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On Turning 29
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The End of Things: A Look at How to Survive

The end of the world is a scary thought. It is something that is always looming in everyone’s mind regardless if you believe in it or not. I mean technically the end of the world is when one dies. In 2012 the Mayans calendar comes to an end*. I am not sure if it is a literal end of the world like the world will implode or explode, but what it may mean is that it is the end of things as we know it. I mean it could be a Nuclear or radiation based war, or a super disease that will wipe out 99% of the population kind of like in Stephen King’s The Stand. What will not happen is some sort of Zombie apocalypse like in The Walking Dead or High School of The Dead. It won’t be like I Am Legend or the wretched Book of Eli. It won’t even be like The Road Warrior. There is one movie out there, that end of times might just look like and that movie is The Road**.

Let us begin at the beginning of the end, shall we. If there is a super disease and you are one of the lucky few who has survived it. It is one of the best possible end of the world scenarios. I know the human race would be virtually extinct but if the world is diseased and if it is a human disease then at least you will have food and animals. This only happens if the disease is for humans only. So it has been three months since the out break of the disease and everyone around you is dead or dying. This is a problem, while you may have a lot of animals and canned food for you too eat, the dead humans will be a big problem. I mean humans take a long time to decompose. This will cause a massive stench, contaminated water sources, and other diseases that could kill you, mister lucky 1 percent.

The best thing for you to do is to leave the major cities. The major cities will absolutely filthy. I mean imagine if 99.9% of San Francisco dropped dead from a disease and all those bodies would rot and it would be an unbreathable stench. Since the whole city is dead, then you can stock up on canned food and water. Do not grab anything that is not sealed, if you do and you eat then you can get disease. Not the super disease that killed everyone but those pesky diseases that decaying bodies bring***. You can pretty much grab any car you like and load up on supplies.

If the disease killed 99% of everyone on the planet, then it could be a lonely existence. I mean it is only 5,940,000 people left in the entire world. I mean that is the smallest the human population has been since we first learned to hunt and gather. That is tiny.

We fast forward to maybe a few years later and it is a lonely existence. I mean you travel around gathering food and living off of the land. You soon start to break down mentally, especially if you haven’t seen another human in a long while. If I were you I would find a gun store, stock up on arms. Grab a shot gun with buck shot, maybe a few pistols with a lot bullets, a hunting rifle. Since the world still has a lot of canned food and animals, then I think the human on human threat will be minimal. I say this because as long as things like food and water are available then humans will still act semi decent. If there are very few women then that could cause a problem. I will get to this issue in a few moments.

I think the diseased world would be an interesting but probably not too violent. I mean their might be some turf wars and people might be mean to each other due to insanity of being alone and thinking they are the only people in the world, but if a population does get together and they are all disease free then I think people will be good to each other. The population will be so low and so far in between, then people would not be nasty.

I know what I wrote might seem cheerful, but remember when most of the world is gone and almost all of the people of this world are, gone, but there is plenty of things to survive all around the end of things would be shitty but not too harsh. I mean just stay away from the bodies, try and keep taking the abundance of meds that is lying around, using all the cars or whatever and if you’re smart you may still have electricity.

There is always another side to the coin. If there is a nuclear war type of deal or radiation based wars that causes everything from humans to animals to fucking bacteria to die, then we will be in a whole other mess of things and it will not be pretty. Let us go back to the beginning of the end and let us say you survived the nuclear fall out that comes with dropping nukes. You survive, and all around you society is collapsing. I mean police are out fighting who ever we are fighting, people are dying from radiation poisoning, there is no law and order. Things are grim, and I mean really grim. All around you, the people that have survived are looting for stuff they can use. They loot for food and supplies, they cannot use cars****, and since a lot of people have survived then it is a violent place.

I say it is violent, because unlike the disease scenario, a lot of people will survive. In places that have major cities like the USA, China, India and Europe, then those people who survive will turn violent. Laws keep people from doing whatever they want and since in this brand in the new world there will be no laws, then it stands to reason that people will do whatever they want. People will kill, rape, steal and destroy everything that they come upon. The problem is that with nuclear fall out, it will destroy animals, and a lot of the food sources that we need. Radiation is a horrible thing, it can turn food bad, it turns water bad, causes nothing but destruction. This causes desperation. When people have their backs against the wall then they will act like animals.

In the beginning you will have to arm yourself. You will need to either find a gunsmith and pray that everyone is dead inside or you will need to find someone who has arms and kill them first. You may be thinking that I am nuts for saying to go around killing people in order to get guns, but if this kind of world were to really come about then it is truly survival of the fittest and in this world guns and brains is what you need. I would settle on a shot gun again. I would hope for a sawed off shotgun, because you would need a gun that would just obliterate people. Also a revolver or a pistol would be a good back up gun. You would also need a machete or maybe a samurai sword*****. A lot but not all cars will be taken out by the EMP that occurs when a nuke is dropped, so a lot of your trekking will be on foot.

It has been a year or two since the worst of the fallout and you are traveling. You have your arms, you try and gather whatever non tainted food and water there is. You have a warm jacket, some blankets and whatever else you need to survive. You will be okay I think if you are alone and can be quiet. If you have a woman with you, then you may have a bit of a problem. Women are not the problem it’s the other people who are the problem. In this new world where people are acting crazy due to a lack of rules and food, their will be groups of men, who will hunt down and rape whatever woman they happen upon. How am I sure of this, this kind of shit happens today. Google rape squads of Africa if you don’t believe me.

A woman at the end of times will have a tough time. You will have a tough time if you have a wife. You will need to be able to protect her from the pack of men that will roam the country. If you don’t then you will ultimately be shot or knifed and as you lay dying then you will get to watch these guys run a train on the woman you love. This is why you will need arms. If you are pounced upon by a rape and kill gang then you will need a gun that won’t just injure, but one that will kill. This is why I would choose a shot gun. You need to take out those motherfuckers. An AK 47 will be good too, but shot guns can blow people’s head’s apart. This also applies if you have a little child with you as well. Boy or girl, won’t matter to those gangs.

With food being so scarce then you may have to deal with cannibalism. Not just from yourself, but from other humans as well. When in times of need, you will need to be extremely careful, because people will kill you and eat you. Just like you may too eat and kill people as well. It is such a taboo subject but it must be addressed, when there is no food and all the animals are dead, then what will you do? No doubt eventually you will eat another person. This is what also causes a lot of the wolf pack mentality. I mean this applies to men and women, women will be pretty cruel as well, but I think it is the lack of everything that will cause us the humans to become like animals.

The end of things is a pretty grim picture. I feel I have covered a lot of the basics, I know one could keep writing about this subject forever, but I think this entry is already getting a bit long winded and I think I have covered the main points. I know I was a bit cheery writing about the super disease scenario, but the only good part about that is that people will appreciate life. I mean imagine all the humans gone and all the food that is still available. It will suck because things will get lonely and all your loved would more then likely be dead, but all the life stock will still be alive and the planet won’t be dead. Just most of us.

The nuclear scenario is much more grim. This is a lowered, but not as low, population with hardly any options to survive. With a nuke scenario, the life of the planet is basically dead. Especially the insects, plants and life providing bacteria. It would be a horrible situation.

I hope you enjoyed my little look into the end of things and remember if it is a super disease that wipes us out or a nuclear war, just be smart and you will survive.

*The Mayan end of the world scenario is open to a lot of intepretation. It could just mean an end of life as we know it, meaning that our minds might shift about things that we believe in. I am thinking Aliens will land, but for all we know it could just be another day and more then likely it will be. Just another day.

**The Road is one of the best movies about the end of the world and how it would be to live there. It is a tale of a father and son and deals with some of the subjects that I have addressed. It deals, with human cruelty, cannibalism, being ruthless first and just how fucked up the world will be in a world where there is no hope.

***Diseases like sepsis, typhoid, and the bubonic plague will no doubt kill you. Also this stems from when humans finally figured out that it is not a good idea to drink water where there are dead bodies or shit.

****Most modern cars will not be able to be used. Since their will be an EMP along with the nuke, then our modern cars would be useless. Older cars should work okay.

*****The problem with samurai swords is that if you have one, you need to know how to wield it. Not only that if you find one in a store or a pawn shop you need to make sure it is a real one. If not then it is just a shitty dull blade that can barely cut paper. Samurai swords are fucking impractical and I don’t care what Kill Bill should us. Stick to your fucking machete.

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