On Turning 29

On Turning 29
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ode to the United States of America

The following might be an odd topic for a lot of you. Given my style for yelling and screaming and writing topics that deal with hate and love, and things of that nature, I thought a change of pace for the day might be a good thing. I want to talk about America, well the United States of America. I feel that the United States of America is the greatest county in the world. Yes, our economy sucks, yes unemployment is through the roof, we are not the best in education, we don’t produce things like we used to, we are fat but that does not matter. We have something that most countries don’t. That things is called opportunity.

I mean just think about it. This place is an immigrants wet fucking dream. It’s no wonder that so many people wanted to come here. I mean try finding a fucking job in another country. There are so many hoops and boundaries that one has to get past just to get a sub par job outside the United States. It is damn near impossible.

If you come to the United States you can find work. It might be shitty work, but you find work. You can find work and save money. You save enough money to maybe eventually start your business, from this you can pass it down to your children and you have made a legacy. This is why so many Hispanic and Asian families are so successful.

The reason why the United States is so great is because anyone can make a name for themselves. The immigrants come to this country and break their backs for their whole lives and they reap the rewards. I think if one is pushed back against the wall then they can make it. They can do the jobs that people don’t like doing. These hard working people know that they will get their just rewards.

I think this is why America is awesome.

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