On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clown Faces: Thoughts and Concerns

“Hold on, let me put on my clown face”.

As mentioned before in one of the previous entries, I was in a long relationship. A long 4 year relationship, that should have ended in marriage or a couple of kids. However the Lord, Allah. Buddha or Satan made it, so that it ended. During the first few weeks, I was distraught, but not really all crazy and crying. Though their was a bit of that right at the beginning of the break up, I just never  felt that kind of passion.  I am digressing. This post is not going to be about breaking up or the pain or whatever, what I want to write about is makeup. Women who like to put on a clown face before they go out.

Makeup to me, is an odd subject. I kind of love it on women but at the same time I kind of think it is not necessary. I feel that makeup tends to hide what one really looks like. I know that it's supposed to be a subtle art of applying a little here and there to make a girl look all dolled up, and I think that’s cool. A little make up can turn a “plain Jane” into a “sexy Suzie”. However in this city and probably everywhere else, with the exception of my travels overseas, the majority of the women just plaster their faces with foundation and eye shadow.

Now that may be an overstatement of mine saying that a vast majority of females these days put on pounds and pounds of make up, but it’s what I have observed. Today I went out and about and I was on the bus, the 44 bus to be exact, and I was looking at the various types of women. Black, Latinas Asians(mostly Cantonese Chinese) and the majority of the ones that I saw had their faces covered in pounds of make up. What I want to know is what do these women look like when they first wake up in morning? I mean with all that make up on, if you were to be with them and wake up next to them, wouldn’t it be like looking at a different woman? It’s like the difference between night and day.

Back to my long and suffering story about my ex. Indulge me for a moment, and let me talk about the girl, I just broke up with. Within the last month or so. She was six years younger then me and she was the type that looked beautiful and sexy when she first woke up, or after we had been walking around for six hours or we were about to sleep. And she was makeup less. She did use some night creams on her face but unless we went to get her makeup done at a salon, then she just went out all natural. Now, let’s go back to the 4 year relationship. She was a night and day gal. If you saw her with her makeup and then you saw her without it, you could not tell who she was. She used a lot of makeup. I thought she looked better without it.

I am not trying to hate on women who choose to use a lot of makeup. I just think that women look so much prettier when they are not layered with pounds of makeup like some bizarre circus clown. Even though a lot of women seem to think they look better with it, I think women look great without. Looking natural, even though flaws can be seen, always looks so much better. What I mean is that sometimes flaws are beautiful.

I blame TV and the movies. In the movies, and on TV, when characters wake up, their hair is messy but perfectly messy, their faces still look flawless and they never have bad breath, with the exception of the movies “Bring It On” and “Badlands” have been the only two that acknowledge bad breath, before and after sleep. I just wished women would have more confidence in their looks and if they do feel the need to add makeup on their face, please do it right. Makeup is supposed to be subtle and in the background. It is not supposed to be the main attraction.

Please ladies if you are going to away from all natural path, go to one of those ladies in at Nordstroms or Macy’s and have them show you how it’s done. But then again some of those ladies that work at makeup counters have their makeup on like clowns as well.


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