On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

In Dreams: Part 2

In the movie “Inception” Christopher Nolan told us and showed us a part of the dreaming state called “the kick”. The kick is a type of way of snapping yourself out of a dream and waking up. In the movie this was accomplished by either dying in the dream or by getting hit in the dream. I don’t want to talk about the movie, but what I do want to talk about are those dreams where you fall down and you snap yourself awake. To me this is a youthful dream. I had this kind of dream almost every night when I was younger. I sometimes have it these days but when I was a teen it seemed these were regular night time events.

I will give you an example of what I call a “kick dream” These kinds of dreams usually last in real time about 30 seconds. It is not one of those dreams where you are falling from a great height. These dreams are much more realistic and are literal. One of the most common kick dreams I have had is in my dream I would be walking in the ocean tide. I could feel the waves and the water down at my feet and as I am walking in this cold water I slip and fall and as soon as I land I snap awake. I would wake up with my heart thumping and heavy breathing. When I was a kid these kinds of dreams would scare me a little.

Another common kick dream I would have is that I would be walking along in my dream. It would usually be on some suburban street and as I am walking minding my own business I would slip and fall and snap awake as soon as I hit the ground. Almost every time I would have these I would feel the physical effects and I have always wondered why I get these types of dreams.

The dreams always come in as a surprise to me even though I seemed to have experienced them every night. That is what is so weird about these types of dreams. They seem new and different even though they are reruns in dreams.

I guess one could say that thought “the kick” type of dreams come around due to nervousness, but I am not sure. It might just be a human thing.*

***sorry for this short entry, don’t worry I will right full length entry for Hangover Sunday.

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