On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Love for Korean Culture and Korean Women

A week ago I wrote an entry entitled “Why I Love Chinese Women” this is going to be part 2 of that entry. This time I will talk about Korean women. When I was in high school and during my formative years, I never really was attracted to Asian girls. I went to a rough high school that was also a “new comer” high school that had a lot of Latinos from south of the border and a lot of Asians from the orient. Maybe it was due to the fact that my high school was a bit segregated. I mean the American Latinos with the American Latinos, and the blacks with the blacks, that kind of deal.

Fast forward until winter of 2003, I guess late January. It was during this time that two distinct things happened. The first was that I was working the winter rush at the CCSF bookstore and the other thing was that I was getting bored at night and decided to explore some of the different channels that I was getting. It was a Wednesday and I was watching channel 38 and this really funny TV show came on. It was called New Non Stop 3, and it was in a language that I could not identify at first. I later found out it was in Korean. It was the funniest show, it was about a group of kids going to college and they even had a laughing track. Also on Mondays and Tuesdays they had a Korean drama called APT(AKA The Neighbors) and it was interesting and I liked the women on the show. At the CCSF bookstore a fellow employee was playing an odd sounding CD and it was a Korean pop CD, I asked him where he bought it and he told me about this Korean music shop.

From here I emeresed myself deeply into Korean culture. I went to the shop, and made good friends with the owner of the store and I bought a shit load of CDS and DVDs all Korean of course. I started venturing out to try Korean restaurants,  I tried shopping for Korean foods at their local food markets, such as Woo Ri on Filmore and Geary or Seoul Number One Market on Geary and 11th. I did this style until around the end of 2003 when I went to a party and met some Korean people. I hit it off well with them and I started hanging out at this place called The Vantaggio in the Tenderloin.

The friends were okay in the beginning it, was until I went to a good bye party for some Japanese girl that I met the crew that I would get super close too. The whole year of 2004 is a blur of partying, hanging out, drinking, trying to fuck various Korean girls, that were not part of our group. It was so much fun and I got to hang with Korean girls and it was one of the best times of my life.

In 2005 I went to South Korea twice. The first time was in the dead of winter. Not too smart in hinesite, but it was still fun. This trip was not one of partying it was more of exploring. I hung out with my friends and we mostly sang at Norae bang(Kereoke), drink, go see “historical” sites, saw a lot of movies at the theaters. I love going to the movies and I really wanted to watch movies in South Korea. The matinee prices were $3 USD, and the food was cheap, so fuck yeah I wanted to watch movies, regardless of subtitles. I was there for almost a month and half, and I was not too smart while there. I spent to much money on junk like CDS and DVDs and so I was broke my last week. My friend lent me some money so, I was able to survive. It was during this trip that I fell in love with a friend of mine and I thought she was the reason why I went to Seoul a second time.

During the late summer of 2005 was the second time I went to Seoul. This time it was for a month only. But man what a month. It was so hot and sweaty and that was fucking great. I had lost a great deal of weight during this time, so I was choke full of energy and the hot and sweaty days and nights just added more energy to everything I did. Right off the bat, I knew this was going to be a partying month. I partied a few times, which my friends that I met from the states, but I partied a lot with the guesthouse, guests that I stayed with. Every night we would go out and eat sam gyup sal(pork belly, which costs $25 here) and drink, and then go back to the guesthouse and change and then go to a bar or club or just drink at the guesthouse.

During this time, I was living like a duel life. During the day, I would try and see my various friends who lived all over Seoul. I even went to the DMZ(the border of North and South Korea at the 38th Parellel) with a good friend of mine. It seemed that my friends from the states like to hang out during the day while the guesthouse people was all about getting drunk and partying. I really tried to see the girl I was in love with, but I think I was making her feel uncomfortable, so I only saw her like twice. But like a tomcat in heat I tried to be I did hook up with someone else while longing for the girl I like and so called “loved”

At the guesthouse, a lot of Korean girls would hangout. I guess in the hopes of hooking up with the various foreigners who stayed there or maybe to study different languages. One night either on my 3rd or 4th day I came home from checking out the Seoul City Zoo(I like Zoos and I am a sucker for them, I went to a Zoo in China and saw a sorry looking Panda!), and standing outside smoking I saw a pretty sexy girl. She had small eyes, and I love that look. So exotic and demure, and I gave her a smile and she just blew smoke. I didn’t think much of her, I went to my room, showered and then went up to the common computer room and as I walked up the stairs, I saw her sitting there drinking some tea and I gave her a smile and she smiled back.

During this time, I was a cocky little shit and so I decided to talk with her. She was funny, but mean and I knew we had a thing together. We drank, smoked, danced and hooked up that night. We saw each other almost every night, and sometimes, we went on little dates of dinner and a movie and even went to a concert, but mostly it was drinking and fucking and that was fine by me. I asked her if we were a thing, but she said “Let’s not get mushy, let’s just have good time, okay?” That was cool by me.

At the same time, I was trying to get with the girl, that I fell in love with last January. She basically told me to fuck off and so we were just friends. It sucks, and I don’t speak with her anymore. That’s life, and so it is better how things worked out.

During the last 4 days of my trip I had 3 goodbye parties, she attended the one with my friends from the states, she let me introduce her as my girl, but I could tell most of my friends didn’t care for her that much. I guess, she was a little bit on the poor side, but that didn’t matter to me. Most of my friends from the states, were pretty rich, so they are a bit snobby. I am not rich, so either way it doesn’t matter. She didn’t attend my guesthouse goodbye party, which was okay. We tried keeping in touch when I came back to the states, but I didn’t care too.

My good friend threw me a goodbye party and so he took me to a brothel. It’s similar to like a Mustamg Ranch type joint and that was pretty fun. It’s a neat sensation(no pun intended) when you get a pro, since whatever you say, goes. That was a fun night. I would never do that kind of thing in states, but I was far from home, so fuck it.

In January 2006, I met my longtime relationship girl, and after 4 years with her, my foray into Korean women and Korean culture was dampened. After the break up, I hooked with the girl from Hunan, and again, my love for South Korea was dampened just a bit. Now that I am single, I am still looking for the Korean girl love of my life.

I like Korean girls, cause they drink and smoke and can be mean and that is really sexy. Korean girls are thicker then Chinese girls and so when they get into their late twenties early thirties they are often build like Latinas in their teens. Weird, I know but its hot. I don’t have nearly as much insight into dating Korean girls like I do with Chinese girls, but I have had my brief, but uberly memorable experience while I was in Seoul.

In 2010, I went to Changsha, China and I had a 1 day layover in South Korea. I stayed 2 days in Incheon. It was fun, but I was tired so I mostly stayed in the room, but I did explore and it was nice being in South Korea. I am thinking of another trip, maybe for the Spring of 2012. But I am older so the partying might be a bit different.

I just love Korean women, young or old. So sexy and sassy.

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