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On Turning 29
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Another Guy: Thoughts about Steve Jobs and All the Hype

Steve Jobs died this week and it is a sad thing that has happened. It is always sad when some dies when they're younger. It was sad when Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Aahliyah, Left Eye and a slew of others died. I feel bad for Steve Jobs' family and who ever he was shacking up with. It is a shitty situation when someone dies. You have to deal with the funeral, telling people, the costs and all the other shit that goes when one has to plan a funeral. As a human being I am sad about this. What I am not sad about is all this junk that is being written about Steve Jobs. All the shit that is being written by Steve Jobs, like he was some sort of Jesus Christ in the Church of the IPOD. Let's get one thing fucking crystal motherfucking clear. Steve Jobs was not God, he was an okay designer and he did have some interesting ideas, but he did not invent the wheel he was not a great person and people need to get up off of their knees for this guy.

I am not a fan of Apple and their products. The only exception that I have is the Apple Ipod. Not the Itouch or Nano or the IPad or that other bullshit. I fell in love with the 5TH generation of the IPOD, with the color screen and video capibilities and I thought it was perfect. No need to go any higher. I admit that is an awesome product but everything else in my opinion is subpar and I am tired of people saying that Apple products are the manna from heaven that the great Lord Steve Jobs has blessed us with.

A lot of you may be thinking that I don't like Apple products, because you may think that I never used a MAC computer. Oh my friend you are mistaken. For six years from 2001-2007 I was forced to used an IMAC. It was an okay computer I guess. I mean it served its function and it allowed me to use the internet. I used it for a long time, due to the fact that my Uncle has a crazy hard on for Apple and since I was rather broke at the time with few options I really had no choice. I was a PC user before the dark ages of my MAC usage and as soon as I left that house, I got a laptop a Dell laptop and am so happy to be rid of that ugly, shitty IMAC.

The IPhone is another device that I have grown to really dislike. I dislike it because it first debuted on a network that was known for shitty sub par service. People who use AT&T will no doubt agree with me. I mean dropped calls, shitty reception, shitty 3G and 4G networks. Please those things are so not true. A good example is yesterday my friend and I were in a movie theater and him and I were logging onto facebook, and his awesome AT&T IPHONE could not connect, while my lowely but incredibly reliable Verizon Samsung Reality connected with lightning speed. That fucking rocks.

I know the IPHONE is now available for the vastly superior Verizon, but I don't think the phone is nowhere near worth the cost. I would much rather use the Samsung Galaxy instead of the Iphone. It looks sleeker(about the thickness of an Itouch) and just the name is so cool. Plus the actual Samsung hardware inside of the phone is so much better.

Don't believe read this and decide.

The IPad is another overblown shitty device. It is just a large IPhone. I am not interested in it. I have used it at the Apple store just to take a look at it and it did not really grab me. I still do not understand what the whole big fuss is about. Have you people ever tried to type on that stupid thing? It is uncomfortable and bad. That is why the IPad keyboard is so popular.

The point of this was to give my opinion on some of Steve Jobs' so called miracle achievements that people have been going on and on about for this past week. He did help the computer industry and he was innovative, but he was also ruthless. It is a fact in order for someone to rake in billions and billions of dollars, one has to be cold hearted and evil. I watched Bill Maher this week and he called Steve Jobs "a cool, pot smoking, Buddhist" He may have been that but what people don't realize that in order to lead a company like Apple and to make them number one a lot of people had to be destroyed. I am not saying that only Steve Jobs' is guilty of this but every billionare is. Donald Trump, Bill Gates just to name a couple.

Steve Jobs's was not a God. He was not the next Jesus, he was not this great inventor. He was a new Thomas Edison. He was Thomas Edison in the way that he stole ideas from people. Edison stole ideas from many people. Steve Jobs took a lot of ideas from Samsung.

Please people mourn the man, the person. But do not think of this nerdy guy as some sort of messiah. I am tired of seeing my news feed with pictures of Steve Jobs and sayings like "The passing of a great genius". He was smart, brilliant, but not all his ideas were his own.

Don't believe that Steve Jobs stole ideas? Click me!

Edison was a great American and he never stole ideas! Bullshit! Click me!

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