On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Friday, October 14, 2011

What is Sexy?

What is sexy? That is a hard question to answer and the answer differs from person to person and people cannot always agree what is sexy. Is sexy a purely physical thing or is it emotional or is it mental? I don’t really know, I will try and answer this question and also give my perspective on what is sexy. A lot of people find sexiness in the mind, others are in it for purely physical reasons. I will talk about what I find sexy both physical and emotional and figure out whether or not having a sexy body is enough. Better yet, is one sexy when they first start out or do they get sexier and sexier as you get to know them.

Before I delve into the mind of being sexy I feel I ought to get my opinion on what is sexy about the opposite sex. Women are sexy, for the most part one can find just about any woman sexy given the right circumstance and whatever you are into. My taste in women has evolved a lot over my life but for the past 8 years or so I have finally specifically been able to pin down exactly what I find sexy. First off I like skinny women. This is a great contrast, to when I was in my teens and when I was in high school. When I was in high school I would often like the chubbier girls. I have often wondered if this was because I thought they were cute, or because I thought I had a chance with them. I also think it was a cultural thing. I went to a high school that was still pretty segregated. It was not segregated because of any real policy but I noticed that the Latinos hung out with the Latinos and the blacks with the blacks. There was cross culture mixing but for the most part each group was pretty much apart from the other.

There is nothing wrong with chubby or heavy ladies, ladies who are chubby or heavy are pretty and can be pretty cute, but in terms of what I find sexy, they are not. I also like women with really small chests. I have never been a big boob fan. I mean yes, they can be sexy to look at it and see a woman naked with large breasts is pretty hot, but when it comes to fucking and getting off, large boobs are kind of turn off. To me they look odd. Just not my cup of tea I guess. I like smaller hips, and tight little asses as well. I am not a big fan of the big asses or the so called sexy black and Latina ass that is so fucking popular these days. Give me Zhang Zi Yi’s ass over Jennifer Lopez’s ass any day, thank you.

I was not in the mood to bring race into this but if you know me in real life then you know I dig Asian girls primarily and not just Asian girls, Taiwanese, Chinese. Japanese and Korean. There are plenty of sexy girls from south east Asia and other parts of Asia, but they are not who I really look at. Before you ask it, yes, I do look at race when I am trying to go after a woman. It may be racist, but I am betting many of you do as well. It’s what we like, and if you tell me you don’t do it, then you are lying to me and to yourself.

Now, let me talk about the sexiness of the mind. You may be asking yourself what exactly am I talking about when I mean that a woman is sexy in the mind. A good example is when you are getting together with a girl, whom you don’t think is all that sexy. Once you get to know her, she becomes more and more sexy and before you know you are madly in love with her. I have only truly experienced this one time and I feel the mind sexy applies more to women then it does to men.

I say it applies to women then it does to men because I think men are uglier then women. Usually you see some pretty girl with some ugly guy and sometimes you think that maybe the girl is using the guy for his money or whatever, but more times then not, the ugly guy seduced her and they are truly in love. I think it is because women find the mind much sexier then the body.

This makes a lot of sense as well. I mean men are a much more sight oriented sex, while women are all about emotions and feelings when it comes to choosing a mate. I am not saying that all men are all about the physical, but men are usually the ones that approach and so it stands to reason that in order for a female to get noticed by a male she had to be physically appealing for male to approach.

Am I attracted to truly sexy women? I don’t know. I know that when I see a woman whom I think is really sexy, I get nervous. I have recently experienced this just this week. When I was waiting for the 9 San Bruno Limited bus I saw these two girls. One was wearing jeans and whatever and she was not very memorable. Her friend however, oh man, that was a different story. She was a goddess. She was maybe about five feet tall(perfect height for me , in my opinion) and had jet black hair and when I walked past her to wait for the bus she smelled wonderful. Some sort of perfume or lotion or whatever it was it was smelled pretty fucking sexy. She was wearing a purple dress, and a shirt that had some sort of message on it I forget what it said, but it looked great on her too. I liked how when she was wearing her purple dress she had this blue belt on and I liked how she had a tiny little pouch of a belly. She was little and of course she was Korean too, which is the fucking cherry on top. She had probably just made it to the states because she was doing the normal touristy things that a lot of the girls do when they first arrive to San Francisco.

I just wished that I had spoken to her. I was tongue tied and she was epically sexy, time stopped when I saw her and I knew that she should bear my children. She was the first girl that I had seen in a long time, that made me stop in my tracks. Sure I see pretty and sexy women everyday but most only require one or two glances, with her, I became a fucking idiot and I really, really hope I run into her again.

What is sexy? Is my opinion of sexy the right one? Probably not. You may be asking as to why I like smaller women. Well I am a short guy and even though I am short I still like to be taller then the girl that I am with. I also like super skinny girls, because I am heavy. What the fuck am I going to do with a heavy girl? Wrestle? My point is that I like what I like, because it is what I like and I just wanted to share my thoughts on the nature of what is sexy.

Your opinion of what is sexy is so cool, because it is whatever appeals to you. As long as whatever you find sexy is not illegal, then have at it.

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