On Turning 29

On Turning 29
Just my age.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Thoughts: Incomplete and I Don't Care

Balance is such a weird thing. I do not mean the balance it takes to walk across a high wire line, but the balance of the universe. The universe is all about cause and effect and it seems that as of late the balance of the universe is out of whack. The universe is an energy based place and it seems that a lot of evil or out of whack energy seems to be flooding over the flood gate and into my life.

Originally this should have been Sunday’s article, but yesterday was a day for mothers of the world and I wanted to honor my mother and her side of the family no matter what bullshit was going on in my life. Right now my life is in kind of a tail spin. Still looking for a decent paying job, still trying to find the one true love of my life and still pinning over the girl whom I had a recent break up with. I just feel so fucked up and I think the universe is all out of whack.

I feel nervous over a situation involving my younger brother. I mean hopefully by this time, he has either responded to a text or has decided to return a call, but if that has not come to pass, then I do not know how I will be feeling. I just hate this sense of unease that is all around me and I just hope everything works out for the best.

This is going to probably be a shorter article, but I just don’t feel like writing about any particular subject, but the simple fact that I feel the world is falling down around. It’s the world of my family and close relationships, though it was a nice thing that I did meet a new lady yesterday, I am not even sure if that’s real.

I just feel sick of everything, but I still want to press on and live.

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