On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life in the Communication Age is NOT Always Fun.

I have recently written a post about how I have some nice memories of the birth of the internet. During those early years, life, was pretty nice without the internet. I mean it was a time of when missed calls really occurred, and answering machines were actual physical devices rather then a micro chip. I saw the rise of the internet at an age when i was 100% aware of the change going on around me.

I saw it when pagers were huge, then came the bare bones cellphones where one of the best features back then was that the phone had a color display. I saw the rise and fall of the IPOD. I remember when the first IPODS had no color screens, were 20GBS and cost nearly $500. I remember my dad getting a few of those IPODS when they first came out, and now I laugh at all the money he spent for the shittiest version of the IPOD and I remember he didn't even get me one. I finally got an IPOD video that was 30GB and it cost around $250.

Now we have phones that are touch screen, that access to the net and we can video chat. I saw this on a Korean drama the other day. My point about this is that we have so much access to each other now. I mean just 10 years ago, we could not have fathomed that we could surf the net on our handy yellow and black screened Nokias.

I guess my point is this, in this day and age it takes a lot more energy to ignore someone. I mean if you call someone and you ignore it goes to voicemail. You can leave a message and then you could actually, send a text message, and if they ignore that, then one could send, an email, facebook(or whatever social site you like) message and after all that and you get no response talk about not being important.

This is what I hate about the internet age. I call someone up and leave a message. Or I decide to send a text message and both of those are ignored, yet I see activity and movement on their facebook page. It comes down to disrespect. I have talked about this. I mean in this day and age people are worth literally 2.5 seconds. I send a message and they look at it and within a breath they choose to ignore it.

You may be thinking this:

"Oh, but Julian, they could be busy. I mean people have to work and sometimes that overrides getting back to you"

I say BULLSHIT. I have gone out with enough women to know that if you are important to the person whom you are calling or texting then they will always respond. I have also heard the excuse that they were too busy. I still say bullshit. People take shits right? When women take a piss it is not quick like when a guy does. Ladies have to sit down, and do their business and clean themselves, for the fastest person I would say that takes about 45 seconds. I mean during that time you could fucking return a call or a text.

I have tried to date a few foriegners in my day and that has always been the excuse of the ones who were not interested. They would say in their broken and fucked up English

"Oh, I am sorry. Yesterday, I was uh, very, very tire"

I would smile and say, yeah that's cool, but inside I would be angry. It's like a total disrespect and to be honest I am getting sick of that horse shit. I am going to be 30 soon and I am sick of the little girl games that a lot of women play. I don't mind getting rejected. It bothers me, sure, but at least I know where I stand.

What really bugs me the most is when I am macking(talking to a girl) on a girl somewhere and we get to the scary part where I ask for her number. This part to me is not scary cause of the rejection but it's scary because I have wasted time talking with someone and often times when a number is asked for then that can kill the conversation. Sometimes I get the number, most of the time I don't. I say I get the number maybe 35% of the time. I think it's a good stat.

So I got the number and I am happy about it and bam, either she doesn't answer or when she does we talk all nice and it turns out she is busy. It seems I always meet ladies who are busy with schooling or they have too work like 2 jobs and they barely have any time. I don't understand why I attract those kind. Since the girl is so busy she has barely anytime to hangout. If I am talking with you and I ask you for your number, then please, ladies know I want to hang out. If I am in the same city as you I don't want to be phone buddies.

I have actually gotten a number to a girl who was not of this country and she came on strong with her texting me the same night we met and so I thought she was digging me. I came on equally strong and then she became cold. I never understood that.

The big mystery to me is why, if a woman is not interested, then why does she still give you her number? Is it out of politeness? I mean on the surface it may seem a bit more polite but in the long run, I feel it is much more damaging. I think it's more hurtful and it makes the other party question themselves.

Remember this. I can take rejection, but what pisses me off is being ignored or having my time wasted. Money, possessions and pride can be restored and recovered but time cannot.

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