On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Nature of God

God is perfection. God is absolute. God is something that we as humans cannot even begin to comprehended. Many of you know that I do believe in God. I believe that there is a real force out there that created us and is leading us on whatever path we may be on. I am not disputing God. God is great, God is love, God is everything. However I do not like the way God is really and truly dumb down by man. God is often times twisted and molded into the shape that we as insecure humans want him to be* Primarily I am looking at the Christian’s direction when I am speaking about this. I think as a whole Catholic, though flawed as an organization, hold a tad bit more respect for God then a lot of Christian groups out there. I am not going to get into the specifics of actual denominations of Christianity I will explicitly talking about but I would like to address a few key issues where a lot of Christians like to argue against. Deep breath and here we go.

Creationism, is the biggest affront to God in a long while. I say this because it is such a foolish concept. Can people with a straight sit there and tell me that God created the world in 6 modern days. That is to say 6 24 hour periods of time. I say “bullshit!”. God created life, there is no doubt about it. He created the world as the scientists have determined somewhere along the lines of 4 billion years ago or so.

I am not saying that a literal being with a big white beard sat on nothingness and said “let there be light”, no what I am saying that a divine force caused the big bang, it caused the expansion of the universe, it cause a star to be formed about 6 billion years ago. This brand new star then pulled in the right ingredients to create a rocky world, rather then a gas world. This divine force then caused this planet too cool and thus helped create water and it was from water that the first amino acids were created and it was God who caused all these little building blocks to be placed and come together in such a way that life could spring out of nothingness. This is how God created world, and everything we know in it.

If you were to follow a true die hard creationist then he or she would tell us that God created the world and everything in about 6 and half thousand years ago. He created everything in 6 human days and he made one man and one woman. These two men and women were to populate the world. It was these two people that gave us the first sin. See this is where I have a problem. If God created humans from nothing and told them to populate the world why did he only make two of them? It would be pretty dumb to try and take 2 beings and create an entire species from them. There would be issues of inbreeding and the species would die out. Even if get passed the Adam and Eve** aspect of things, then you have issues of their kids. They had two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain kills Abel and therefore who does he have children with? Eve? His mom? What the fuck?

If we go down this route of thinking then that means that God made a mistake and that is not possible. A super being like God cannot and will not make a mistake. The story of the flood tells paints a picture of a flawed God, and that can not be. People make God way too human and this is what pisses me off. I think we need to start realizing that God is not like us. He is the creator, the alpha and omega, and we need to realize no matter how hard we true and no matter what we do, we will never be like God.

Homosexuality is another issue that I have odds with. I am NOT against. I think it is fine. I think if two people of the same sex want to get together and do whatever, then it is their fucking business. Not mine, not yours, and unless you are one of the parties then it’s no ones business but the people involved. I mean how can homosexuality be called wicked or evil. It is ingrained in some people and they can not help it anymore then one can help what race they are. Their really isn’t anything wrong with it. It’s not for everyone. I mean I like women, and I have a couple of friends who are ladies and they only dig ladies and that is cool. I don’t get why it’s called evil. People say it is an affront to God, but I say no. I say if God allowed this to be created then it comes with his stamp of approval. So to all you people who believe that God hates fags, then you are mistaken. God does not have petty squabbles like that. He is too good for it.

Wow this entry has made me a bit tired and I think this is a good place too stop. I could probably go on all day about this topic, but I am feeling a bit under the weather and I am feeling like I just want to crawl into bed and do nothing. I just wished people did not twist God into this caricature. I wish people would realize that we are here to serve God and not be served.

Also please people, just live a good life. Don’t bother people who are different, don’t rape or kill or steal. Just be cool to each other and you will be right as rain.

*This has too fucking stop. I hate it when people use God to their own agenda, but every religion is guilty of this.

**Adam and Eve were not real. I hate to break it to you. Adam and Eve stand for the fundamental flaw that all humans suffer from. They were created by simple people, in order to explain the origins of why people do bad things to one another. Can we just leave them to pretty well written metaphors rather then them be historical people.

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