On Turning 29

On Turning 29
Just my age.

Monday, October 10, 2011


There is one thing in my life that I simply cannot stand. It's excuses. I hate excuses of all kinds. Now before I continue on, the type of excuses that I tolerate are as follows. I don't mind someone not working, or with a little bit of education. I never judge a person because they are jobless. I think it sucks for them, but I never think of them as a dumb or a bad person. Whatever happened to the poor person to lose that job. Whatever EXCUSE they use, doesn't bother me. The same goes for education. To be friends with someone who never went to college is not a big thing for me. College is important, I am learning, but it is not the whole end all of things. My point is that college is sometimes bullshit, and it's all about who you know, not what you know.

I am sorry about that. We are talking about excuses. The types of excuses that really piss me off. The excuses that piss me off deal with social things. Dates, appointments, returned calls, shit like that. I really don't understand people sometimes. I hate false promises. I have met up with ladies and it seems that everything is going great and we make all these big plans, about the things we want to do, and the sights we want to see. I think it sounds great and we all seem to agree, but when push comes to shove, they ladies usually flake out. I don't understand this.

If I hang out with someone, be it male or female, and I start talking plans then i would like to see those plans through. I mean it is only makes sense right? What is the point of making all these promises of people are not going to follow through? Is it a polite thing? I certainly hope not. I mean are these ladies so fucking dense to think that maybe the crap that they're are saying is not going to be taken seriously by me. Maybe they are used to flakey guys.

I have touched on this subject before, but why aren't text messages returned? It takes 3 fucking seconds to respond. I understand at work one cannot answer theirs texts sometimes, or maybe their phones are in their purses, but come on! I mean a good example is, that I have a friend whom I text messaged on a Sunday a question. That person did not get back to me with an answer until Thursday. What the fuck is up with that? I mean I could understand if that person was in woods or doing something far away, but no, she is a city girl. It's downright disrespectful.

Another excuse I am tired of is when phone calls are not returned. Once you finally get a hold of the person, they usually say something like "Oh, I was so busy to return your call. I had no time". This is mostly from the foreign ladies that I know. I must have stupid stamped on my forehead. Is this really an excuse one can use in this day and age? I had no time. No time for a 30 second call? I fucking hate and I mean fucking hate this excuse. I never pull this shit on people.

These ladies say they have no time. Their is plenty of time in a 24 hour day to return someones call. Let's break down a day, shall we. I will give these ladies a benefit of the doubt. I will take out 10 hours for their sleep. That's 14 hours left. Say they go to class and have a part time job. Take away another 9 hours. We are down to 5 hours left. They eat 3 meals a day. Say a half hour each meal. That's 3.5 hours. Ladies have to piss and take shits right. Say another half hour for all the peeing and pooing these forthright women do. That's 3 hours. Their women crap, with showering and whatever should equal less then 3 hours. So during all that time they couldn't take a moment to return a call? I am not looking for a massively long talk. Hell 1 or 2 minutes to speak with you. I mean when a women takes a shit, she can call then. It's usually the best time. It's quiet and no one will bother you. My point is that a 24 hour day is a long, long time and their is plenty of time.

Their are other excuses out there. Plans are made and are broken. I often get really nervous because I always feel that my plans will fall through. This has not happened in a long while though, I must confess.

In 2005 I was trying to mack to this sort of uptight, chubby Korean girl and I thought I stood a chance. In a crew of sexy and pretty ones, she was by far the least pretty of them. I mean they were friends, but I guess in Korean culture the ugly one is sort of the more humble one.* I didn't think she was ugly at all. I thought she was really cute, and funny, and sometimes those other girls were pretty mean too her. I thought she would be flattered since the rest of the other girls seemed to get a lot of guys. I was wrong. I asked her out to hang out. We made a plan to meet at Union Square for 5pm and at 5:02pm, her friend calls me at tells me she is sick. That little slag didn't have the guts to call me. She apologized and did the same thing again. I don't get it. If you didn't want to hang out, why didn't she just tell me no? I would have gotten over it. She is not the only so-so looking girl out there.

I am tired of excuses. I get tired of people, mostly ladies(sorry but it's true), giving me excuses. Maybe it's because I am heavy, or not rich enough or ugly. I am just getting fed up with excuses. I feel I give a lot when I meet someone and I take them seriously. That's the reason why i get so mad. If you're a female and you are on my radar, then I will give you 150% and all i ask back is maybe 80%. That may seem like wanting a lot, but fuck, the shit I have done for people should get me a fucking Nobel Prize. The amount of Chinese and Korean ladies I have treated to dinner, should get me Humanitarian of the Year.

I guess, I just have one thing to say. If you want to hang out, great! If you don't want to hang out, that sucks, but okay! Just don't say "Let's meet tomorrow" and when I am there to meet you, call or text me saying that you are not there. That is more fucked up then saying no.

*About that so-so looking girl. I guess Karma had its way with her. After she had ditched me and chicken shitted her way out of it, she hooked up with a Christian loving Korean guy. Things were going great, they were in love. Then she met this Christian boy's mom. The mom instantly hated her, treated her like shit. Called her ugly with small eyes. She was hurt by this. About a week after that, awesome Christian boy's ex girlfriend shows up at a service and fights and beats her up. Not to bad, just a black eye. The worse part was that the good Korean Christian boy went back to her ex.

I was not not happy when I heard this story. Made me sad. She could have avoided all that stupid drama if she just had taken a chance with me. Que se ra, se ra!

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