On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Ode to Sweatpants

Sweatpants often time get a bad rap. For a piece of clothing that is universally comfortable, when someone goes outside with sweatpants on and a jacket they are often looked upon as unkempt or lazy. I think for what ever reason, sweatpants are usually the symbol of people who are lazy, do nothing all day but lay around watching TV. I think that is totally wrong, in this entry I am going to talk about the different way sweatpants rock and how they should be more accepted before people judge. I think people are too judge mental, especially when people wear sweats.

I think sweats can be sexy, sometimes on women of a certain build. These tend to me on the slimmer to smaller side. I often times take the bus and see some girls, usually Latinas or Asian girls and they wear sweats, and I think they look good. Usually when women wear sweats when they tend to wear the tighter sweats that shows off their physique and this is when it looks really sexy. I hate it when women wear the loose sweats. It looks funky on them and makes them appear to be shapeless. I don’t like that look, but more times then not, the girls wear the tighter fitting sweats.

I love sweats, to me they are man’s greatest invention when it comes to clothing. After a long day at work, of running around or doing whatever crappy work you have to, there is nothing like coming home to take a shower or bath and then slipping into a nice pair of sweats. Their warm and comfortable and as soon as you put them on you feel relaxed and at ease.

I used to only wear sweatpants when just hanging around the house or about to go to sleep. But this past week I went out twice with just my sweats and a jacket and I have to admit, it was nice. I felt comfortable just walking around the city in the sweats and I felt alive. I know it may seem silly, but you have to remember I am the kind of person that has to put on a pair of work pants to go anywhere. So it was kind of a big deal for me to go out in public with them on.

Another cool thing about sweatpants is that they’re cheap. I love the Costco brand and Target brands, you can buy like I think 3 pairs for $20. That is a hell of a price. A lot of other brands like Juicy Couture or Fubu sells sweats as well, but they are overpriced for their use. There has been a couple of times when I bought sweats for the girls of the moment sweats from Victoria Secret and they were close to $40 per pair. What a rip off, and all because they said the word PINK on them.

Some of you may be asking yourselves;

“Why is this angry guy writing about sweatpants?”

I guess I wanted to tackle a non controversial. Do not worry, I am going soft. Today is Saturday and like what a lot of people like to do on Saturdays, at least during the day, is relax and not worry about anything. I figured this would be a good thing to write about.

Sweatpants often times get a bum rap. The movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" talks about this issue. He asks his girlfriend while they're breaking up, what exactly is wrong with sweat pants. This is what Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) Says:

"Oh,, if they were Sean Jean sweatpants it would be no problem, but because they were Costco brand, it’s the worst thing I could do.."

This is after Sarah Marshall got mad at him for wearing sweatpants all the time.

Enjoy this brief interlude, tomorrow I am going to be telling another story and on Monday I am back at full force. Enjoy and take care.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Non-Natives and Yelp: A Match Made in Heaven

People often wonder what the spirit of San Francisco is. A lot people think the spirit of San Francisco is free love and the right to express your sexuality, no matter what it is. This city gained fame during the sixties due to The Doors and hippies and all kinds of free love crap, that sort of, to a degree continues to this day. I mean, we are a progressive city with our marijuana laws and our open mindedness when it comes to people being homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual. That’s cool I can respect that. I am a heterosexual male that can appreciate that my city is a Mecca for people who want to be themselves. This is also comes with a price. I feel in San Francisco there are townies(people who are native to San Francisco) and out of towners.

Out of towners are the group that get’s my blood pressure up. I am not talking about people from different countries, those people are not annoying, it’s the people from the east coast and the Midwest that are the ones that really piss me off. They come to my city and they bitch and complain about everything. They bitch about how expensive it is here, they bitch about how the weather sucks, the economy sucks, they tend to bitch about everything under the windy foggy sky.

I don’t mind when people have complaints about San Francisco, I too, bitch and moan sometimes about how this city can have shitty weather, or how slow the MUNI is(this is another entry for another day) or whatever. However, I, unlike the out of towners have the right to bitch and moan. The way I look at it is this; if you are not from here, you are basically a guest. So have some fucking respect and treat it that way. You never hear people from the west coast going east and bitching and moaning about everything.

I have worked with coworkers that were from the city of New York who came out here over 20 years ago and they still bitch and moan about living here. I have had a particular relative who bitched and moan about San Francisco every single day and yet they lived here for over fifteen years. The way I look at it, it’s the people from out of town who have the chip on their shoulders. I mean if they had more balls they could have made it in the so called harsher east coast. The embodiment of this kind of bullshit attitude is the website known as YELP!.

Yelp, is a website where people can give their opinion about whatever business, Usually they review restaurants and clubs and bars but just about everything from Safeway on Mission and 30th to the Vet Hospital on 9th Ave  between Irving and Lincoln Way. I often read it and I am astonished at the amount of bitching and moaning that goes on there. It is a fucking disgusting site that truly captures the spirit of San Francisco. The San Francisco of 2011.

Granted there are some positive reviews on Yelp, but for the most part I say it’s an anonymous forum for the assholes of the city to bitch and moan about the little things in life. Most of the negative reviews also have an air snarkeyness that has become a San Francisco trait as of late. An example of how snarkey the out of towners of San Francisco have become is watch an episode of the news and you will see the news reporter interview some hipster bastard, bitch and moan about whatever is going on.

Yelp is just another way for people to be witty and wit is a trait that this city really needs to lose. I really hate being on the 38 Geary bus on a Saturday night and have to listen to people bitch and moan about this and that. They bitch in a witty way which makes me want commit a felony by beating the shit out of them.

I am a native San Franciscan, and I am fed up with the way this city is becoming. It is Yelp. It is a city choke full of people who are waiting to complain about everything under the sun. I do not mind legitimate complaints, but to me the way people complain in this city is to the point of excess.

I am also tired of people dogging the city itself. I do not remember signing a piece of paper inviting any of these out of towners, but I sure would like to sign a piece of paper to get them the hell out.

Casual reader it may seem I am full of anger, but read Yelp sometimes. There are a lot of positive reviews but as you read you will see just how dark and nasty and wrong some of the reviews can be. Yelp is just another way the people in this city can be passive aggressive to each other and I must say this is probably the most passive aggressive place in the free world.

Be careful out there. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Love for Korean Culture and Korean Women

A week ago I wrote an entry entitled “Why I Love Chinese Women” this is going to be part 2 of that entry. This time I will talk about Korean women. When I was in high school and during my formative years, I never really was attracted to Asian girls. I went to a rough high school that was also a “new comer” high school that had a lot of Latinos from south of the border and a lot of Asians from the orient. Maybe it was due to the fact that my high school was a bit segregated. I mean the American Latinos with the American Latinos, and the blacks with the blacks, that kind of deal.

Fast forward until winter of 2003, I guess late January. It was during this time that two distinct things happened. The first was that I was working the winter rush at the CCSF bookstore and the other thing was that I was getting bored at night and decided to explore some of the different channels that I was getting. It was a Wednesday and I was watching channel 38 and this really funny TV show came on. It was called New Non Stop 3, and it was in a language that I could not identify at first. I later found out it was in Korean. It was the funniest show, it was about a group of kids going to college and they even had a laughing track. Also on Mondays and Tuesdays they had a Korean drama called APT(AKA The Neighbors) and it was interesting and I liked the women on the show. At the CCSF bookstore a fellow employee was playing an odd sounding CD and it was a Korean pop CD, I asked him where he bought it and he told me about this Korean music shop.

From here I emeresed myself deeply into Korean culture. I went to the shop, and made good friends with the owner of the store and I bought a shit load of CDS and DVDs all Korean of course. I started venturing out to try Korean restaurants,  I tried shopping for Korean foods at their local food markets, such as Woo Ri on Filmore and Geary or Seoul Number One Market on Geary and 11th. I did this style until around the end of 2003 when I went to a party and met some Korean people. I hit it off well with them and I started hanging out at this place called The Vantaggio in the Tenderloin.

The friends were okay in the beginning it, was until I went to a good bye party for some Japanese girl that I met the crew that I would get super close too. The whole year of 2004 is a blur of partying, hanging out, drinking, trying to fuck various Korean girls, that were not part of our group. It was so much fun and I got to hang with Korean girls and it was one of the best times of my life.

In 2005 I went to South Korea twice. The first time was in the dead of winter. Not too smart in hinesite, but it was still fun. This trip was not one of partying it was more of exploring. I hung out with my friends and we mostly sang at Norae bang(Kereoke), drink, go see “historical” sites, saw a lot of movies at the theaters. I love going to the movies and I really wanted to watch movies in South Korea. The matinee prices were $3 USD, and the food was cheap, so fuck yeah I wanted to watch movies, regardless of subtitles. I was there for almost a month and half, and I was not too smart while there. I spent to much money on junk like CDS and DVDs and so I was broke my last week. My friend lent me some money so, I was able to survive. It was during this trip that I fell in love with a friend of mine and I thought she was the reason why I went to Seoul a second time.

During the late summer of 2005 was the second time I went to Seoul. This time it was for a month only. But man what a month. It was so hot and sweaty and that was fucking great. I had lost a great deal of weight during this time, so I was choke full of energy and the hot and sweaty days and nights just added more energy to everything I did. Right off the bat, I knew this was going to be a partying month. I partied a few times, which my friends that I met from the states, but I partied a lot with the guesthouse, guests that I stayed with. Every night we would go out and eat sam gyup sal(pork belly, which costs $25 here) and drink, and then go back to the guesthouse and change and then go to a bar or club or just drink at the guesthouse.

During this time, I was living like a duel life. During the day, I would try and see my various friends who lived all over Seoul. I even went to the DMZ(the border of North and South Korea at the 38th Parellel) with a good friend of mine. It seemed that my friends from the states like to hang out during the day while the guesthouse people was all about getting drunk and partying. I really tried to see the girl I was in love with, but I think I was making her feel uncomfortable, so I only saw her like twice. But like a tomcat in heat I tried to be I did hook up with someone else while longing for the girl I like and so called “loved”

At the guesthouse, a lot of Korean girls would hangout. I guess in the hopes of hooking up with the various foreigners who stayed there or maybe to study different languages. One night either on my 3rd or 4th day I came home from checking out the Seoul City Zoo(I like Zoos and I am a sucker for them, I went to a Zoo in China and saw a sorry looking Panda!), and standing outside smoking I saw a pretty sexy girl. She had small eyes, and I love that look. So exotic and demure, and I gave her a smile and she just blew smoke. I didn’t think much of her, I went to my room, showered and then went up to the common computer room and as I walked up the stairs, I saw her sitting there drinking some tea and I gave her a smile and she smiled back.

During this time, I was a cocky little shit and so I decided to talk with her. She was funny, but mean and I knew we had a thing together. We drank, smoked, danced and hooked up that night. We saw each other almost every night, and sometimes, we went on little dates of dinner and a movie and even went to a concert, but mostly it was drinking and fucking and that was fine by me. I asked her if we were a thing, but she said “Let’s not get mushy, let’s just have good time, okay?” That was cool by me.

At the same time, I was trying to get with the girl, that I fell in love with last January. She basically told me to fuck off and so we were just friends. It sucks, and I don’t speak with her anymore. That’s life, and so it is better how things worked out.

During the last 4 days of my trip I had 3 goodbye parties, she attended the one with my friends from the states, she let me introduce her as my girl, but I could tell most of my friends didn’t care for her that much. I guess, she was a little bit on the poor side, but that didn’t matter to me. Most of my friends from the states, were pretty rich, so they are a bit snobby. I am not rich, so either way it doesn’t matter. She didn’t attend my guesthouse goodbye party, which was okay. We tried keeping in touch when I came back to the states, but I didn’t care too.

My good friend threw me a goodbye party and so he took me to a brothel. It’s similar to like a Mustamg Ranch type joint and that was pretty fun. It’s a neat sensation(no pun intended) when you get a pro, since whatever you say, goes. That was a fun night. I would never do that kind of thing in states, but I was far from home, so fuck it.

In January 2006, I met my longtime relationship girl, and after 4 years with her, my foray into Korean women and Korean culture was dampened. After the break up, I hooked with the girl from Hunan, and again, my love for South Korea was dampened just a bit. Now that I am single, I am still looking for the Korean girl love of my life.

I like Korean girls, cause they drink and smoke and can be mean and that is really sexy. Korean girls are thicker then Chinese girls and so when they get into their late twenties early thirties they are often build like Latinas in their teens. Weird, I know but its hot. I don’t have nearly as much insight into dating Korean girls like I do with Chinese girls, but I have had my brief, but uberly memorable experience while I was in Seoul.

In 2010, I went to Changsha, China and I had a 1 day layover in South Korea. I stayed 2 days in Incheon. It was fun, but I was tired so I mostly stayed in the room, but I did explore and it was nice being in South Korea. I am thinking of another trip, maybe for the Spring of 2012. But I am older so the partying might be a bit different.

I just love Korean women, young or old. So sexy and sassy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Disrespect of Foreign Movies

The United States is not the only country or part of the world that makes really good movies. Often times some of the best films are from overseas. Either from some Asian or European country or even Latin American countries. These places make some of the most memorable movies of the last fifty years or so. In the past decade, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, French, Brazilian and Spanish movies have dominated the foreign market. That is a good thing. The US makes a lot of shit, and sometimes it takes talents  from a different part of the world to tell good stories. The way these movies are treated is another matter, and it’s a matter that makes me happy to be able to enjoy them, but it pisses me off where I have to see them at.

Recently the AMC chain has been showing independent and foreign cinema at their Metreon location in San Francisco. Foreign movies are not independent films, they are often studio films from their native country, they just get jumbled into that category because people of this country either don’t have the patience or the balls to accept the fact that many foreign movies are well done. AMC has been showing foreign movies on and off again, for about six or seven months. The first one I clearly remember is from Thanksgiving, where they showed the great Chinese romantic comedy-drama “If You Are the One”. I didn’t watch it at the movie theater since I have the DVD and it’s a sad and funny one time view type movie.

I check the AMC Metreon schedule every week, to see what the new foreign movie would be. Sometimes it’s a well known, but critically panned movie and sometimes it’s an odd American independent movie. Recently however, the last 3 months or so, they have consistently been showing foreign movies there. I saw the horrible and I mean truly wretched Chinese movie “The Butcher, The Chef, and The Swordsman” Talk about a waste of money, but the screen was big and the sound was great. They have also showed “The Last Godfather” which is the worst Korean movie that I have ever seen. After “The Last Godfather” was pulled from the theater after a week, they showed a Mexican movie, “It’s Me, Not You” and it was another crapfest, that I regretted seeing. This past week they showed a Chinese movie called “The Warring States”. This is was a much better movie and it looked good on the big screen with the Metreon sound. The was good, but not great.

Now if you got about a mile north west or just go west for a mile you will come across two different movie theaters. One is called Opera Plaza Cinema and The Lumier. These are two theaters owned and ran by Landmark Cinema and they show foreign movies and independent American movies. It’s cool that they show the movies, that I like, but their movie screens and sound systems really suck.

The screens are tiny and I mean really small. Especially at the Opera Plaza. Their sound is really bad too. It just seems that someone just turned up the volume and it is loud and annoying rather then loud with a lot of sound definition.

I hate so called “artsy” movie theaters. I hate them cause of their shitty sound, small screen size, pretentious workers, who for some reason want to always share their opinions. I am sorry, you are not Roger Ebert and I don’t care about your interest in French new wave. The artsy theaters are a rip off for their prices. Granted they show great foreign movies, but we still have to pay the same amount of money to see a movie on a little screen, with crap sound. I would not even write an entry about this this topic if I had to pay half the price to see the movie.

I had an idea to solve the artsy fartsy theater problem. Rather then show a film from a reel on a tiny shitty little screen. Why not buy 78 inch plasmas or LCD TVS, with a kick ass sound system and show a blu ray copy of each of the independent or foreign movie. I would pay full price in order to see it ay 1080DPI screen with great sound. Then I would be willing to shell out the 12 bucks.

All in all, I do not like the way foreign movies are treated. I am happy the AMC corporation is trying to expand into a different audience by showing movies from another country. I just wish they were able to snatch up the better movies. Instead of “The Last Godfather” why couldn’t they show “I Saw The Devil”. I just think since the Metreon is such a great venue to watch any movie, that AMC would try and get a good movie to match it.

The following is a list of A List foreign movies that were shown at F rated theaters*.

Mother, The Good, the Bad, the Weird and Thirst: played at the “The Bridge” which is a tiny, shit theater that sometimes shows good movies. Horrible venue, tiny screen and even worse sound.

I Saw the Devil and The Housemaid: at the Lumier. Already discussed.

Like Water for Chocolate, Poetry, Amores Perros, Cowboy Bebop the Movie: at the Opera Plaza. Already discussed.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, The Host, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Promise: at the Stonestown Twin. Decent theater size, shitty sound and in the words of my father “The most depressing place to be on a lonely Saturday night”.

Old Boy, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Lust Caution, Red Cliff, Y Tu Mama Tambien: this is getting better. The Embarcaderro theater is a decent theater. The sound is nice, screen size is good, but it still doesn’t compare with even the smallest Metreon theater.

I just wanted to show you a short list of the various excellent movies at their crappy movie screens. I hope you enjoyed it.

*granted that most of them are Korean movies. But I hope you get my point. Besides, this is my blog. I am an avid fan of Korean cinema as well.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forced Tips or I HATE TIPPING!

Tipping! I really hate to tip. To me tipping is such a pointless endeavor. I mean, their has to have been a time when tipping was optional and not forced or coerced like it is today. I mean we tip for everything these days. We tip for taxis, servers, bartenders. The worst part is the higher the bill the higher the tip. Why? I mean it should  be an option to tip, and please don’t get me started on those places that charge you a mandatory gratuity.

When we have to tip taxi drivers, they are the ones I feel tipping is okay. These are a bunch of guys who drive around all night to all kinds of neighborhoods, picking up all kinds of strangers and weirdos, who knows if their next fare is going to be a psychotic person with a gun or a knife. Another thing that these guys have to worry about is getting robbed or having one of their fares run away like in that movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”. My point is that these guys and gals really take a risk when they pick you up and so they merit a tip. However with all that being said, their prices are fucking ridiculous. Fucking .50 every one tenth of a mile. For that price their it better be a fucking limo.

Waitresses and waiters are a group of people in this society, that we are required to tip. I don’t like having to tip a waitress, I do it, but I don’t like it. The reason why I don’t like is, because sometimes, well most times, waitresses kind of suck. Especially if you go to am empty restaurant. When it’s you and the server and you order your food, she or he doesn’t really bust his or her ass. They may have to walk to your table and ask you if you are doing well, and if you would like anything. By doing that, they are basically doing their job and why should one tip when someone is doing their job.

Now here comes the problem. I had heard that a lot of places pay waitresses low wages, as in below minimum wage and they supplement their earnings with money that they get from their tips. My question why can’t employers just pay their waiters and waitresses a decent wage so we don’t have to tip an extra five or six dollars. I mean who decided that rule or this stupid ass custom.

People who work at McDonalds or Burger King work about six times harder then any waiter or waitress out there and we are not expected and do not tip them. I mean in a fast food place, I have experience working at one, you are required to get any order, no matter how big within a minute and forty seconds. Be it one cheeseburger and a drink or six Big Macs and fries and drinks. The people who work at fast food places are just as hard working as waiters and waitresses, but we don’t have this big guilt inducing need to tip them like we do with people who work in so called higher class restaurants like Dennys.

The worst and I mean the worst group to give tips to are bartenders. I fucking hate tipping bartenders. What is the fucking point? They don’t do anything special. They take a glass, put some ice in it, grab a bottle, pour into a cup and then another liquid into a cup and then hand it to you. It takes fucking 20 seconds. I mean its worse if you order a beer, from a tap or a bottle. Bartenders do absolutely nothing for their patrons but take their money.

Granted sometimes the bartenders are women and they are dresses sexy, but other then that, what? I mean at strip clubs, I understand tipping. Tipping to get the dancers attention so they will rub their boobs or cooch in your face and I can understand. I hate strip clubs* and they are not my cup of tea, but I understand them. If I was in the mood to have a strangers privates in my face, then I would happily tip. But I don’t dig that stuff.

It would be nice if the female bartenders served their drinks naked or with just panties on. But if all they are showing is cleavage, I would rather keep my money. Tipping bartenders is a really fucking stupid endeavor. I mean they don’t do anything. Maybe you are thinking:

“Oh but they listen to you and your problems and are nice.”

No, not really. I had, up until this past weekend, been going to bars and the same bar for almost 2 months. I had spoken with some of the bartenders there, and I was talking with them and I could tell when  people were being fake and not really listening to me. Being fake is another entry which is coming soon as well. My point is this, how do we know someone is really listening to you, when their whole job is taking as much money from you as possible. It’s like when some of those guys tell you that the only people who really understand are strippers, cause they “listen” they do not.

Like Mr. Pink, from Reservoir Dogs says:

“I’m very sorry the government taxes their tips, that’s fucked up. That ain’t my fault. It would seem to me that waitresses are one of the many groups the government fucks in the ass on a regular basis. Look if you ask me to sign something that says the government shouldn’t do that, I’ll sign it, put it to a vote, I’ll vote for it, but what I won’t do is play ball. And as for this non-college bullshit I got two words for that: learn to fuckin’ type, ‘cause if you’re expecting me to help out with the rent you’re in for a big fuckin’ surprise.” 

I feel the same way, I just hate that it is forced and expected. One time I had a Thai woman yell at me for not leaving a tip because we had forgotten to, BY ACCIDENT!

In South Korea and China, you never have to tip anyone for anything and that rocks

It sucks that we have to give tips. More ways people take your money.

I hate tipping.

*please note that the deep throat queen porn star KATSUNI is coming to the Crazy Horse in August. It’s a strip joint, so I may have to break my rule.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Terrible English

I am an avid fan of Korean pop music. Over the years I have bought probably over a 150 Korean CDs. Some were of rock and rap, but mostly of it was ballads and pop music. I have not bought that many recently, because I am getting older and the same high pitched, high energy of  Kpop doesn’t do it for me that much anymore. I am loyal to a set group of singers and bands that usually produce one or two albums per year. One of these groups is the now defunct JEWELRY. I have all their Cds. From their fifth Cd on they got two new members, Kim Eun Jung and Baby J, also known as Ha Ju Yeon.

Ha Ju Yeon is going to be who I will mostly be talking about. According to her biography on many websites it is said that she was born and raised in Southern California and is known as the fluent English speaking rapper of the group.

Now, I can accept that she is so called rapper, my disdain for that title is for another entry on a future date, but the fact that claims to be fluent in English. She is not! She is speaks English is such a forced and strange way that it causes me to spontaneously spew blood from my ears whenever I hear her utter any kind of word in English. I am not trying to rag on her because she doesn’t speak English well. That’s fine and I can accept that, what I don’t like is how both Ha Ju Yeon and her management team tote her around as this Korean American who speaks English perfectly.

She claims to have gone to school in the United States and only recently went to Korean to pursue her rapping and singing career. In Korean pop music a lot of singers like to incorporate English lyrics into whatever bullshit song they are singing. Most of the time it sounds fine. It is accented and sometimes sounds funny or cute but it is tolerable.

The Kpop singer BoA is a good example of someone being humble about her English skills. In 2009 BoA broke through the US music charts with her hit club and gay anthem “Eat You Up”. It is a nice song about a girl who wants to consume everything her man gives her, well maybe that is not a good interpretation, but she played it to a packed audience at the GLBT parade that year. The song and album kind of sucks but it’s all in English and it is accented and weird, but she admits that she had trouble with the language. Which is great cause she acknowledges that she has a hard time with English.

Ha Ju Yeon’s English is so cringe worthy. Its not about her accent but her intonation and it sounds weird and bad. In the song called “VARI2TY” she begins the song with her speaking in English and the way she sounds is so odd. Its like words were tortured or beaten out of her. Plus the fact that she is the rapper of the group. A rapper of the group who only raps in shitty English.

I am not making fun of  her English, I am mad at the fact that she is supposed to be this great fluent speaking Korean American girl who made it in the Kpop scene. Jessica Jung of the Girls Generation has the best English in the Kpop scene. She was actually born and raised in San Jose, California and she speaks and sings English perfectly.

Jessica Jung and a few other ladies have the right to be called fluent English speakers. Not Baby J AKA Ha Ju Yeon.

Below are two examples of how shitty her English is. You can get an example of how bad her English is within the first 45 seconds of each song, thank God!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hangover Sunday: Bugs, Bats and Cats

*Please note that even though in the title it says “Hangover Sunday” that does not really mean that I had gotten drunk the night before. “Hangover Sunday” is just a title. It is a title I use so I could tell you all a story. Sometimes, it will be about me and my past, or a story I heard about. The point being, is it’s Sunday, so just relax and enjoy.

I guess I should start off this first entry of Hangover Sunday with a tale of waiting. You see waiting was a subject that I covered earlier this week and I think that a short tale about me waiting. It is an interesting story, I hope you all enjoy.

The following is true and it took place almost a year ago.

I said my goodbyes to my girlfriend(we have broken up since then), she looked said, sexy and beautiful at the same time. She had this cute yellow dress on and I remember she smelled of watermelon. We had split this little watermelon and kissed and we said our tearful goodbyes. I watched her as she left the terminal at Changsha International Airport and entered the “domestic” flights terminal. I got through security and made my way to the departure gate.

Since I was in the middle of China, very few flights from international destinations actually arrive to Changsha. There was only one that was going in my direction. I had to fly to South Korea, and then connect with a flight to come back to San Francisco. However, due to financial reasons, I had to buy a ticket that that when I arrived to China it was a direct flight from South Korea, but to get back to South Korea, I had to take a red eye to Qingdao International. It was something like 400 dollars cheaper to go this route.

The flight was delayed for about an hour and I didn’t board until around 12:15am rather then my scheduled departure time of 11:15pm. I arrived at Qingdao International around two in the morning. I was sad, and tired but felt okay. I had to keep my wits, since I was about 1,000 miles from my girl and 10,000 miles from my home. I got my bag and had my backpack and was sheep herded towards the exit.

I had about an 8 hour layover in Qingdao, and so I was prepared for a long wait. I was hoping to just sit inside the waiting area near the entrance for the Airport, but their was Chinese Police there and they were telling people to exit. I had no choice but to carry my case, and my backpack and go outside.

I was nervous, I hardly speak Mandarin, had hardly any paper cash and had all my stuff with me. The weather outside was warm, which was good but, that also meant a lot of bugs. I saw all kinds of people getting picked up and so I just thought to be cool and pretend that I knew what I was doing. As I walked away from the exit that I just came out of, I was accosted by many taxi drivers. My girlfriend has warned me not to trust airport taxi drivers, so I was even more on edge.

Ignoring the taxi drivers I walked about a block or so, still within the front entrance of the airport to a couple of benches that was next to a gazebo, that had some neon lights and some “official” looking people. I was going to ask them if their was anywhere I could wait that was safe, but they closed down as soon as I got up to the window.

I then just walked and sat down on the bench. I saw that the taxi drivers left and I had been waiting for about hour. I was just sitting there when I saw that some other people were sleeping a little ways away from me. I heard them snoring and that made me smile. I then pulled out my laptop, and I tried to connect to the internet via wifi and I could not.

I then decided to make my way to the international terminal. I put my laptop away and I grabbed my case and made the long walk to the international terminal. The way Qingdao International is set up is that there are 9 different terminals. Since I arrived from south eastern China( Changsha, Hunan) My terminal was 2. I had walked towards terminal 1. To get to the international terminal I had to walk to number 9. There were 5 terminal on the bottom level and the final 4 large terminals were on the second floor of the roadway.

I had to walk across a large parking lot, carrying my things and on my way there I saw a lot of feral cats and heard them meowing and hissing. I also saw a rat and what looked like a rather large mongoose run across my path. The mongoose seemed to be chasing the rat and got it. As soon as it did it turned and looked at me and its eyes shined in the light. It was quite spooky, so I hurriedly made my way across that mini Serengeti  to the car ramp that went up to the other 4 terminals.

I walked up that car ramp and I started to hear a strange and familiar sound. It sounded like birds chirping, but the only other times I had heard it was when I would come home from night class in San Mateo. There were bats. I was getting dive bombed by bats. They were not doing it intentionally, but since it was a warm humid night a lot of bugs were flying around. I finally made it to the second floor and made the long walk to terminal 9.

I was feeling awake, but tired, and I felt nervous since I had my computer and clothes and I was a stranger in a strange land. Once at Terminal 9 I leaned against a railing that was there and I looked around and as soon as I did all the lights on the lower level, went off. That freaked me out. It was 3:35am and I was here waiting, alone with bats and cats. There were no benches, so I sat on the floor, leaning against my suitcase, hugging my backpack, missing my girl and just waiting for the dawn to come.

Time went by fast and soon the dawn came. The international terminal opened and I walked in and boarded a plane to complete the first leg of my journey home.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Anticipation Blues

Anticipation is an emotion that I often fall prey too. Whether it is me anticipating, going out, a particular movie or game or just about anything. There are a lot of problems when it comes to anticipation. When someone anticipates something they can blow a particular event out of proportion in their mind. Sometimes when one is so hot and heavy to watch a movie and they think about it night and day and when the big day finally comes and you are sitting there and once you watch the movie it turns out to be a let down and you feel blah. This is how anticipation sucks.

There are several levels of anticipation. The first one I want to talk about is anticipation for a particular material possession. I used the example of a movie in the first part of this entry but that is a little bit different then waiting for something, like a CD or a DVD. I am a collector of Korean movies on DVD. I used to be heavily into collecting Korean DVDs, back in 2007-2009 and I must have bought a ton of them. I still collect Korean DVDs, but not like I used to, due to money issues and the simple fact that recently a lot of movies have sucked, but also because I would anticipate a particular edition and it would let me down.

During my Korean movie hey day, I would also collect so called rare collectors editions. This included some DVDs that came with books about the art of the movie, written of course in Korean or it included special packaging with a cell phone charm or whatever piece of movie junk. I would  order it and pay whatever inflated price they were asking and, wait for weeks at a time to get the movie. Once it would come I would see it, and feel kind of numb. I would put it away and forget about it.

I think I enjoyed the high that I got for waiting for the DVD but not the actual DVD itself. I feel this is bad, because of all the energy, spent thinking about it and waiting for it to come.

Call it buyers remorse or whatever, but I blame anticipation. Getting all worked up about something or better yet, someone who you are looking forward to meeting or going out with. I think we expect a lot out of people. We expect a lot from our parents, friends and especially lovers. Let me tell you a little story:

A young man was coming home from work after working a long shift at work. He was waiting for the subway to come. He was sitting there when he saw this cute little gal sit next to him. He was happy because she fit his type and because she gave him a little smile. The train came and they both boarded. They got off at the same stop and while they were on the train, they had a short but meaningful conversation. After getting off at the same stop they realized they had to take two different buses. They exchanged numbers and the young man was happy. The young man made it home and the cute girl actually texted him telling him that she was glad they met. The young man was ecstatic. The next couple of days they spoke a lot and exchanged text messages. Finally they went on a date. The date went swell. They had a nice lunch and walked around. They even held hands and decided to watch a movie. During the movie they held each other. After they went to a local pub and got a little bit buzzed but still, everything seemed to go well. They spoke of their  next date and they said their good nights. For the rest of the week the young man was happy and was anticipating their next meeting. He would text her or call her and the young lady would not answer. The young man was getting worried and he kept calling and texting, but still no reply. Finally she called back and she told the young man to leave her alone. The young man was shocked and that the girl liked him. The young man had been thinking about the girl and was anticipating spending time with her.

The point of the story is that emotion known as anticipation got the better of him. He was expecting so much out of the girl. Now a lot of people could say the girl was leading the young man on. I mean what kind of girl sends messages to a guy within a few hours of meeting? Still others could blame the young man for mistaking someone being nice and polite for someone liking him.

I blame anticipation. I blame it because when our minds start working we start putting a lot of expectations on the people we like or love. A lot of times people who have high expectations of other people start to construct a story or script and if the other person does not follow the script it could cause the person thinking about it a lot of grief. It is not healthy.

I think anticipation is about balance. One needs to look forward to things but not inflate them to such a high level, that they border on being unrealistic. Just be cool people and if things are meant to be then they will all work out in the end. Remember if it’s fate, it will always come to pass.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Phony DJs

The art of being a DJ is one that is dying. I remember when I was a young lad of 18 years, I used to go these underground parties called raves. At these raves, there would be a lot of black lights, and glow sticks, scantly clad boys and girls, a lot of drugs and a DJ would be there mixing either trance or house or whatever type of music. The DJ would use vinyl records and mix different beats together and make some pretty cool music. Well it used to sound cool to me, now it just sounds annoying and it brings my blood to a boil. The point of this first bit is the fact that 10 years ago or so, DJS would actually do a real performance and make different and nice sounding music.

These days however it’s a different deal. Recently since I have become single again, I have decided to go out every Saturday evening. I would usually go out to watch an afternoon movie, maybe grab a bite to eat and then go to the bar that I like hanging out. It’s an overpriced, overly dark, loud place that has some sexy and sassy bartenders.

That being said they employ a couple of so called DJS to work their lackluster Saturday evening. These are the type of DJS who use a laptop to help them “mix” their music. Now before the DJ arrives the manager or whoever has a CD or MP3 playing with a selection of modern rap/hip-hop and r&b. It’s loud and so it makes speaking with people a bit difficult but that’s okay. I can dig loud music and having to really speak up to talk with someone.  All this occurs when the bar first opens. About forty minutes to an hour before the so called DJ arrives. 

Now this is where I get both annoyed and bothered, The bit that bothers me is this. Maybe I am not used to bar culture, but I assume that being a DJ is like any other job. You’re supposed to arrive on time and be ready to work at the specified time, you’re scheduled. But whatever, that bit doesn’t really bother me. So this yahoo sets his stuff up and starts to play music. He works from a laptop that is connected to a faux turntable and the so called mixing begins. The music is the same staple of 80s, 90s, 00s and modern music that we tend to hear anytime we go to any kind of bar. The music itself is pretty cool, I give it that, but then the “mixing” begins. I am trying to enjoy my drink and I turn and watch the DJ mix and I don’t understand what he is doing. I watched him for a while and all he did was fiddle with his laptop. I know that probably means that he is adjusting his music, which is cool, but should he be called a DJ.

The part that annoys me is the arrogance of this kind of Djing, These people walk around and think they are producing art. So back to the story. Even before this guy starts working I watch the bartenders prepare his usual drink order. These consist of a shot and brew times two. Which of course is comped. While we the customer have to pay the bloated San Francisco prices. But that is not even the worst part. The worst is that someone actually pays that asshole to just sit there and drink and play music. I mean I have been to parties where Djs actually mix beats and create different mixes of songs that sound nice. I just don’t understand why anyone would pay a DJ money to do things that a fucking IPOD could do.

I asked one of the bartenders if the DJ actually mixes and she said yes, but I don’t think she really knew what I was talking about, which is okay. Her job is to make drinks, wear skirts that you can see her panties and flirt. I mean I just think it is pretty stupid to pay someone to sit there and click play on a computer screen. The fact too, that the same person gets like free drinks on top of that, makes me filled with rage.

Now before you say:

“Listen fool, there is more to DJING, then just hitting the play button. DJS do things an IPOD can never do”

 Firstly, fuck off. Secondly, I am not ragging on honest DJS who actually mix and make music and try, but what makes me mad is having a group of people who claim they are DJS and all they do is play an IPOD mix. I just get mad at their stupidity, and the stupidity of people who employ them.

If  you go to your ITUNES and you go to the options drop down menu, click on preferences. Here there is a button that says time between songs. If click on “0” seconds then it sounds like a “DJ” mixing. The first song will play as the second song starts, it gives a club mix feel to it. See for half the price, I could do the same thing as the so called DJ could.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I Love Chinese Women

Why do I love Chinese women? That is kind of a hard question to answer. I could go down the physical route and talk about how I like women with Chinese builds. I like their smaller breasts and there smaller hips and their tiny tight little asses, but I am not going to go down that route. Granted I did with that rather graphic sentence but that is all that I will touch upon in this entry. I think the reason the I like Chinese girls a lot is that their culture is different but at the same time kind of similar as my own culture. I am an Hispanic male that is part of culture that is complicated with little rules of how to treat family members and how to act in society. Kind of like how the Chinese culture has the same deal as well.

I have dated Chinese girls for the past five and half years. My last ex is a cute and sassy gal who comes from a little city called Sumbai, in the south central state of Hunan in mainland China. I went out to see her last May and we stayed in a city called Hengyang. It is a city that is on the smaller side and not known to westerners, which is a good thing. We hung out and she was a tough one. She needed to taken care of, always wanting me to take her picture and ours,  and of course I had to pay for everything. It was so bad too. China is such a cheap place to be, that I did it with a smile on my face. She was mean, and kind of rude, and she lost her temper many times, but that was a good thing. I like women who have hot tempers. Hot tempers equal hot times during other activities. She also loves money.

My ex before her. The long and drawn out relationship, was also with a Chinese girl. But this Chinese girl was also born in the US. She was also from Toisan. Which is closer to Cantonese rather then mainland. I met her at my work and it was almost love at first sight. We liked the same activities; movies, museums, eating, and sticking to a schedule. For the first year we had our ups and downs but we still loved each other quite a bit. But as the relationship progressed, she started to show her real self. I mean she was possessive, pretty jealous, especially from 2007 to the time we moved in with each other and after I moved out, and was quick to temper too. She also loves money.

Both of my ex girlfriends shared the same qualities of  each other, even though they are across the world and they never ever met each other. My ex, the one from Hunan, was really curious about my ex and asked to see her picture. I thought that it was a bad thing, but she didn’t think so, she was just curious whether or not she was uglier then her. My recent ex is not.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that I am attracted to crazy, hot tempered, with hot passion. My favorite kind happens to be Chinese. People have told me that a lot of women, no matter what race, have a lot of passion. But it’s different. Something about how Chinese girls act is also a turn to me. I like how little and demure they can be. I am a short in stature and so I tend to date girls who are short and little. I like skinny girls, and I mean super skinny girls and Chinese girls tend to fit that bill. It’s a combination of their looks, build, and attitude that drives me wild.

The actress Lucy Liu, is a pretty Chinese actress, but I can tell she is a real cunt. She has this weird vibe about her that seems she is just overtly mean. She is the extreme version of the Chinese girl attitude. Sometimes Chinese girls are too mean, and it doesn’t matter how sexy or hot they are, mean is just an annoying trait.

Then there is the actress Ming Na, from The Joy Luck Club and ER and she seems like a super sweet lady. She just has a nice vibe about her and I have seen her during interviews and she just seems so nice. She is also an example of the complete opposite of the kind of snooty bitch that Lucy Liu is.

I guess, I love Chinese girls cause there are a lot of them and I love their attitudes. They are a tough bunch of ladies, that are cute and sexy and the same time. I have dated a few of them and I have loved 2 of them and I was lucky enough to get them to love me back. I like to flirt with them and if they are not from the states I like Chinese accents. It can be cute and sexy sounding.

I guess I am just smitten with Chinese girls, This is why I love Chinese women. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clown Faces: Thoughts and Concerns

“Hold on, let me put on my clown face”.

As mentioned before in one of the previous entries, I was in a long relationship. A long 4 year relationship, that should have ended in marriage or a couple of kids. However the Lord, Allah. Buddha or Satan made it, so that it ended. During the first few weeks, I was distraught, but not really all crazy and crying. Though their was a bit of that right at the beginning of the break up, I just never  felt that kind of passion.  I am digressing. This post is not going to be about breaking up or the pain or whatever, what I want to write about is makeup. Women who like to put on a clown face before they go out.

Makeup to me, is an odd subject. I kind of love it on women but at the same time I kind of think it is not necessary. I feel that makeup tends to hide what one really looks like. I know that it's supposed to be a subtle art of applying a little here and there to make a girl look all dolled up, and I think that’s cool. A little make up can turn a “plain Jane” into a “sexy Suzie”. However in this city and probably everywhere else, with the exception of my travels overseas, the majority of the women just plaster their faces with foundation and eye shadow.

Now that may be an overstatement of mine saying that a vast majority of females these days put on pounds and pounds of make up, but it’s what I have observed. Today I went out and about and I was on the bus, the 44 bus to be exact, and I was looking at the various types of women. Black, Latinas Asians(mostly Cantonese Chinese) and the majority of the ones that I saw had their faces covered in pounds of make up. What I want to know is what do these women look like when they first wake up in morning? I mean with all that make up on, if you were to be with them and wake up next to them, wouldn’t it be like looking at a different woman? It’s like the difference between night and day.

Back to my long and suffering story about my ex. Indulge me for a moment, and let me talk about the girl, I just broke up with. Within the last month or so. She was six years younger then me and she was the type that looked beautiful and sexy when she first woke up, or after we had been walking around for six hours or we were about to sleep. And she was makeup less. She did use some night creams on her face but unless we went to get her makeup done at a salon, then she just went out all natural. Now, let’s go back to the 4 year relationship. She was a night and day gal. If you saw her with her makeup and then you saw her without it, you could not tell who she was. She used a lot of makeup. I thought she looked better without it.

I am not trying to hate on women who choose to use a lot of makeup. I just think that women look so much prettier when they are not layered with pounds of makeup like some bizarre circus clown. Even though a lot of women seem to think they look better with it, I think women look great without. Looking natural, even though flaws can be seen, always looks so much better. What I mean is that sometimes flaws are beautiful.

I blame TV and the movies. In the movies, and on TV, when characters wake up, their hair is messy but perfectly messy, their faces still look flawless and they never have bad breath, with the exception of the movies “Bring It On” and “Badlands” have been the only two that acknowledge bad breath, before and after sleep. I just wished women would have more confidence in their looks and if they do feel the need to add makeup on their face, please do it right. Makeup is supposed to be subtle and in the background. It is not supposed to be the main attraction.

Please ladies if you are going to away from all natural path, go to one of those ladies in at Nordstroms or Macy’s and have them show you how it’s done. But then again some of those ladies that work at makeup counters have their makeup on like clowns as well.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long Lines for Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 9 or simply Mortal Kombat for the PS3 and XBOX 360 came out this day April 19th in the year of our Lord, 2011. It is a game that I have been looking forward too. More then any other in my past recollection. I was excited when the PS3 exclusive HEAVY RAIN, came out, but it didn’t cause any real passion. I was excited and even reserved God of War 3 and I even bought the fucking PS3 console just to be able to play Dante’s Inferno, but it still didn’t draw me like Mortal Kombat has. Granted the commercial for Dante’s Inferno really sold me. Brought a whole new meaning to that song, “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

That being said, I was able to play some of the game, while I waited for it to be released. I was playing against this greasy, skinny, halitosis smelling gamer, who asked me to borrow $25, cause that’s how much he was short. I told him no. I played against him for about five matches and I whooped on him on 4 and right before he asked me for some money we played one final match and I let him win, just to be away from him.

After that I went back to the front of the line, and just waited for it to be released. I was smart and I had paid for it about 3.5 months ago. It almost feels like a Christmas gift. I think it feels good to get a new gift for oneself. Especially during times of want, it always feels good to treat oneself.

While I stood in line in the semi rainy, mostly drizzly evening it got me thinking about all the different lines I have waited for in my life. I remember when the UA Coronet Theater was open on Geary, and how I would wait outside to watch movies. I remember waiting for the re-released Star Wars trilogy, Apocalypse Now Redux, The Green Mile, Batman and Robin just to name a few. I like hanging out and waiting a long time to see movies or sometimes for products to be released. Today was the first time I did this for a video game.

Sometimes I feel like a loser waiting there in cold, usually alone. My friend David used to wait around with me but even he got tired of that. I think he tired of that around the age of 18, or 10 years ago. I never did. I have gone to midnight movies, mostly with my younger brother. He is usually down to wait around with me. Although when he is seeing someone he usually isn’t. I think I have only gone 1 time alone and that was to see The Dark Knight IMAX.

I have always wanted to date a girl who would be down to wait in line. During my long and drawn relationship. Longtimer and I went to a lot of movies and for some of them we had to stay inline. Particularly when we went to watch the 25th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark. But she never was down to see a midnight movie or anything crazy like that. 

It would be nice if I had a group that did that sort of thing, but what I have come to realize is that I am a bit of enigma. I like videogames, but I detest and I mean detest people who are gamers. I like Anime, and being into Asian culture, in my case KOREAN, but I dislike people especially nerdy types that are into the same thing as I am. I like to read graphic novels but I don’t like the comic book crowd.

Maybe I am the weirdo and I should just conform to those groups so I have people to hang out with. Well I have tried that and I just cannot do it. Every time I try I feel like punching out the guy who is trying to tell me about the upcoming Funimation Anime coming out and I want to kick the girl who is telling about how GIRLS GENERATION is a real group cause they don’t lip sync. It just makes my blood boil.

Mortal Kombat rocks, lines don’t always suck and I guess the lesson I should learn here is just be me and if no one wants to hang out…fuck them.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Perspective Vs. Reality

Reality and perspective are two different things. What I mean is, the reality of a person can be and usually is quite different from what a person sees. The sad and ironic thing is when one first falls in love the other person usually shows you who they are, we just choose to ignore it. Now, before the peanut gallery and the Greek chorus decide to chime in their opinion, and say “well what about all those wife beaters, and physically and abusive men and women(yes women are just as cruel as men, watch an episode of COPS), and how they can ‘trick’ a person into loving them” well I say bullshit. When you fall in love with a person, regardless of smooth and sweet they are, there are little hints of the true person brewing underneath the surface.

I am not trying to rag on victims or people who really have suffered from someone cruel, but there are signs there from the get go. It also applies to people who fall for con artist or gold diggers. Men who like women who only want money, know what they are getting into. The sad part is that women who go out with men who abuse them, tend to seek them out. It sucks, and it’s sad, but it does happen.

I don’t want to go quite that dark yet, that whole abusive topic is for another darker day. But I do want to share my thoughts about how people tend to edit out all the unsavory and funkiness of a person  when they first meet, fall in love and then break up.

To me falling in love is awesome, it is like taking a drug that makes you feel wonderful, and full of bliss. It makes one feel alive, and makes them feel like they are floating on air. Love is a narcotic, that is more addictive then heroin and more dangerous then nicotine. It’s during this time that people are at their most blind. When you fall on love, you edit out all the bullshit that is pretty obvious from a person who is not involved. People tend to edit out whether a person is controlling, or jealous, or petty, or a gold digger, just about everything that is negative tends to be overlooked.

Reality sets in as soon as the “real” break up occurs. I mean when the relationship is truly over. You don’t see reality during any “cool” down periods, or any “let’s take a break” period. I recently felt the repercussions of going from a “let’s take a break” to completely broken up and too me all it does is prolong whatever anger or bad feelings there is. I think the best way to end things is like amputation. Just cut it off completely. You will experience width drawl and that does suck, but at least it is better then those bad feelings staying inside of you. 

The only way to see the true “reality” of a person is to be completely cut off from them and from a painful event. When you go through a painful event and you are able to allow yourself time to heal and rethink things its during this time that we see who we really loved and dated. It can come as a shock sometimes. I was in a 4 year relationship and for the first 3 years it seemed to go in a flash but in the last 8 months it just seemed to drag on, but after the break up and not seeing her for a long while I realized she was a controlling, manipulative, selfish, dependant, gross person. 

Wow this has gotten a bit long winded, kind of like the 4 year relationship, which ended a little more then 1.5  years ago. I have had another girlfriend since then but she is another article for another day.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Headaches and A Windy Sunday Afternoon

Let's see here, it has been a while since i tried to embark on a project like this. I know blogging is such an overplayed activity but sometimes i just want to share my thoughts with the world and what's a better place to share those thoughts then on the world wide web.

World wide web, a term that shows my age. Anyways getting off topic. Like the title implies, it is Sunday afternoon/early evening and I have had a headache all day long. It's nothing serious. I just drank this Korean style rice wine called 막걸리( Makali think of Nigiri Style Sake) except it burns and it is carbonated. It looks like milk, tastes like sake, and burns like warm Coke or Pepsi. Its a weird melody of taste and sensation, but it doesn't contain much alcohol. Its a  strange taste that is not for everyone, but if you try and dig it, then it is such delicious booze. Plus its cheap here in the states

As it has been the usual custom for the past 2 months or so, i went to go out and hang out on Geary on Saturday evening. Usually i hang out in the low aves, between 2nd and 17th. It's here where my favorite places are to hang out. Well to be honest I am not sure if that is 100% true, like I have observed for the past 2 weeks, I just like to be out on Saturday nights. I feel lame when it is Saturday and i am watching the HBO movie of the week or whatever bullshit is on TV.

I do have fun getting a little bit tanked when i go out on Saturday, but it is never really that fun. One time it was heavily and I mean super monsoon like rain and I had to walk in it and i got super soaked by it and i think i caught the flu do to it. Other times, the place i go to is either full of dudes or just empty.. I don't mind bars being empty, but as long as the "help" is nice then its all good, but often times even those gals are so-so.

I am glad that today is cold and it feels like San Francisco. People who live here say they love it sunny and beautiful, but I don't like those days. If I want to live in a place that has a ton of sunny days, then I will move down the peninsula and live in San Jose or San Mateo. San Francisco is meant to be cold and dreary and foggy, kind of like London.

Another thing I have realized is I am not sure if people are real these days. That seems to be the only flaw about living in this part of the world. Are people really your friend and they like you or are they just your friend cause its the polite thing to do and they secretly don't like you. It's tough these days, I mean to tell who's real and who's not so real. It sucks when you find out someone is not real, but if it ever get's to that point, then the person you care for is not worth it. Fuck them.

Even though I drank I feel okay everywhere except my head. That is due to that insanity drink 막걸리(Makali). It is delicious, but it does make you pay the piper. I wish more restaurants sold it. Only place that sells it in ZaZang on Geary and Baker. Its a 짜장면(Black Bean Noodles) place that sells it for $10. Jeez you can get the same size at a store for $2.99

Anyways, good day and good luck. I will post again. Sometime tomorrow.