On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Thoughts: Bars and How They Kind of Suck

Friday is upon us here in the great city of San Francisco and that means the weekend. I guess the weekend is a nice time. When you work, the weekend symbolizes the time you have off, the time to do things or not do things and the time for fun. I have worked long days before and for whatever reason most of the jobs I have held during my lifetime never gave me the weekend days as my days off. Sometimes I would get Sunday and Monday, but most of the time I had like Wednesday and Thursday off. It was odd. To this day I don't really look at Friday or Saturday as weekend.

i used to really look forward to Fridays. I used to go out to bars or go see what was going on with my partying friends, but over the last few years I have stopped. I tried to get back into it this year, but now I am 28 and not 23 like I used to be and all it makes me feel is old. I feel old in the sense that I look noticeably older then say a 21 year old who is visiting a bar for the first time. I know a lot of people my age still like kicking at bars and clubs, but I don't. To be perfectly honest, I never really liked it then, and I don't like it now.

I do like to get drunk and when I was 23 I could get supertanked, go to sleep at 4am wake up at 6am and work. These days though I get tanked and the next day, I feel like shit that was overcooked. I hate feeling hung over. I guess that is another sign of me getting old.

The reason I like getting drunk is that I could act stupid or aggressive and not really care. I guess I liked how booze made me feel brave so I could talk with ladies or whatever and not really care. These days since I hate getting drunk I use one or two drinks to sharpen me up and since I am a bit older I don't need the liquid courage.

Another thing that bothers me about the bar scene, at least in this city, is often times an open sign would say the bar opened at 9pm, but when you arrive at 915pm the joint is still closed. I know it is kind of a square thing to go to a bar at 9pm, but if you are going to post a time when something is opening at least respect that. KAMA LOUNGE on Geary and 3rd Ave has this retardation about them. It's not like they open late, but they are ready to go. It's that they open and all those broads who work there still have to set up. Not to go on a rant but what the fuck is up with Asian bars and oranges? I mean ever bar I go too I see rows and rows of Asian ladies cutting oranges. I know, I know it's for the VIP people, but I think only in Asian countries they thing fruit and booze go well together. I have seen this shit happen in Seoul, Hengyang, Suwon, San Francisco everywhere.

I have covered this in my "FORCED TIPS" post, but another thing that I hate about bars, in this city at least, is how fake bartenders are. I know when someone is half assed listening to me and that really pisses me off. I know that bartenders are there to just give drinks, but if one is going to engage in conversation with me, I want your attention. This seems to be a problem in this fair city is the phoniness. The phoniness is kind of born of the townies who are originally from here, but all the losers who are from different cities or out of state take this to the nth degree. I hate it when bartenders ask me a question and when I answer they walk away. I understand they are working, but if that is the case then why even engage in conversation with me.

When I was in Seoul, I mentioned I hooked up with a girl. This girl took me to some of the non touristy bars. The real Seoul(I know Chuck Thompson hates it when people use the world "real" when describing something off the beat and path) and there you would order a drink and the bartender would not talk with you. That was fucking awesome. No phony bolony fake shit, just you, your girl and booze. No fake "Hi, how are you", and all that cheery hippy shit that people in this city like to do.

Anyways I still go to bars every now and then. Usually cause some friends seem to be like that style, but it's not always comfortable. Usually crowded and hot and loud and have to fucking scream in order to be hear. But remember I am an adult and that is supposed to be fun for me. It is not, but I do it to be social, which is worth it. I liked going to bars in other countries but here the bar scene is not for me. Not sure why.

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