On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Makes Me Happy: A Few Thoughts

I have touched up on the illusions of happiness. I have a whole entry dedicated to the fact that ignorance is truly bliss and that it is better to live life without the horrible truths of reality. It is better in the sense that it will make us feel good about ourselves. I have not written a blog entry in a whole week. This is due to the fact that I started a new job and this job is rather taxing on me physically and so by the time I made it home I was dog tired. I felt tired physically to the point of falling asleep while watching my favorite shows. I guess I was not prepared for the mental toll it was going to be. I have had jobs that were a lot more stressful, but the balancing act was the pay and there are two things in this life that motivate people and that is pussy and money.

I am sorry I went on a little rant there. I want to discuss what makes me happy. Not the illusions of happiness, but what makes me happy. There are a few things in this world that make me happy. I will talk about the things that make me happy and the things that I think make me happy, but in reality there are some things that don’t make me happy.

Shopping make me happy. I have to clarify exactly. I love shopping for movies. I mean blu rays and of course DVDs. I like finding great deals, I like buying a lot at a time and I love the feeling I get when I purchase a blu ray. I t makes me feel alive and I don’t know what that is. I mean I have to buy clothes, or food or alcohol but it does not give me the same sort of high. It could be because a movie is something that is tangible. I can hold it and watch it over and over again, but clothes are used everyday. A lot of women love to buy shoes or clothes or jewelry but I do not. I sometimes I feel all sick about it when I have to waste money on clothes. I am one of the few people who love hand me down clothes and shoes. I hate used movies, but used clothes is fine by me.

The Office makes me happy. Not my work, but the TV show The Office. I like to watch Michael and Dwight, Pam and Jim, Kelly Kapoor and Angela, all are such cool characters that make me laugh and make me forget about the bullshit that is life. I have been hooked on this show and I cannot get enough of it. I mean it is like real life. I have never been in the super office situation in terms of work, but I am close in the sense that some of the same bullshit that gets pulled there also has happened in my life. It is just a great show.

Women are supposed to be true happiness for every guy. I love ladies. They are wonderful. They smell nice, act sweet, can be so cute and wonderful and their bodies are things of perfection. This is a true statement. Women are perfect, want to know how I know this. Think of the girl you love, she is perfect in every sense that you love so by that way of thinking, then all women are perfect, each and every woman out there has someone who adores them.

Anyways, I have my goddess in my life as well, but do women as a whole really make me happy? I don’t think so. I think they cause me more problems then they actually solve. Women are crafty, irresponsible, flakey, demanding, ornery all these things*. I know a few girls who would not skip a beat when it comes to cancelling a get together appointment a few minutes before we are supposed to meet up. Women are not very nice creatures.

I have had two great loves in my life and they were back to back and they both were of the same race. Although one was more then the other and they were both made me the happiest guy on earth and made me feel lower then shit. I am a cool and collected person for the most part but inside I can be all neurotic and feel all crazy about my insecurities. My first great love was quirky and odd and our bullshit emotions meshed well. The girl after that was not as quirky but was mean and honest, but that honesty also meant immense loyalty to me and that is one of the reasons why I loved her so hard. I have noticed a lot of times bitchy women are loyal to the guy whom they can be mean too. I guess the way they see it is that if a guy is willing to put up with her bitchiness he will put up with anything.

Food is another so called happiness subject in my life. I love food, and I think in the past I may have loved food a bit too much, but I don’t to eat. Sometimes I feel guilty after eating. I am a heavy guy and food is a tough thing to control. I mean it is not like I can quit food like I can quit on drugs or smoking. You don’t need drugs or smoking to live, but food is a constant animal that needs to be, fed every 5 hours or so or I start to feel all fucked up and cranky. I wish there was a real pill that provided my body with nutrients but that didn’t require me to eat. That is a pipe dream I suppose.

Those are a few of things that make me happy and some of the things that are supposed to make me happy. I guess the illusion of happiness is something that I cannot run away from. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you are well.

* I am not trying to sound like I hate women, because men are the exactly the same way. However since I love women and I only go out with women, I had to say what I had to say. Men are shit and women are shit. Remember if a female dog is a bitch then is a female cat a cunt?

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