On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Monday, July 4, 2011

I Need to Get Away!

If you know me in real life, then you know that I show a lot of pride when it comes to living in San Francisco. I love this city. I was born and raised here and probably will some day die in this fair city. The city of San Francisco is a small one but it is home and it my comfort zone. With that being said, I feel stuck, and I feel like I cannot breath here anymore. I feel like a drowning man, that wants to get to surface, but it seems that the current which is this city keeps pulling me down. I want to move away from San Francisco, and from California and the get the fuck out of the United States.

I want to move, I want to get the fuck out. I need to leave and not just switch states or cities. I mean every city is just fundamentally the same. Be it is New York or LA, it is still a crowded city in the United States. I love the United States but I need to get out. I feel sick whenever I go out and see row after row after row of Americans.

I want to move to South Korea. I love it there. I had the best times of my life when I stayed there in 2005. Back then it was all about partying and having a good time, but now my focus, when I am out there is too work. I want to find some business that I could join and maybe become successful out there. I want to become an expat.

An expat is an American who chooses to live abroad. They tend to be in places like Bangkok, or Manilla and they tend to be douche bags. When I get out of this country, I will not be like that. For what ever reason, the Americans I have met abroad have all been pricks and assholes. I don’t understand that. I will never be like that but it seems that most Americans out of this country act like that. I think it’s maybe that each American who lives abroad think that it’s their little piece of heaven and that I am encroaching on their little heaven. If that is the case, then I understand, but I do not condone.

Now, when I move and live in South Korea, I would not live in Seoul. I love Seoul, but to me Seoul is like Las Vegas and I don’t think I could really focus there. I would go insane with all the food, clubs, ladies and all the bullshit distractions there. I would live in Suwon City, just outside of Seoul. I have been there a couple of times and I love that little city.

I think that the most important part of this decision is the fact that I am looking for a change. A change of venue is always good for the soul. Venue change would make me feel mover 90% better. The hardest other 10% would be about me changing internally.

Anyways people, I feel that change is a good thing and to me, the biggest and best change that I could do for the moment is get the heck out of San Francisco. I need to forget about my recent past and make a new life out there. There is no other country that I want to live in. South Korea is the place that I want to be at and I am going crazy being stuck here in San Francisco.

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