On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Telepathy: Calling Out to People

Do humans possess mental telepathy? I have always wondered about this sort of thing. I mean I know supposedly a lot of people are in tune with something that allows them to read people, and make claims that are sometimes very true and very real. I am not talking about predicting the future or any of that sort of stuff. I am not sure we really can, but what I am talking about is psychic signals or just the fact that two people can be so in tuned with each other that sometimes it seems they share a bond with each other. I just don’t mean couples, I also mean friends, or relatives. I mean sometimes it just happens with two people.

I don’t normally believe in this sort of thing, well sort of I do but I never thought enough about this subject to write about it, until it happened to me in the last 2 days. Yesterday I had a meeting. This meeting was scheduled for 2pm yesterday. I decided to leave my house 2 hours early. I did this because it takes me an hour to get to the place where I was having the meeting and I also like to get to places like this really early. I get there early because it allows me time to center myself and get my qi and whatever into balance. Plus early bird gets the worm and all that jazz.

I was sitting outside the place waiting for my meeting to start when I was just reading an San Francisco Guardian paper*. I looked around and started people watching as I read, and I saw a bus pull away. When I saw this bus pull away it triggered a memory**. I remember when I was with my ex when I was in China and there was this one night where we were on our way back to our place. We always took the buses to places and in China rather then have a cord to pull that signals you are requesting a stop, you have to yell out stop in Mandarin. Pretty neat I think. Well our stop was popular and since we were way in the back I was one of the last people getting off. I saw my ex get off and since she was a bit more faster then me I hurried and wouldn’t you know it the bus took off and I saw her look up at with a “What the hell?” look on her face. I didn’t really panic. I tried to copy the Mandarin word but luckily someone there yelled it for me and the bus driver stopped and I got out. It was only like half a block away from out place. The rest of the night we laughed about it. I thought it was really funny. It was a blessing in disguise because rather then just go home we found a nice little café and had some nice snacks before we went to bed.

It is one of the best memories I have. It may not sound so exciting or particularly funny to you, but it is hard to capture the emotions behind it through words. I guess it was just a couple moment. A fun intimate moment that is forever engrained in my mind. This happened like on fifth day in China and I think this had really unwound her. She is uptight about many things, like how to act in public***, but at home she was just a normal girl.

Yesterday I was thinking about this and it made me smile. I had sort of not thought about that moment for a long while. I went to that meeting, it went exceptionally well, I walked back to the bus stop and then again that memory floated out of no where and I just smiled again and shrugged it off as maybe since I am on the bus then it might be triggering this memory. When I got home I didn’t think much of it. I then checked my email around 630pm yesterday evening and guess what was sitting in my email box? An email from my ex.

To me that was like a slap in the face. Not because I didn’t want to read it but the fact that she had emailed me. I will not divulge what the email said, since it is a private thing, but the fact that she emailed me at all is pretty amazing. I mean we hadn’t spoken in over 2 months and for her to email me after I had 1 specific memory pop up more then once. I find it odd and I wonder, did I mentally call her to get her to email me?

I do think about my ex. I think about her a lot, but it is usually either some anger issue, or how much of a cunt she turned out to be, or sexual in nature. This I take as a guy thing. I have noticed that a lot of guys think of their ex girlfriends or wives in this nature. Usually males think of this because I think it shows the most powerful of emotions. I mean the reason why someone got dumped will always linger on and it is usually fresh and present, they also think about what I like to call “the change”. The change is that moment when a girlfriend or wife went from someone cool to a complete bitch and if you are a guy who got dumped, then you are more then likely to have this kind of feeling. The sexual part is male human nature. I can think of every girl I have gone out with, had relations with and remember any and every sexual detail about them. The quirks, the likes and the dislikes, smell, everything.

At first I thought it was a matter of coincidence, but now the more that I think about it, I am thinking it’s more that I called out to her to send me a message. I think this because of the memory that popped up. I mean it was a memory that was not of the big three that I just mentioned. It was a happy memory, a memory that she holds dear to herself as well****. I mean I do think of our time together as a couple and when I do it usually kind of boils down to one of the three. This memory however was different, I didn’t think of this memory and then have me thinking about her and sex, it was pure smiles and happiness in the recollection.

Another act that happens a lot that leads me to believe that we all have mental telepathy is something that has happened to each and every person who reads this and just about everyone. Ever been sitting thinking about somebody, you then go up and grab your cell phone and you are just about to call them, when that same person calls you. This has happened to me many times, and it has happened to you. Weird right?

This also applies to when you actually call someone and when you get them on the phone they tell you that they were just about to call you as well. Is it coincidence? No, I don’t think so. I mean it might sound like it but I think that is a lazy way to think about it. It’s sort of a miracle if you really think to core of it. I mean it happens a lot and I think that it happens to so many people that we overlook it. Kind of like when conception happens. I mean out of 30 million sperm, the 1 sperm fertilizes the egg in your mother and that egg becomes you. It is a miracle, but it happens so often, that we are blinded by it.

I know that the bulk of this entry was about my mental telepathy with my ex, but I am sure that has happened to you. I mean I was really surprised and happy to hear from her. I do have a bit of feelings for her, but that is done and I must move on. I have gone on dates and they have led to just about no where, which is okay. I just think it is neat that when I called out to her, she responded.

*Thank god this paper is free. It is such a shitty publication and I don’t understand how the people who write for it, can keep their jobs. Horrible, hippy paper. I hate the San Francisco Guardian.

**Memories are a funny thing. To me, they remind me of the bubbles from “Pop Up Video” that used to play on VH1. I mean you can be sitting there watching TV and then you will see a commercial and that will trigger a memory of something nice or something embarrassing or something horrible. I wish there was a way we could control this a bit better. We as humans have no control over this.

***Uptight in the sense that she had to always plan our days and what to down to the minute. I am a big fan of this but even to a schedule ridden guy like myself she was insane. I mean when we were in China she was acting like we had to rush around, like we were going to miss a train or something. This is ironic because on out last day in China, she wanted to get her nails done at a little place next to the train station that was going to take us to Changsha. Well they didn’t finish until the very last moment and we had to bloody run for it and I literally jumped onto a train while it was moving. Indiana Jones stuff.

****About a week before we broke up, we had an intimate moment and she told me what her best memory of the trip was. I said jokingly “What all the shopping?”, she giggled a little bit but then told me the memory of the night that I missed our stop and went to the café. She said it was cute and funny and it was her favorite moment. She is many things, but she is honest and blunt. That is a scary and sexy trait.

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