On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Complicated Life: A Rant on a Relationship

Sometimes life is complicated. I know that is an obvious statement but compared to any other time in my life, I feel that I live in one of the most complex times. I don't mean that life in 21st century is any more complex then any other time in history, but I think that as an adult at 28 years old, I feel things are complicated. A lot of times they start off easy, but at something like light speed things all around me can go from simple to complicated and I never understood that.

I think it has to do with being an adult and as we get older it is like a roller coaster we keep climbing the that super steep hill until we peak and then we all come rushing down. I mean as I said I am 28 years old and I know life will be more complicated when I am 35. I think I just want to address this with an example of just how life can turn from simple to complex in a blink of an eye.

As I have mentioned before I had a girlfriend who was born and raised in China. We were together for more then year close to a year and half and during that time we had had a big fight and took a break for about a week. At first I was a bit relieved and decided to try and take out another girl. This was in March of 2010.

As the fates would have it, I was on my way home from my night shift and I happened upon on a chubby girl. Of course she was Asian and when I heard her speak I knew she was right up my alley. She was Korean and Korean of the best kind*. In terms of the US her weight was really small but in Korean eyes she was quite not so good looking. I noticed her on the underground train and I thought she was cute. Of course as I was about to talk to her our station came up and we got off on the same stop. We boarded the elevator and she asked me what a certain abbreviation meant. This started a conversation and of course I got the number. At Forest Hill station we take different buses. That is a good thing.

That night she sent me a text message and that was rather surprising. She talked all this shit about all the different things she wanted to do together. I thought she was really digging me. The neat thing was this happened 2 days after me and my ex started our break. Scummy I know, but if women can do it, why can't I? Anyways, we would text and whatever and then we finally went out. I took a personal day off and we had a date. We had lunch, walked and talked, watched Shutter Island then went to have dinner at this Korean spot that I know. We drank held hands and I thought to myself. Finally a fucking Korean girlfriend in the United States.

Anyways, the following days to come it was like she was a different person. I would call her and not get calls back, same thing with text messages. This is where my rage stated against not having my messages returned. I mean I never made any kind of serious move on her. She was the one who grabbed my hand in the movies and held it. She was the one who made all these crazy plans, she was the one who sent me a text message in the middle of the night. I mean was I being to presumptious? Maybe it was karma for the fact that I was technically cheating. I mean we were on a break and for all I know she could have been fucking someone else**. I doubt it, but it could have been possible.

With the Korean girl, I called her a few times, and I was wondering why she was ignoring me. So I did a move, a sort of fucking creepy mood, but fuck her. She has the balls to hang out and get free meals, and food and booze yet that slag cunt could not even return my call to tell me to fuck off. I would have not have bothered her if she had told me to go fuck myself***. When I called her from a pay phone she answered and in her broken and fucked up English she lied and told me she was so busy and that we could be friends and that same tired female bullshit.

I guess I thought I was going to do a list of examples how complex life can be, but I decided to just follow how relationships can make life pretty complex. I am not trying to sound anti-woman, but since I like women a lot then i can only write about my experiences.

This entry turned out better then I thought. I mean she sent many mixed messages and I was not being weird or anything but whatever. It's funny how things that seemed so crystal clear can really go off the deep end.

*Korean girls in the United States tend to be of the better looking variety. I mean there are a shit load of hotties in San Francisco alone. That being said, The girl whom I was trying to get with was not so good looking. A lot of Korean people who are in the US are from richer backgrounds. Yes they are rich kids. I have stayed a while in South Korea and I can tell you there are a lot of poor people and average looking girls. Why do you think so many dumb ass military men can score with Korean women? My point is that in the US Korean girls tend to be prettier and rich. Remember most Korean international students live off of their parents. Think about that when you get mad at some smart ass Korean student in your class.

**My ex from China was really loyal and this is something that I must respect about her. Crazy, angry, bitchy, money hungry she may have been, but a slut? No way. We got back together and stayed together for more then a year after this incident.

***I am the type of guy who if I am told you are not interested in me, then i will not bother you again. I don't have the emotional energy to try and work some game on a women. I work better with girls whom I click with initially. If it takes any kind of work, then I feel it is not worth it. I would have respected that Korean girl if she just had been upfront. She could have said "Yesterday was fun, but I don't like you." I would have been "Cool, see ya!". I found out she was dating some older nasty looking white guy. Why? But that is another topic for another day.

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