On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cult of LaRouche

I am not into politics, and I don’t know much about politics. I mean I do vote, and I do try and pay attention to what is going on in our political forum. Every week I watch Bill Maher’s Real Time and I find that it is interesting and sort of informative. I mean I am not into the whole political bullshit but I do, as a US citizen, try and keep up with whatever’s current. That being said, I have a noticed a disturbing trend that has been around for a long while, but it has been bugging me for a long while now. Sometimes when I go out to use my laptop at my local Starbucks, I have been noticing a lot of Lynden Larouche tables. As annoying as these basket cases are, it’s their message that is disturbing and they have a poster of Barrack Obama with a Hitler mustache. I mean are these crazy people serious, comparing Adolf Hitler to Barrack Obama? That’s insanity.

Normally I am an advocate for pushing the limits and trying to be as controversial as possible and I have. I have used some racial slurs in my writings, I come across as angry or enraged, but this type of shit just makes me mad. It makes me mad for a lot of reasons. I feel mad at the fact that Obama is constantly being criticized by a group of people who have never, in my knowledge, won an election.

I am tired of being harassed by people who support Lynden Larouche. Let me talk about Larouche for a moment. Larouche is a 89 year old, former convict who has ties to the Klu Klux Klan, who has been running for the presidency since 1976.* I don’t know him, I have never met him but I have been involved in organization for a brief moment and so I think I can give an interesting perspective. It’s the people that are his loyal followers that I have issues with.

Back in 2002, I was a younger and rather hornier guy then I am now. During that time I was after whatever nookie I could find. That being said, I tried to score with just about any female that I figured I had a chance with. I met some weird looking(though I thought hot at the time), Hispanic girl whom was working for the cult of Lynden Larouche. I thought she was sexy, whatever, and I signed up to join their group. Much to my luck they were having their meeting that Saturday and I decided to go. They picked me up from my house and I was traveling with a bunch of strangers and we crossed the Bay Bridge and into a bungalow. At first I thought these were good people and it was going to be a good evening and that attending the meeting was smart. That was a mistake.

I thought it was just going to be a group of people bullshitting about this or that. It was not. It was a talent show of who could be the most creepy. We all had to sit down and watch different presentations, of various sweaty and acne ridden people. In hind sight it seemed to have been a bunch of crazies, but like I said the snatch was calling at that time. One guy was talking about the 9/11 attacks being controlled by Bush, another was talking about how the math that is taught in school is riddled with secret messages. I forget the rest of the people, but those were the most disturbing aspects of it.

Another thing I noticed was a lot of people who were heavily involved with Larouche had really bad teeth and horrific breath. Even the girl, that I thought was hot, had some nasty ass breath. I couldn’t figure out why that is. I was both bored and nervous, a sensation that I have never really felt since and I saw just how into it the people were around me. I had to get out. Eventually the meeting ended and I was back to my home.

I avoided all contact with those people and even though they tried to call me and get me to come out again, I was like hell no. Years passed and I kind of just forgot about them. They were just another annoyance to be avoided like the homeless who ask for cash or those annoying Greenpeace assholes who are always trying to get me to donate money to their cause. The Hitler mustache poster is what got them back on my radar. I mean what fucking balls those crazy people have to even compare the two. Hitler killed Jews, while Obama killed Bin Laden.

I wanted to show you just a tiny glimpse of what life is like in the cult of Larouche. Another thing that bothers me about Larouche is how they recruit people. It’s always people who are young and have just entered colleges. They seem to also pick on the artsy places as well. They seem to pick on the people who are not happy with their self image or scratch that, they are after young people who are insecure about themselves and are still trying to figure out what they want to follow in life. Kind of like psychic sharks. Going after the weak minded with promises of getting to work in politics, but in reality they are working for a group of insane people who compare Obama to Hitler.

When I saw that poster of Obama as Hitler, I wanted to punch out the guys who were working that table, but that would have been madness. I decided to use my pen, as my sword and just show just how full of shit those people are.

If you don’t agree on my views of women or relationships or how I like to theater hop, then please I implore you never and I mean never join the cult of Larouche. They are disgusting, insane people that really need to be stopped.

*Yes Larouche is a piece of shit. Click me!

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