On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Headaches and A Windy Sunday Afternoon

Let's see here, it has been a while since i tried to embark on a project like this. I know blogging is such an overplayed activity but sometimes i just want to share my thoughts with the world and what's a better place to share those thoughts then on the world wide web.

World wide web, a term that shows my age. Anyways getting off topic. Like the title implies, it is Sunday afternoon/early evening and I have had a headache all day long. It's nothing serious. I just drank this Korean style rice wine called 막걸리( Makali think of Nigiri Style Sake) except it burns and it is carbonated. It looks like milk, tastes like sake, and burns like warm Coke or Pepsi. Its a weird melody of taste and sensation, but it doesn't contain much alcohol. Its a  strange taste that is not for everyone, but if you try and dig it, then it is such delicious booze. Plus its cheap here in the states

As it has been the usual custom for the past 2 months or so, i went to go out and hang out on Geary on Saturday evening. Usually i hang out in the low aves, between 2nd and 17th. It's here where my favorite places are to hang out. Well to be honest I am not sure if that is 100% true, like I have observed for the past 2 weeks, I just like to be out on Saturday nights. I feel lame when it is Saturday and i am watching the HBO movie of the week or whatever bullshit is on TV.

I do have fun getting a little bit tanked when i go out on Saturday, but it is never really that fun. One time it was heavily and I mean super monsoon like rain and I had to walk in it and i got super soaked by it and i think i caught the flu do to it. Other times, the place i go to is either full of dudes or just empty.. I don't mind bars being empty, but as long as the "help" is nice then its all good, but often times even those gals are so-so.

I am glad that today is cold and it feels like San Francisco. People who live here say they love it sunny and beautiful, but I don't like those days. If I want to live in a place that has a ton of sunny days, then I will move down the peninsula and live in San Jose or San Mateo. San Francisco is meant to be cold and dreary and foggy, kind of like London.

Another thing I have realized is I am not sure if people are real these days. That seems to be the only flaw about living in this part of the world. Are people really your friend and they like you or are they just your friend cause its the polite thing to do and they secretly don't like you. It's tough these days, I mean to tell who's real and who's not so real. It sucks when you find out someone is not real, but if it ever get's to that point, then the person you care for is not worth it. Fuck them.

Even though I drank I feel okay everywhere except my head. That is due to that insanity drink 막걸리(Makali). It is delicious, but it does make you pay the piper. I wish more restaurants sold it. Only place that sells it in ZaZang on Geary and Baker. Its a 짜장면(Black Bean Noodles) place that sells it for $10. Jeez you can get the same size at a store for $2.99

Anyways, good day and good luck. I will post again. Sometime tomorrow.

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