On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I Love Chinese Women

Why do I love Chinese women? That is kind of a hard question to answer. I could go down the physical route and talk about how I like women with Chinese builds. I like their smaller breasts and there smaller hips and their tiny tight little asses, but I am not going to go down that route. Granted I did with that rather graphic sentence but that is all that I will touch upon in this entry. I think the reason the I like Chinese girls a lot is that their culture is different but at the same time kind of similar as my own culture. I am an Hispanic male that is part of culture that is complicated with little rules of how to treat family members and how to act in society. Kind of like how the Chinese culture has the same deal as well.

I have dated Chinese girls for the past five and half years. My last ex is a cute and sassy gal who comes from a little city called Sumbai, in the south central state of Hunan in mainland China. I went out to see her last May and we stayed in a city called Hengyang. It is a city that is on the smaller side and not known to westerners, which is a good thing. We hung out and she was a tough one. She needed to taken care of, always wanting me to take her picture and ours,  and of course I had to pay for everything. It was so bad too. China is such a cheap place to be, that I did it with a smile on my face. She was mean, and kind of rude, and she lost her temper many times, but that was a good thing. I like women who have hot tempers. Hot tempers equal hot times during other activities. She also loves money.

My ex before her. The long and drawn out relationship, was also with a Chinese girl. But this Chinese girl was also born in the US. She was also from Toisan. Which is closer to Cantonese rather then mainland. I met her at my work and it was almost love at first sight. We liked the same activities; movies, museums, eating, and sticking to a schedule. For the first year we had our ups and downs but we still loved each other quite a bit. But as the relationship progressed, she started to show her real self. I mean she was possessive, pretty jealous, especially from 2007 to the time we moved in with each other and after I moved out, and was quick to temper too. She also loves money.

Both of my ex girlfriends shared the same qualities of  each other, even though they are across the world and they never ever met each other. My ex, the one from Hunan, was really curious about my ex and asked to see her picture. I thought that it was a bad thing, but she didn’t think so, she was just curious whether or not she was uglier then her. My recent ex is not.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that I am attracted to crazy, hot tempered, with hot passion. My favorite kind happens to be Chinese. People have told me that a lot of women, no matter what race, have a lot of passion. But it’s different. Something about how Chinese girls act is also a turn to me. I like how little and demure they can be. I am a short in stature and so I tend to date girls who are short and little. I like skinny girls, and I mean super skinny girls and Chinese girls tend to fit that bill. It’s a combination of their looks, build, and attitude that drives me wild.

The actress Lucy Liu, is a pretty Chinese actress, but I can tell she is a real cunt. She has this weird vibe about her that seems she is just overtly mean. She is the extreme version of the Chinese girl attitude. Sometimes Chinese girls are too mean, and it doesn’t matter how sexy or hot they are, mean is just an annoying trait.

Then there is the actress Ming Na, from The Joy Luck Club and ER and she seems like a super sweet lady. She just has a nice vibe about her and I have seen her during interviews and she just seems so nice. She is also an example of the complete opposite of the kind of snooty bitch that Lucy Liu is.

I guess, I love Chinese girls cause there are a lot of them and I love their attitudes. They are a tough bunch of ladies, that are cute and sexy and the same time. I have dated a few of them and I have loved 2 of them and I was lucky enough to get them to love me back. I like to flirt with them and if they are not from the states I like Chinese accents. It can be cute and sexy sounding.

I guess I am just smitten with Chinese girls, This is why I love Chinese women. 

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