On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Disrespect: When People Don't Answer Their Text Messages

*PLEASE NOTE I am sorry for the lack of blog entries since my last one. It had been a pretty stressful week, so I was not inclined to write anything and anything I did write, turned into nothing but dog shit. But my avid and faithful fans, I am back and it is better now. Maybe, the shorter more intense entries are the way to go and so I will not be so much concerned with length, then with quality of post. Unless something major and tragic occurs in my life, I will not skip days like I did this past week, I am sorry for that and it won’t happen again.

I guess I want to walk about text messages. I mean I love these things. They are instant forms of communications when it comes to conveying pieces of information, that just need to be told without any real kind of discussion. I find them really useful and whenever I get one, I am always trying to return the message as soon as possible. I mean if someone took the time to send me a message then the least that I could do is respond back. I also like that courtesy as well. But humans, being the fucked up individuals they tend to be, often times don’t respond for hours or days at time.

I mean why do people do that. I can understand it maybe, when people are at work, then they have to wait until their shift is over and then they will have a moment to respond, but people who do nothing all day or better yet, people who have time to respond or they choose to just ignore you, is the ultimate disrespect in my opinion.

Check this out. When one get’s a text, it is almost instantaneous when one receives it. If one is at work, then all is forgiven, but if one is at home, or walking around or doing whatever bullshit people like to do on their precious spare time, and they cannot take 3 seconds to respond. What the fuck is up with that? I mean that is a real fucking disrespect, want to know how that is? When one gets a text message and they look at your message and then they read your message and read your name, then that person, within like 3 seconds thinks and says, “YOU ARE NOT WORTH TAKING 3 SECONDS OUT OF MY DAY TO RESPOND”.

See this disrespect only applies to text  messaging because it is an instant thing. I can understand, not being able to respond to voicemails, or email messages. Sometimes, one does not have the time to check an email account or check their voicemail, and that’s cool. I have often times forgotten to check my email or voicemail and that is understandable. It takes some effort, especially with email to do it and it sometimes cannot be a fast process. But text messages literally take half a second to check and it takes a mere few seconds to decide that you are not worth responding too.

I fucking hate that shit. I mean what is up with that. What is the fucking point of sending a message to someone who takes either hours or days to fucking decide that you are worth responding too. It hurts when that kind of shit happens and I think it’s wrong and people just need to respond and not be so fucking chicken shit.


  1. I 100% percent agree with you.....I am having the same problem..right now....I text the chick 2 times and 2 different days and still no respond. I don't know why..if ladies can answer this question that would be great.

  2. My sentiments exactly. This is the most ignorant shit ever. It pains me that some people lack adult social skills and simply choose to live as if we are still in the stone age.

  3. I have one acquaintance who waits about a month to answer me. Then she puts, " I love you and miss you". I've come to the realization that she is passive aggressive and wants to control the relationship on her time table and terms. She is completely unsafe and enjoys the withholding in the relationship. I have a lot of great friends who are responsible and would find it very rude to not answer a text, phone call or e-mail. I think there are better people to spend your time and energy with.