimes God and the world tends to shit on the people who are good and don't cause problems. A good example of how God has fucked with a good and righteous person is in the biblical story of Job.

Job was a good man, who worked all his life to take care of his family and his business. He was a man who loved the world and loved God. I mean Job was a square guy who was living his life and was taking care of his business. Then comes along Satan and God. Satan makes a wager with God that he could do things to make him stop having faith in God. God for whatever divine reasons agrees to do this, even though any idiot could see that Satan just wanted to fuck with a good person. It's kind of like in the movie Braveheart when King Edward the Longshanks, picks the princess of France to marry his queer son. Everyone knows he only picked her because she was the daughter of his enemy and in order for her to conceive Edward would have to do her himself.

It's basically God allowing Satan to fuck with one of his own people. Satan does go to town on poor old Job. He kills his livestock, who in turn destroy his business, his family is killed in a freak storm and Job even gets massive boils all over his body and still Job does not curse or even say a bad thing about God. God then calls Satan back up to heaven, just to gloat in Satan's face.

It's a pretty fucking sadistic story if you ask me. The worst part is at the end when God blesses Job by having him die so he could go to heaven. The story of Job is a good example what is the point of being good? I mean look at that story he was one of the most straight arrow individuals in the history of time. He was honest, decent, caring and what did he get for his trouble? He got to be the pawn in a game between to super powers that can ruin your life.

I mean I know Job is an extreme example but what about serial killers? Those crazy people go out and murder a lot of people, yet it seems karma or God seems to have forgotten about them. Sometimes it takes years and many victims before a killer is caught. I am not saying that i want to be a killer but it seems to me that the more bad you act the more you are left alone by the powers that be.

I am questioning this because I feel to be nice and good is rather useless. You have heard that old saying that goes "Nice guys finish last", that saying applies to matters of the heart, but i think it applies to almost every aspect of life. It's the asshole who gets the promotion, it's the jack ass who gets the girl. it's the prick who makes it rich.

What's the point of being good, when even the Universe hates the good guy?

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